Top 5 Best Android Apps You Need to Know About

Here’s a list of the top 5 best new free Android apps on Google Play that you need to know about.

1. Slingshot

Facebook released a new app called Slingshot, which lets users send selfies to friends. The app features a clean user interface and is pretty easy to use. Simply take a photo or shoot a video and sling it to your friends. The catch? Users’ friends won’t be able to see their photos or videos until they sling something back to you. When users’ friends unlock new shots, sling something back that will capture your reaction. Users can easily express themselves with fun drawings and captions.


  • The app has a clean user interface and is easy to use
  • Some Slingshot users are saying Slingshot is better than Snapchat
  • Drawing tools let users get creative and express themselves


  • Slingshot users don’t like the idea of sending a photo or video before being able to unlock new slingshots from friends
  • According to a few users’ reviews on the Play Store, the app freezes and crashes
  • Users need to provide cell phone number in order to use app

Download it here.

2. Yo.

As if there aren’t enough messaging apps available for Android, a new app called “Yo.” lets users send a simple message, “Yo.” to their contacts. The app is pretty easy to use. Simply double tap on a friends’ name and just send a messaging saying, “Yo.” Yo. has been getting quite the buzz in the last few weeks by letting its users send a simple message.


  • Find friends by inviting through SMS, Facebook and Twitter
  • Send simple “Yo.” without actually typing a message out


  • Once users create a username, it will be hard to go back and change it
  • The app doesn’t keep a list of friends you sent “yo” messages to

Download it here.

3. Swarm

Foursquare released a new app, Swarm, that makes it easier to check in to your favorite places and see who’s nearby. To check-into your current location, simply tap the icon on the top right hand corner. If users want to check-in friends or mention them, just type their name. Users can upload photos or they can choose stickers by mood and category. The Swarm app offers a feature called neighborhood sharing, which allows users to see where their friends are at all times. For users who have been using Foursquare for a few years, it may take some time getting used to the new user interface.


  • Users can tap on their friends name to see where they are, and easily send them a message
  • The app changes color when users share their location with their Swarm friends
  • Users can add mood stickers with their check-ins


  • For users who have been using Foursquare for a few years, it may take some time getting used to the new user interface.
  • Font is too big
  • Foursquare points and leaderboards have been removed

Download it here.

4. Angry Birds Epic

Everyone’s favorite Angry Birds are back in Rovio’s latest adventure, Angry Birds Epic. In Angry Birds Epic, players will join Red, Chuck, and Bomb in exploring Piggy Island and mysterious caves.  Users can upgrade their characters and dress them in costumes, enhance their weapons and potions to battle against the pig warrior. Angry Birds fans will love the fun characters, new weapons like a frying pan, and epic turn based battles. While this RPG is free to play, players can make in-app purchases.


  • Angry Birds Epic is packed with tons of content and high quality graphics
  • Characters have a great sense of humor
  • Angry BIrds Epic is fun and entertaining!


  • The game takes a while to load, has lots of ads, and offers too many in-app purchases
  • While Angry Birds Epic is easy to play, it can become more challenging to defeat enemies as you progress in the game
  • If you’re not used to playing RPG games, it might take you a while to get used to Angry Birds Epic

Download it here.

5. ABC’s Rising Star app

In ABC’s latest singing competition, Rising Star, at home viewers can use ABC’s Rising Star app to vote for their favorite singer, and help them rise to the top. Rising Star separates itself from other singing competitions by letting viewers at home vote in real-time through the ABC Rising Star app. Singers will need to receive a 70% approval from viewers and 7% of the vote from celebrity judges Ludacris, Kesha and Brad Paisley. Once a singer gets approval rating of 70% of real-time votes from at home viewers, a 70 ft curved wall will raise.


– Easy to use
– High quality graphics


– According to some user reviews on Google Play, the app has a few glitches
– Users must have Facebook or Twitter account in order to register and become a judge on ABC’s Rising Star

Download it here.

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