WATCH: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hidden Features & Tips

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is so packed with hidden features that most users don’t even know about the secret tricks they could be using to save time. Check out these amazing hidden secrets your Note 3 has been hiding from you.

1. Super Sneaky Secret Camera

Did you know that you can set up your Samsung phone as a “secret camera”? Well, you absolutely can, if you follow the directions in the video above. This trick is supposed to work “on almost all the latest Samsung smartphones,” according to the original poster.

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2. Unlock Floating Window Applications With the S-Pen

With just one simple swipe of the S-pen, you can quickly launch “floating” applications, such as the calendar. This is a huge time-saver, and is also a bit more ergonomic. The video also teaches you how to turn on magnification gestures, which is great for older users or people who have poor vision.

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3. Unlock Your Camera’s Full Potential

4k video recording, slo-mo video, and image stabilization are just some of the cool camera perks available on the Note 3. The video above shows you how to unlock these features, along with tips and tricks related to the rest of the phone’s capabilities.

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4. Secret Codes for the Galaxy Note 3

There are a number of secret codes you can input into your device to pull up relevant stats. Certain codes will provide you with info on hardware, software, battery quality, or simply give you the ability to run different tests on your phone. If you want to feel really cool, using these secret codes can be a fun way to get deep intel on your device.

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5. The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Guide

Boasting over 40 pro tips for getting the most out of your Note 3, the video above is a great guide to unlocking your device’s hidden potential. Even if you think you know your Note 3 inside and out, you’ll probably find at least one tip in this video that’s new to you.

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