Uber’s Hidden Features: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Uber is more than just a car hire service. Here are five things you didn’t know you could do with Uber.

1. Find a Cuddly Pet


This isn’t an “all the time” feature, but savvy Uber users know that Uber drivers can sometimes bring you a cuddly kitten or puppy. Several months back, Uber ran a promotion for National Cat Day. Drivers would come by your home or office with a bunch of kittens for you to play with. This is a great stress reliever. Puppies are also available periodically, often to play with during finals week.

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2. Move Your Stuff to a New House

uber, uber hidden features, uber pro tips, how to use uber, what is uber


In some markets, Uber is testing moving services. If you are moving into a dorm or a new apartment in Atlanta or Nashville, UberMovers has got your back. TechCrunch notes that Uber is partnering with another company, Bellhops, in order to help people move. Moving your stuff onto a college campus can be a nightmare, but Uber is hoping that they can make inroads into the moving industry and take the hassle out of moving.

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3. Get Deliveries From the Corner Store

uber, uber hidden features, uber pro tips, how to use uber, what is uber


The Wall Street Journal notes that Uber is testing another new service: corner store deliveries. Same-day delivery of grocery and pharmacy items is being tested in select Washington, D.C. neighborhoods. Gum, medicine, batteries, shaving supplies, condoms, and about a hundred other items are also available for delivery through Uber.

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4. Use Uber’s Courier Service

If you live in NYC, then you can take advantage of Uber’s courier service, UberRUSH. You can use UberRUSH to send documents, but some companies are also partnering with UberRUSH to send goods across town very quickly. As of June 24, 2014, UberRUSH prices are up to 30% cheaper than they were when the service launched earlier this year. If a delivery begins and ends within the same zone, it’s a flat $10 fee. Each “zone” crossed during delivery is an additional $5.

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5. Get to Your Destination Without Saying a Word

uber, uber hidden features, uber pro tips, how to use uber, what is uber


As of August 13, Uber has introduced a new feature that lets you take a whole step out of the car hire process. Uber riders can now enter their destination right from within the app. Add that to the new turn-by-turn navigation in the driver app, and you don’t technically need to say a word to your drive once you get in the car. This is great if you need to make an uninterrupted business call on the way to your destination. It’s also a great feature for people who can’t speak aloud, either due to illness or injury., or for people who are painfully shy.

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