10 Cool & Unusual iPhone 6 Cases to Disguise Your Phone

iphone 6 cases

There are so many different types of specialized iPhone cases out there. There are battery cases, waterproof cases, and even cases with a built-in wallet compartment. But one iPhone case trend we’ve really been digging lately are cases that disguise your phone, making it look like something other than, well, a phone. These clever phone cases can tuck your phone away from view, disguising it as a book, stuffed animal, or other inconspicuous item. Whether you want to hide your phone from prying eyes, or just want a case that doesn’t look like the boring cases everyone else has on their device, you’ll enjoy this list of cool cases that trick the eye.

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1. Twelve South BookBook iPhone 6 Case

bookbook case

(Twelve South)

This clever folio case from Twelve South protects your device, while also making it look just like a tiny leatherbound book. This is the perfect case for librarians, book lovers, or writers. The only downside is the price tag, though cheap knockoff versions of this case are available for budget-conscious bibliophiles.

Price: $59.99

Buy it here.

2. Teddy Bear iPhone 6 Case

cute iphone 6 case


Looking for a cute case for the iPhone 6? It doesn’t get much cuter than this. This case lets you tuck your iPhone inside a teddy bear, which is very unique. This is the perfect case for anyone who loves all things “kawaii,” or for kids who are lucky enough to have an iPhone 6.

Price: $14.70

Buy it here.

3. Batman Mask iPhone 6 Case

batman iphone 6 case


It’s part iPhone 6 case, and part Halloween costume. If you love Batman, then this Batman mask case is pretty darn cool. It comes in basic black, as well as an unexpected “luminous green” color option that’s very interesting. It may be a little hard to hang on to in portrait mode, but the cutouts actually make this easy to hang on to when you are gaming in landscape orientation.

Price: $4.88 (83 percent off)

Buy it here.

4. Bacon and Eggs iPhone 6 Case



The bacon and eggs case is the perfect iPhone 6 case for anyone who loves breakfast food, or just loves Ron Swanson from NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Unlike a lot of other food-inspired iPhone 6 cases out there, this has some 3D texture to it. You could almost mistake this case for a real serving of breakfast if you placed it on a plate. This same case maker offers some other 3D food cases, including grilled fish over lettuce and seafood fried rice. You can see all the food case options for the iPhone 6 through the link below.

Price: $14.99

Buy it here.

5. Chocolate Bar iPhone 6 Case

iphone 6 case


Do you have a serious sweet tooth? Then this great iPhone 6 case that looks like a partially unwrapped bar of chocolate is perfect for you. It might lack the bells and whistles of more premium cases out there, but if you just want a simple case that showcases how much you love chocolate, this is a winner.

Price: $8.90 (51 percent off)

Buy it here.

6. Retro Gaming Controller iPhone 6 Case

iphone 6 cases

(Atomic Market)

People who have fond memories of retro gaming on old school home consoles will love this case. Just don’t leave your phone next to your old Nintendo console, or you might not be able to distinguish the case from the real controllers.

Price: $14.99 (40 percent off)

Buy it here.

7. Cat iPhone 6 Case

cat iphone 6 case


Alright, this case isn’t quite realistic enough to fool you into thinking you’re looking at a real cat, particularly if you opt for one of the more “out there” colors like pink, purple, or magenta. That being said, it’s still a cute case that will appeal to cat fanciers everywhere. Plus, with all the cold weather we’ve been having lately, it’s nice to be able to sink your fingers into a soft, furry case.

Price: $6.98

Buy it here.

8. Totoro iPhone 6 Case

iphone 6 case


Anime fans, this is the case for you. For the uninitiated, this case is inspired by the titular character from Hayao Miyazaki’s classic film My Neighbor Totoro. Tuck your phone in this case, put it on the shelf, and it will blend right in with all your other anime collectibles, figures, and statuettes.

Price: $9.90

Buy it here.

9. Pizza iPhone 6 Case

pizza iphone 6 case


This case makes your phone look just like a piece of pizza, albeit a rather small and square slice. This might be the best case out there for college students, foodies, or any Italian-American who loves a slice of thin crust.

Price: $19.99

Buy it here.

10. Gameboy iPhone 6 Case



The only thing that sucks about this iPhone 6 case is that you can’t actually play games on it. It may not perfectly mimic the look of a Gameboy, but it gets pretty darn close. This is another case that will appeal to gamers, or to anyone who has a fondness for old school kid’s toys. This case style is available in lots of different colors, so you can better express your personality.

Price: $8.69

Buy it here.


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Here is another case that should be added to this list. A phone case that looks like a 35mm camera. It actually makes your phone a better camera.

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