Top 20 Best Gifts For The Nerds, Geeks & Techies In Your Life

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

Do you need gift ideas for your geek, nerd or tech lover? Heavy has you covered, with 20 of the best gift ideas. You can also check out our Gifts page for more holiday gift guides.

1. Glyph Video Headset

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

The Glyph headset is an amazing personal theater, perfect for people who are always on the go. (Glyph)

Have you ever wished you could just pull your headphones over your eyes and watch a movie? Well, your wish has come true. The Glyph Video Headset can connect to phones, tablets, laptops, drones or gaming consoles — so the possibilities are endless. You could use it to watch movies in an airplane while you sit back in your seat. You could use it to watch drone footage and feel like you’re flying over mountaintops. You could just use the Glyph has headphones and listen to music. However you use it, the headset seems to be well-equipped, with high-res audio and special, screen-less video. The “screens” are actually just millions of micro mirrors, which emulates natural eyesight. This headset might be the future, and it seems amazing, but it will set you back $549 on Amazon. Worth it.

2. Mystery Ring

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

These Secret Wood rings are all handmade, and their amazing craftsmanship and mysterious qualities make them a perfect gift idea. (Secret Wood)

For something a little less obvious, try Secret Wood rings. Each one has a unique, mysterious landscape hidden inside. Each ring is made of wood and resin, with different rings using different types of wood. All of the rings are handmade, which makes them all a little unique. They’ll set you back anywhere from $90 to $165, which is totally worth it for such a unique piece of art.

3. Pyro Mini Fireshooter

This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically, it’s a bracelet that allows you to shoot fireballs from your hands! And it’s only $149! Honestly, having super powers is priceless, so that’s a small price to pay for the pure joy your geek will feel while shooting fire everywhere. Probably keep this one away from kids or angry adults, though.

4. Book Bag For Your Books

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

This book bag is a book! It would make a great gift for any bookworms in your life. (ThinkGeek)

If your nerd is more of a bookworm than a mathematician, they’ll love this book bag. It may look like a gigantic leather-bound tome, but it’s actually a purse (or manly bag). It isn’t too big, but that adds to the illusion. The bag is made of faux-leather, and the shoulder strap is removable if you want to use it as a clutch (or put it on your shelves with your other books). It’ll set you back $39.99, which isn’t too bad for a nice bag!

5. Plush Microbes

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

Giant Microbe plushies make hilarious and adorable gifts for anyone. Give someone HIV, Mad Cow Disease, or some extra brain cells! (GIANT Microbes)

Celebrate the holidays by giving your friends and family diseases! But not literally, please. These plush microbes are adorable, and the perfect gift for any science geek — or anyone with a good sense of humor. You could buy some sperm, an egg, or even HIV for your significant other. There’s even gift packs with themes like “tainted love” and “exotic vacation,” or boxes full of Christmas tree ornaments. The microbes range from around $7 to $30 depending on whether you buy single microbes or themed boxes.

6. Bionic Bird

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

The Bionic Bird is a new take on drones. It actually flies like a bird, and even comes with an “egg” to charge on. (Bionic Bird)

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… actually kind of both. Meet Bionic Bird, the drone that flies like a bird! It’s easy to control using the smartphone app and can even perform acrobatic tricks with some practice. It comes with an ‘egg’ which serves as a portable charger, two extra wings, and even aluminum weights for balancing out the wings. The Bionic Bird is currently 99€, or a little over $100. It ships from France, so order it in advance!

7. BB-8 Backpack

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

BB-8 is cute as ever in backpack form! This backpack makes a great, affordable geeky gift idea. (ThinkGeek)

For the quintessential Star Wars geek: The BB-8 Backpack! This backpack may be small, but the look of pure joy on your geek’s face will be huge. BB-8 is objectively adorable, and this officially licensed The Force Awakens merchandise does him justice. It’s currently $27.99.

8. Star Wars Bouquets

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

This R2-droid bouquet is the perfect gift for any occasion. (ThinkGeek)

Who wants a bouquet of boring old flowers? No one, that’s who. Instead, get them a gift that will last — a bouquet of R2-series droids! The bouquet includes plush versions of R2-D2, R2-Q5, and R2-D9 droids, all of which can be attached and detached to their “stems” at will. The bouquet is also available with Darth Vader and his storm troopers, and both are currently $39.99. These bouquets are great holiday presents, but can replace a bouquet of flowers anywhere: weddings, birthdays, celebrations of any kind… the only limit is your imagination. Probably not great for people who hate Star Wars, though. I’d go with something else for them.

9. R2D2 Coffee Press

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

This R2D2 coffee press will geek up any kitchen. It’s a great, affordable gift idea for the Star Wars fan in your life. (ThinkGeek)

Star Wars geeks will rejoice over this R2D2 coffee press. R2 will give you the gift of caffeine in the nerdiest way possible. Well, it could actually be nerdier — he doesn’t make any R2D2 noises. But that’s okay, we’ll forgive ThinkGeek. Take home one of the most adorable droids ever (him and BB-8) and never stop drinking coffee, because you’ll never want to stop using this coffee press. Any Star Wars lover will love this gift. It’s a ThinkGeek exclusive, and it’s currently $39.99 with a 2-per-person limit.

10. Pilot: Real-Time Translator

Have you ever traveled to another country, only to find yourself immersed in a language that you don’t understand? The Pilot, a real-time in-ear translator, can take all of the anxiety out of traveling the world. It actually sits in your ear and translates what people around you are saying, in real-time! No more lost-in-communication moments, no more asking everyone if they speak any English, and no more awkward silences. You’ll be able to understand everyone around you, and if they have a Pilot, too, they’ll be able to understand everything you say. The only downside is that the Pilot doens’t ship out until 2017, but this is a gift that I wouldn’t mind waiting for. It’s currently $199 on Indiegogo.

11. Tiny Snowflake Drone

tech gifts

(Dude I Want That)

Drones are a great gift, but why spend over $1,000 on top-quality drones for a beginner? If you think your friend wants a drone, start them out small. Literally. This Snowflake Drone is tiny, and a great introduction to drone piloting for beginners. There’s no camera, because the drone is miniscule, but it’ll let them brush up on not crashing before they invest much more than a modest $34.99 on their next drone.

12. Fire Prop

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

Whether your geek or nerd likes to dress up for cosplay, Halloween, or just for fun, this fire prop is a perfect gift idea. (Etsy)

If your geek or nerd likes to dress up (for cosplay, Halloween, or just for fun), this fire prop would be a great addition to their closet. A huge amount of fictional characters can shoot fire, so the prop has a wide range. It also just looks pretty awesome, so who needs cosplay to wear one? Just walk around with a floating fireball. Command attention. No one will know it’s fake. It’s $94.91 right now, and there’s an older version that’s $82.83.

13. Momentary Ink

It's Stitch!!! #tattoo #momentaryink #liloandstitch #ohanameansfamily

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Many people consider getting tattoos and decide not to go through with it for reasons anywhere from not being able to afford it to deciding they didn’t actually want another portrait of Frodo on their butt. Whatever your geek, nerd or techie’s reason is, let them try the tattoo on for size first with Momentary Ink. It’s an affordable solution, and they’ll print any custom design for you. So you can design your own tattoo, consult with an artist, and have that exact tattoo printed and mailed to you. Then it’s a flashback to childhood as you apply your own custom temporary tattoo and see if you really were meant to have that ink permanently etched into your skin. Prices range between $5.00 to $21.00, depending on the design and how many copies are ordered. You and the gang can order a bunch of custom designs and test out that group tattoo idea!

14. Scorpion Vodka

If you want to break someone out of their shell, I’d say scorpion vodka may be a good bet. This is exactly what it sounds like, by the way. It’s a bottle of vodka with a real scorpion inside the bottle. The best news is that the scorpion is completely edible, and making a bet that whoever finishes the bottle last has to eat it whole is a pretty easy way to liven up a party. It’s only $9.99 for a small 70mL bottle, so buy as many as you can carry and have a party!

15. Seed Bombs

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

Seed bombs are the perfect gift for any environmentally-inclined friends. This gift box even includes a slingshot. (Etsy)

Is your geek, nerd or techie an environmentalist? Or do they just have a green thumb? Either way, seed bombs would be a pretty bomb present idea. This seed bomb gift set even comes with a slingshot for maximum bombing fun. You can throw the bombs into your own backyard to shoot them wherever you go to help beautify the world (and, depending on that’s in your bomb, help save the bees)! The gift set is currently $24.85 from Etsy, and ships from the United States. If you’re in Europe, there’s another seed bomb company that only ships to European countries in and out of the EU.

16. Smartphone Projector 2.0

Have you ever wanted to show a video, TV show or movie to someone via your smartphone, only to find you can’t connect to a television? Never fear, the Smartphone Projector 2.0 is here. It’s only $26.00, which is less than fancier, non-cardboard compact projectors. It can project anything on your smartphone at 8x magnification so that your friends can truly enjoy that YouTube video that they just had to watch right now. It’s handy, it’s dandy, and it’s inexpensive. Go crazy.

17. Buckyballs

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

Buckyballs are curiously strong magnetic balls, and make a great affordable gift. (

Buckyballs are basically a cube made up of fairly strong magnetic balls. You can play with them, you can meticulously build cool shapes, you can use them as fridge magnets… the limit is only your imagination, really. Except don’t eat them, because eating magnets is bad. In that same vein, probably a good idea to keep them away from kids and pets. But other than that, have a ball! Get it? Because they’re… balls… I’ll stop. The point is, every geek or nerd loves a good magnet, and Buckyballs provide endless entertainment (and make a good fidget toy). The more the merrier, too, so if you buy multiple sets I don’t think anyone would be upset. One original set is currently $22.99, but there are a whole host of colors like violet, black, blue and silver, and those range from $25.00 to $30.00.

18. Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube is basically a dream come true for those of use who can’t keep our hands still. It’s a cub with different fidgeting activities on each side: Click, glide, flip, breathe, roll and spin. The only downside is that Fidget Cube is available for pre-order only, and won’t actually ship until 2017. But it’s only $22.00, and never be afraid to gift someone a photo of a present that hasn’t arrived yet!

19. Pokemon Go Pokeball Charger

geek gift ideas, gift ideas for geeks, nerdy gift ideas, tech gift ideas, tech gifts, geek gifts, nerd gifts

This Pokeball charger is the perfect gift for any Pokemon lover, especially those who are still playing Pokemon Go religiously. (

Everyone — especially Pokemon Go players — needs some extra juice one in a while. Give them the gift of battery life with the Pokeball charger! It combines the need for power with love for Pokemon (and 6500 mAh). Plus, it makes you feel like a real Pokemon trainer! Just don’t actually throw it at any Pokemon, because it won’t actually catch them. The charger also has LEDs to help you find your way home when you inevitably play Pokemon Go until the sun sets. It’s also only $24.95!

20. Estream

If your geek, nerd or techie is into camping, this might be for them. Estream is a portable power generator that runs on water, and its compact chassis makes it easy to bring with you anywhere. The generator doesn’t actually ship until 2017, but it’s only $180 and supplies free power outside (or in the apocalypse, whichever). No matter where you are, if there’s running water nearby you can charge all of your devices. Plus, you can use it as lantern above or below water.

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