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  • Why Ariana Grande Wore a Bra Top to Her Brother’s Wedding

    The Voice judge Ariana Grande turned some chairs of her own when she showed up to her brother Frankie’s wedding in a custom Vera Wang bra top.

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    This actress says she has Ariana Grande to thank for reviving her career.

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    Ariana Grande has only been a coach on "The Voice" for one season. Now, her short tenure on the show could be coming to an end.

  • Ariana Grande’s Wig Falls Off During Talk Show Appearance

    Ariana Grande's wig flew off during a music trivia game.

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    Ariana Grande joined NBC's "The Voice" as the newest coach during season 21 of the reality singing competition. Fans weigh in on if they think she'll return.

  • Ariana Grande Improvised ‘Hilarious’ Moment from ‘Don’t Look Up’ Film

    There was no one better suited for the role of pop star Riley Bina in the Netflix film "Don't Look Up" than Ariana Grande. 

  • Is Ariana Grande Leaving ‘The Voice’ After Season 21?

    Ariana Grande joined NBC's "The Voice" as the newest coach during season 21 of the reality singing competition. Is she sticking around?

  • Why Ariana Grande Deleted Twitter from ‘The Voice’ Contestant’s Phone

    If you've been watching season 21 of "The Voice," you've seen how much first-time coach Ariana Grande cares about the contestants on her team.

  • WATCH: Ariana Grande Asks If She Can ‘Quit’ After ‘Special’ ‘Voice’ Knockout

    John Legend was inspired to use his steal on one competitor from Ariana Grande's team after she chose the other artist in a knockout round.

  • Ariana Grande Does Uncanny Impression of ‘The Voice’ Co-Star

    Ariana Grande's impressive ear for music also extends to an ear for celebrity impressions.

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    Ariana Grande had a hard time choosing between two members of her team during the Battle Round on NBC's "The Voice."

  • Ariana Grande Announces Broadway Legend as ‘Voice’ Mentor

    Ariana Grande has announced who will be joining her team as a mentor on this season of 'The Voice'. Get all the details here.

  • ‘The Voice’ Season 21: Are Ratings Higher or Lower With Ariana Grande as Coach?

    NBC's "The Voice" ratings for the Blind Audition episodes of season 21 are in. Here's what we know.

  • WATCH: Sister Trio Nails Ariana Grande Song in ‘The Voice’ Blind Audition

    Season 21 of "The Voice" is becoming populated with trios and duos. One group stunned Ariana Grande in their blind audition by singing a rendition of her song, however.

  • WATCH: Blake Shelton Slams Ariana Grande for ‘Tiny Elephants’ Fan Club

    Blake Shelton is calling out Ariana Grande in this new video.

  • WATCH: ‘The Voice’ Artist Delivers on Ariana Grande Song, Joins Team Ariana

    It's often a risky choice to choose a coach's song to perform on NBC's "The Voice," but sometimes that risk pays off.

  • Ariana Grande & Kelly Clarkson Relive 2013 Twitter Exchange

    Ariana Grande dug up a Twitter exchange between her and Kelly Clarkson from 2013.

  • WATCH: 13 Year Old With Rare Disorder Wows Ariana Grande on ‘The Voice’

    Mia Hailey is just 13 years old, but her performance during the blind auditions on "The Voice" prompted coaches Ariana Grande

  • How Ariana Grande Already Broke Her Contract on ‘The Voice’

    This season on "The Voice," Ariana Grande joins Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson as a coach. 

  • John Legend’s Wife Says Him Being on ‘The Voice’ With Ariana Grande Is ‘Awkward’

    There's a new coach on this season of "The Voice:" pop superstar Ariana Grande.

  • WATCH: Ariana Grande Convinces First Singer to Join Her Team on ‘The Voice’: ‘I Will Have a Baby for You’

    Ariana Grande made her debut as a coach on NBC's "The Voice" on the Monday, September 20 premiere of season 21.

  • Fan Reactions to Ariana Grande as a New Coach on ‘The Voice’

    Season 21 of "The Voice" premiered Monday, September 20 on NBC.

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    How much is Ariana Grande making on 'The Voice'? Get the details here.

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    Ariana Grande is the newest coach on "The Voice," and the job came with a few surprises for the talented singer.

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    Blake Shelton joked about the most embarrassing thing that happens to him now that Ariana Grande joined "The Voice."

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    Blake Shelton has been a coach on NBC's "The Voice" since the premiere, all adding up to nearly 500 episodes of the show. Now, he's joined by Ariana Grande.

  • Man With a Knife Arrested Outside Ariana Grande’s Home

    Pop superstar Ariana Grande had an unwelcome visitor at her Hollywood Hills home this week.

  • See Inside Ariana Grande’s Hollywood Hills Home

    Check out photos of Ariana Grande's Hollywood Hills home.

  • ‘The Voice’ Coaches Kelly Clarkson & John Legend Offer Advice to Ariana Grande: ‘Don’t Trust Blake’

    Ariana Grande joined "The Voice" for season 21, and that means she's in for just as much teasing and camaraderie as the previous coaches who sat in her seat. 

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    Pop superstar Ariana Grande will join Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend as a coach on the upcoming season of "The Voice."

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    Kelly Clarkson shared some details about what it was like working with Ariana Grande on "The Voice."