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  • Why Candace Owens Threatened to Sue Cardi B

    The Fox News correspondent and the "WAP" rapper got into a vicious Twitter feud.

  • Cardi B Speaks Out Against Upcoming ‘E! True Hollywood Story’ Episode

    The "Up" rapper said she didn't approve the upcoming episode that will focus on her life.

  • Cardi B Receives Backlash Over Releasing a Doll

    Cardi B's fans want more than a doll from her this year.

  • Cardi B Says She Isn’t Trying to Force a TikTok Challenge

    Cardi B is hitting back at allegations that she is trying to force a TikTok trend.

  • Is the WWE Looking at Signing Cardi B?

    Cardi B is wanted by the WWE, according to the company's chief revenue officer Nick Khan.

  • Cardi B Says That Won’t Be Getting a Babysitter for Kulture Any Time Soon

    Cardi B said that she won't be getting a babysitter for her daughter Kulture any time soon. The "Up" rapper said that she has to balance her recording career with motherhood.

  • Cardi B Denies that She Ripped off Mir Fontane & Mir Pesos Song ‘Stuck’

    Cardi B has denied that her February 2021 new release "Up" is a rip off of Mir Fontane and Mir Pesos song, "Stuck."

  • Cardi B Comes For Twitter Troll After Livestream

    Cardi B had no time for a Twitter troll who attacked her following an Instagram livestream. The troll later switched their account to private.

  • Cardi B Offers $10,000 for Information on This Person

    Cardi B is offering $10,000 for information on this man, according to a post on her Instagram page. Cardi wrote in part on her page, "You tried it BUDDY!!!!"

  • Will Cardi B & Amanda Gorman Collaborate in the Future?

    Cardi B said that she is open to the idea of collaborating with the biggest star from President Joe Biden's inauguration day celebration.

  • Cardi B Has Waded Into the DaniLeigh Controversy

    Cardi B has been dragged into the DaniLeigh "Yellow Bone" controversy with Cardi being forced to go through her family history on Twitter.

  • Cardi B Lands First Movie Starring Role

    "Love & Hip-Hop: New York" alumnus Cardi B will star in the 2021 movie "Assisted Living."

  • Cardi B Reveals the Total Cost of ‘WAP’ Music Video

    "Love & Hip-Hop: New York" legend Cardi B told her Twitter followers how much the music video for "WAP" featuring Megan Thee Stallion cost.

  • Unlikely Source Defends Cardi B & Offset from Online Trolls

    Love & Hip-Hop: New York icon Cardi has found a defender in the shape of singing legend Dionne Warwick.

  • Cardi B Compares Police Treatment of MAGA Supporters to Black Lives Matter Protesters

    Cardi B's name became a trending topic on Twitter following the raid and occupation of the U.S. Capitol building by Donald Trump supporters.

  • Cardi B Angry Over How Her WWE Debut Went Down

    "Love & Hip-Hop: New York" legend Cardi B told WWE owner Vince McMahon to "count his days" after she was namechecked on the January 4 episode of "Raw."

  • Cardi B Says She Turns Off ‘WAP’ if Kulture Is Around

    Former "Love & Hip-Hop: New York" star Cardi B came for a Twitter user who questioned why the rapper refused to let Kulture listen to "WAP."

  • Why This ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Doesn’t Want to Work With Cardi B

    One of Cardi B's former co-stars said they could never work together.

  • Cardi B Sends Out Threatening Tweets to New Target

    Cardi B, who has already had beefs with Nicki Minaj, Tomi Lahren and Candace Owens, has a new target in the shape of Peppa Pig.

  • Cardi B Has a New Show on Facebook

    The former reality star has a new show exclusively available on Facebook Messenger's Watch Together feature.

  • Why This Hip-Hop Legend Doesn’t Like This Cardi B Song

    This legendary rapper isn't a fan of this Cardi B track.

  • Cardi B Says it Turns Her on When Offset Does This

    Cardi B said on Twitter that her husband Offset turns her on when he does this one thing. The one thing was bring her food.

  • Here’s Why Cardi B Is Going to Trial in 2021

    The Grammy-winning rapper is in some legal trouble and will be going to trial next year.

  • Cardi B Getting Dragged On Social Media Over $88,000 Bag

    The former "love & Hip Hop" star is getting slammed on Twitter after asking her fans a question.

  • Cardi B Defends Use of ‘Retarded’ in Billboard Interview

    Cardi B has defended her use of the word "retarded" in an interview with Billboard after being named by the magazine as "Woman of the Year."

  • Why Cardi B Is Coming for Wiz Khalifa

    Cardi B slammed Wiz Khalifa on social media.

  • Cardi B Reveals the Reason ‘WAP’ Was Not Nominated for a Grammy

    Cardi B said in an Instagram Live video that she did no submit "WAP" for a Grammy because she has not completed her new album yet.

  • WATCH: Cardi B’s Daughter Interrupts Her Sexy Video

    The "W.A.P" rapper's daughter made an unplanned cameo in her mom's video.

  • Hollywood Megastar Pays Tribute to Cardi B in Soaking Wet ‘WAP’ Dance

    Jack Black recorded a TikTok video showing him dancing to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's megahit "WAP." Black wrote in the caption of the video, "Challenge Accepted."

  • Rock Music Icon Trashes Cardi B & ‘WAP,’ Calling the Song ‘Disgusting’

    Geezer Butler, the bass player with Black Sabbath, trashed Cardi B and the rapper's hit "WAP," calling the song "disgusting."

  • Cardi B Accused of Cultural Appropriation By Hindu Community

    The "Money" rapper has been receiving backlash from the Hindu community via social media.