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  • Floyd Mayweather Makes $20M Pitch to NFL Teams for ‘Misunderstood’ Antonio Brown

    The boxing legend is so confident in the ex-Steelers receiver staying straight that he's willing to bet millions on it.

  • Kaz Grala Teaming Up With Floyd Mayweather for Daytona 500: Report

    The Daytona 500 may have a new team attempting to qualify. The Sports Business Journal has reported that Floyd Mayweather's team is working to finalize a deal.

  • Floyd Mayweather Hints at 2022 Boxing Return & Opponent: Report

    Boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr. could be returning to action, the former world champion hinted recently.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Greg La Rosa on Life as Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguard

    In an interview with Heavy, Greg La Rosa spoke at length about life as one of Floyd Mayweather's top bodyguards.

  • Floyd Mayweather Coaches ‘Tank’ To Dramatic KO [WATCH]

    Retired boxing superstar Floyd Mayeather Jr. coached from ringside one of his proteges to a dramatic KO victory over the weekend.

  • Floyd Mayweather Credited for ‘Fancy Stuff’ in MMA

    Retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. was credited for "all the new fancy stuff" in MMA today by a rising star in the Professional Fighters League.

  • Joe Rogan Reacts to Floyd Mayweather’s ‘Freak Show’ [LOOK]

    Joe Rogan reacted to the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul boxing match a day after it happened.

  • Floyd Mayweather Roasted: ‘Embarrassment to All Combat Sports’

    Many notable names are not impressed with Floyd Mayweather's performance against Logan Paul during their Showtime Boxing pay-per-view main event on June 6.

  • Conor McGregor Mocks Floyd Mayweather After Call Out [LOOK]

    UFC superstar Conor McGregor mocked Floyd Mayweather again via social media after the boxing legend called the UFC star out for a rematch.

  • Floyd Mayweather Attacks Jake Paul in Wild Brawl [WATCH]

    Watch Floyd Mayweather chase and threaten to kill Jake Paul in a viral video from the Mayweather vs. Logan Paul press event in Miami.

  • Floyd Mayweather Keeps Getting Trolled by Logan Paul [LOOK]

    Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. keeps getting trolled by Logan Paul, but the YouTuber will have to answer for all of it when the two stars fight on June 6.

  • Floyd Mayweather Reveals Next Fight [LOOK]

    Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather finally revealed all the important details about his next megafight boxing match.

  • Megafight Revealed for Floyd Mayweather [LOOK]

    New info was just released by Mike Coppinger about Floyd Mayweather's next fight, and it's sure to be one of the most surreal boxing events yet.

  • Floyd Mayweather Slams Jake Paul After Sexual Assault Accusation [LOOK]

    Boxing icon Floyd "Money" Mayweather took to Instagram Tuesday night to blast YouTuber Jake Paul about the recent allegation "The Problem Child" is facing.

  • Floyd Mayweather vs. UFC Star: ‘It’s Going Down!’

    A UFC star claims to have a fight lined up against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.

  • Floyd Mayweather Given Rare $15K Kobe Bryant & LeBron James Gift

    Floyd Mayweather receives a unique Kobe Bryant and LeBron James collector's item for his birthday and plans to get it signed by the future Hall of Famer.

  • Floyd Mayweather Mocked: ‘Who Knocked up Your Daughter?’

    Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather was mocked by a new rival on Wednesday after the boxing legend's latest call outs for crossover superfights.

  • Floyd Mayweather Shocks World With Superfights: ‘Winner Take All’

    Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather shocked the world by announcing his plans for at least three superfights in 2021 against popular celebrities.

  • Floyd Mayweather’s Final Troll of Conor McGregor? [LOOK]

    Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s latest honor might not be a direct troll of UFC superstar Conor McGregor, but it wouldn't go unnoticed by either man either.

  • Logan Paul Explains Fight vs. Floyd Mayweather [WATCH]

    Watch YouTuber Logan Paul explain how his fight vs. boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather came to be.

  • Floyd Mayweather Announces Boxing Match With YouTube Star

    Boxing icon Floyd Mayweather is taking on a YouTube star in a "super exhibition" boxing bout early next year.

  • Floyd Mayweather Challenged: ‘You Have No Excuses’

    Retired boxing champ Floyd Mayweather was challenged over the weekend.

  • Floyd Mayweather: ‘I Had To Put a Muzzle on That B****’

    Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather took aim at a new rival by hearkening back to his 2017 megafight against Conor McGregor.

  • Floyd Mayweather Coming Back for ‘Mega 2021’

    Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather announced his plan to fight again.

  • Roy Jones Rants Back at Floyd Mayweather: ‘He’s Crazy!’

    Boxing legend Roy Jones ranted back at Floyd Mayweather over an important matter in the boxing world.

  • Floyd Mayweather Talks Comeback, UFC and Conor McGregor

    Retired boxing champ Floyd Mayweather revealed information about his boxing comeback, his UFC plans and his prediction for Conor McGregor vs. Manny Pacquiao.

  • Floyd Mayweather: ‘Y’all Have To Clean This S*** Up!’

    Floyd Mayweather's epic rant points out boxing's single biggest problem right now.

  • Floyd Mayweather ‘Has Been Approached With an Offer’

    New reports indicate boxing champ Floyd Mayweather is returning "this year" against an opponent nobody saw coming.

  • Tyson Fury to Floyd Mayweather: ‘I Will Smash Him’

    Boxing champ Tyson Fury threw a verbal counterpunch at Floyd Mayweather on Saturday via social media.

  • Floyd Mayweather in Crossover Fight With UFC Superstar: ‘I Know He Would’

    It is "very possible" that Floyd Mayweather will compete in a match co-promoted with the UFC, and he has his eyes on a UFC superstar.

  • Mike Tyson Revealed Tactics for Fight vs. Floyd Mayweather

    Mike Tyson revealed back in 2013 he would use 'dirty' tactics to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. if the two could ever face each other in a boxing match.