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  • Mysterious Paul George Elbow Injury Still Not Going Away for Clippers

    Paul George was once an MVP candidate for the Clippers. Now the Clippers just want him back on the floor.

  • Clippers Star Paul George Locates Team’s ‘Kryptonite’ Amid Poor Stretch

    The Clippers have struggled with rebounding lately, but there is a bigger problem at play.

  • Clippers’ Paul George Gets Flexed on by Grizzlies Wing After Loss

    The LA Clippers have lost back-to-back games and Paul George is getting dunked on in post-game pressers by the competition.

  • Paul George Believes New Ball May be Behind Clippers, NBA Shooting Woes

    It's gotta be the ball. Right?

  • Clippers Star Paul George’s New NSFW Attitude: ‘I Don’t Give a F***’

    Paul George has received plenty of criticism in the NBA recently. He tells the L.A. Times he is ready to move past that.

  • Clippers Nab Paul George’s ‘True Running Mate’ in New Trade Proposal

    The Clippers land a very impressive big man in this proposed trade.

  • Paul George Comments on LeBron James: ‘That Was Stripped From Me as Well’

    Paul George compared himself to the Los Angeles Lakers star.

  • Clippers’ Paul George Shuts Down ‘Pandemic’ Haters With Epic Performance

    Clippers star Paul George had a career-best 41 points to lead L.A. to a must-win victory in the West finals.

  • Clippers’ Paul George Reveals Ridiculous Postgame Workout Routine

    L.A. Clippers star Paul George discussed the laundry list of things he does to take care of his body after games.

  • Clippers Coach Expresses Concern About ‘Tired’ Paul George

    Ty Lue had some concerning comments about Clippers star Paul George.

  • ‘Most Hated’ Paul George Heading into Enemy Territory

    Looks like PG could be hearing some R-rated things in Phoenix.

  • Analysts Sound Off on ‘Superstar’ Status of Paul George

    Is he, or isn't he?

  • Clippers’ Paul George Brutally Trolled By Jazz Fans: [WATCH]

    Jazz fans did NOT hold back, and it was brutal.

  • Paul George Set for Battle vs. Nemesis After Jazz Injury News

    A key to the Clippers beating Utah might be Paul George keeping his cool against an all-time great agitator

  • Luka Doncic Explains Embarrassing Jersey Snub With Clippers’ Paul George

    Paul George approached Luka Doncic with a swap in mind after Game 7. Luka appeared uninterested.

  • Recurring Paul George Issue Torpedoes Clippers, Looms Large for Game 6 in Dallas

    The very end of Game 5 was a nightmare for the Clippers, but their troubles began while they still held the lead.

  • While Luka Doncic Shines, Paul George & Kawhi Leonard Disappear

    When the Clippers most needed Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in Game 5, neither could be found.

  • Longtime Warriors Insider Floats Trade to Bring in Clippers’ Paul George

    The Warriors are primed for a big offseason. Could this Clippers star be the driver of a Warriors renaissance?

  • Paul George Reveals ‘Big Difference’ in Mindset Heading into Playoffs

    Paul George details why things will be different for the Clippers -- and himself -- this postseason.

  • Paul George Snaps Back at Question About Ex-Clippers Star

    PG wasn't about to throw out any compliments.

  • Paul George Puts League on Notice About ‘Vintage Boogie’

    Paul George had some pretty telling things to say about new addition DeMarcus Cousins.

  • Injuries be Damned, Paul George Wants League to Fear Clippers

    Paul George talks tough despite Clippers' health issues.

  • Clippers Star Paul George Puts ‘Rival’ Lakers on Notice

    Paul George had some strong words to say about the Lakers-Clippers rivalry. Find out why George believes the Clippers are gaining ground on the Lakers.

  • Nets Starter Calls Out Paul George in Chippy Win Over Clippers [LOOK]

    One Nets starter appeared to have some choice words for Clippers star Paul George during a fourth-quarter skirmish on Sunday.

  • Paul George Says He Felt Disrespected During Loss To Nets

    Paul George says he felt disrespected by the referees in the Clippers' loss to the Nets.

  • Paul George Claps Back at Lakers’ Jared Dudley After Comments

    Paul George did not take too kindly to Los Angeles Lakers veteran Jared Dudley calling him out in his new book. 

  • Lakers Veteran Takes Shot at ‘Disrespectful’ Paul George

    The Los Angeles Lakers weren't big fans of Paul George last season.

  • Paul George Contract Boldly Critiqued, Derrick Rose, Clippers Fit: Analyst

    Appearing on Heavy Live With Scoop B, ESPN's Kendrick Perkins breaks down Paul George's contract & Derrick Rose's future. Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson reports.

  • Paul George Takes Shot at Montrezl Harrell After Beating Lakers

    Clippers star Paul George had some words for Lakers forward Montrezl Harrell after a big performance Tuesday.

  • Paul George Has Strong Response to Having to Attend Lakers’ Ring Ceremony

    Paul George has opened about playing the Los Angeles Lakers on the same night they have their ring ceremony.

  • Palmdale Honors Clippers’ Star With ‘Paul George Day’

    Paul George is giving back to his hometown and in return they are making Dec. 29, 'Paul George Day.'