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  • ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Takes Over ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Time Slot

    A major ABC schedule shakeup is going on, as "Bachelor in Paradise" takes up two, two-hour time slots per week.

  • Longtime ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Lands Major Hosting Job

    The Bachelor Nation alum landed a major gig.

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  • Bachelor in Paradise Star’s Fiancée Lands TV Hosting Job

    The Bachelor in Paradise star didn't get a hosting job, but his fiancee did.

  • Former ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Reveals Incredible Body Transformation

    This "Bachelor in Paradise" star has worked hard and achieved amazing results in transforming their body.

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  • ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Pictured With Cast After Injury in Mexico

    A "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant is in rough shape after an injury that happened in Mexico, and fans are getting their first glimpse of the damage now.

  • ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Insists There’s ‘Not a Single Red Flag’ in Her Relationship

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  • Divorced ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Icon ‘Really, Really, Really’ Wants to Be With Someone

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  • ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Shares Update Ahead of Amputation Procedure

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    The Bachelor in Paradise cast has been leaked.

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    Fans anxious for some beach drama with season 8 of "Bachelor in Paradise" can finally start an official countdown with ABC revealing a premiere date.

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    The Bachelor in Paradise bartender dished on the drinks he serves.

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    The Bachelor in Paradise alum is done with the show.

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    'Bachelor Nation' personality Wells Adams shared some fun teasers about the upcoming season of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' including whether he'd be involved.