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  • The Plan: ‘I’m Dedicating My Life To Beating Conor McGregor’

    A huge celebrity announced he's dedicating his life to defeating Conor McGregor in a boxing match.

  • If Foe Sees Conor McGregor: ‘I’ll Act Based on the Situation’

    A UFC star will "act based on the situation" should he run into his rival, Conor McGregor.

  • Conor McGregor: ‘15 Championship MMA Fights’

    UFC superstar Conor McGregor revealed more information about his training methods and his plans for Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

  • Showdown vs. Conor McGregor: ‘Fight Is Going To Happen’

    Is Conor McGregor lining up his third fight for 2021? A potential opponent sure seems to think so.

  • Conor McGregor Trolls Rival Then Deletes Message [LOOK]

    In typical "Notorious" fashion, Conor McGregor ripped a rival then deleted the tweet shortly after.

  • Conor McGregor Called Out After Viral KO [WATCH]

    UFC superstar Conor McGregor was called out after a viral knockout on Saturday night.

  • Conor McGregor Randomly ‘Challenged’ By UFC Star: ‘I Need to Fight Him’

    UFC superstar Conor McGregor was challenged by an unexpected fighter.

  • Conor McGregor & Jorge Masvidal Are ‘Going to Get the Smoke’

    Two of MMA's biggest stars have been challenged.

  • Conor McGregor: ‘Stack Them Up!’

    UFC superstar Conor McGregor sees big fights coming.

  • Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier Respond To ‘This Time’

    UFC stars Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier revealed their thoughts and feelings about their upcoming rematch after the fight was announced by the UFC.

  • UFC Announces ‘Official’ Next Fight for Conor McGregor

    Conor McGregor's next fight was officially announced by the UFC on Monday.

  • Dana White on Conor McGregor: ‘It’s a Fight’

    UFC president Dana White had something important to say about Conor McGregor on Saturday night.

  • Conor McGregor’s Second Fight in 2021: ‘Both Fighters Want It’

    Conor McGregor already has two fights lined up for 2021 according to his manager.

  • Conor McGregor: ‘The Irish Beast Hits the Middle East’

    UFC superstar Conor McGregor is amped about his next move.

  • UFC Superstar Conor McGregor’s Potential Megafight Derailed

    A highly anticipated fight for Conor McGregor will likely never happen.

  • Conor McGregor Officially Signs Contract for UFC Return

    UFC superstar Conor McGregor is making his return to the Octagon.

  • Conor McGregor Is ‘Washed Up’ & Has ‘No Balls,’ UFC Star Says

    A UFC star hit Conor McGregor with a tirade on Sunday afternoon.

  • UFC Fighter Blasts Conor McGregor: ‘Go Blow Some Lines!’

    A UFC star recently took aim at Irish fighter Conor McGregor, telling him to "go blow some lines."

  • Conor McGregor Accepts New Challenge: ‘I’m In For Sure’

    On Saturday night, Irish fighting superstar Conor accepted a new fight challenge.

  • Dana White: ‘Conor McGregor Is Going To Show up’

    UFC president Dana White confirmed Conor McGregor's next fight was on the way, and McGregor's next opponent did the same thing.

  • Champ Champ vs. Champ Champ: ‘Ready When You Are Conor McGregor’

    A UFC "champ champ" was challenged by another "champ champ" to compete in one of the most unique fights in history.

  • Conor McGregor Reveals UFC Regret: ‘I Should Have’

    Former lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor revealed a regret he has in the UFC.

  • Conor McGregor’s Warning: ‘I’m the Slaughterhouse’

    UFC superstar Conor McGregor issued a warning on Thursday.

  • Joe Rogan on Possible Conor McGregor Fight: ‘Kind of Bonkers’

    Joe Rogan gave his thoughts on a potential Conor McGregor fight.

  • Boxing Champ on UFC Fight vs. Conor McGregor: ‘Why Wouldn’t I?’

    A boxing champ revealed he still wants to fight UFC superstar Conor McGregor inside the Octagon under UFC rules.

  • Conor McGregor: ‘What the F*** Was Going On?’

    UFC superstar Conor McGregor broke down his wild ride.

  • Ex-UFC Champ Eyes Conor McGregor: ‘We Got Close Twice’

    An ex-UFC champ and longtime rival is still eyeing a future megafight against UFC superstar Conor McGregor.

  • UFC ‘Officially Booked’ Next Fight for Conor McGregor

    UFC superstar Conor McGregor's next UFC fight has officially been booked.

  • New Opponent Emerges for Conor McGregor: ‘I’m Ready to Sign’

    A new opponent option just emerged to face Conor McGregor on January 23.

  • Conor McGregor Rips Paul Felder After Saving UFC Event [LOOK]

    While the MMA community cheered for Paul Felder on Monday, Conor McGregor took a different approach.

  • UFC ‘Willing to Replace’ for Conor McGregor

    A new opponent emerged as an option for Conor McGregor after the Irishman's assumed next opponent couldn't get his demand yet by the UFC.