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  • Jenny & Dave Marrs Tease New Project Abroad

    HGTV’s Jenny and Dave Marrs are teasing their “dream project” abroad. Where did they go?

  • Jenny Marrs’ Thanksgiving Was a ‘Flop’

    Dave and Jenny Marrs’ Thanksgiving did not go according to plan. Why were their holiday plans “a flop?”

  • First Look at the ‘Marrs Magic’ in New Season of ‘Fixer to Fabulous’

    Jenny and Dave Marrs show off their “Marrs Magic” in this first look at “Fixer to Fabulous” season 4!

  • Jenny Marrs Among HGTV Stars Teasing Return to ‘Rock the Block’

    A star-studded lineup of HGTV stars is appearing in the upcoming season of “Rock the Block.” Who is joining Jenny Marrs on the hit renovation series?

  • Jenny & Dave Marrs Return for ‘Fixer to Fabulous’ Season 4: When Does It Premiere?

    Jenny and Dave Marrs are back for more “stunning renovations” on season 4 of “Fixer to Fabulous.” What is the date and time of the premiere?

  • Fans Help HGTV Star Jenny Marrs Search For Family’s Beloved Dog

    "Fixer to Fabulous" host Jenny Marrs pleaded with fans on social media to be on the lookout for Dolly, their family's beloved dog who's well-known to fans of their HGTV show.

  • Cool Dad Move: HGTV’s Dave Marrs Takes His Twins For Morning Ice Cream — in NYC

    Check out how Dave and Jenny Marrs are scoring serious brownie points with 2 of their kids, turning their business trip into a super sweet getaway.

  • Jenny & Dave Marrs’ Family Mourns Another Loss on Farm

    HGTV stars Jenny and Dave Marrs are no strangers to the struggles of farm life as they mourn their latest loss.

  • Jenny Marrs Shares Emotional Reaction to Youngest Son’s Latest Milestone

    Jenny and Dave Marrs’ youngest son is growing up! The “Fixer to Fabulous” star is sharing her emotional reaction to his latest milestone.

  • Jenny Marrs Shares Relatable Look at Back-to-School Shopping With 5 Kids

    “Fixer to Fabulous” host Jenny Marrs gave her fans a relatable look at back-to-school shopping with her five kids.

  • Jenny Marrs Reflects on Daughter’s Adoption in Emotional Post

    “Fixer to Fabulous” star Jenny Marrs opens up about daughter Sylvie’s adoption.

  • How Dave & Jenny Marrs Gave Back to a Young Cancer Survivor

    Dave and Jenny Marrs are giving back to a young cancer survivor in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

  • Jenny & Dave Marrs Welcome New Addition to Their Farm

    “Fixer to Fabulous” stars Jenny and Dave Marrs have welcomed a new addition to their farm.

  • Dave & Jenny Marrs Announce Their Latest Business Venture

    “Fixer to Fabulous” stars Dave and Jenny Marrs collaborated with a major brand on their latest business venture.

  • How to Stay in Dave & Jenny Marrs’ New Bed & Breakfast

    Dave and Jenny Marrs will soon welcome guests to the historic home they transformed into a bed and breakfast. How can you stay at The Welcome Inn?

  • Why Jenny & Dave Marrs Had a Mini ‘Rock the Block’ Reunion

    “Fixer to Fabulous” stars Jenny and Dave Marrs reunited with some of their former "Rock the Block" competitors. Find out why!

  • Watch Dave Marrs Play a Prank on His ‘Rock the Block’ Competitors

    Dave Marrs is a prankster! The HGTV star shared some of his on-set antics from filming season 3 of “Rock the Block.”

  • Jenny & Dave Marrs Mourning a Loss on Their Farm

    The stars of HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous,” Jenny and Dave Marrs, revealed the “beautiful and brutal” parts of farm life while sharing a recent loss.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Dave & Jenny Marrs on Filming ‘Rock the Block’ With Kids in Tow

    Dave and Jenny Marrs open up about traveling with their five kids to film season 3 of “Rock the Block” in Charleston, South Carolina.

  • Watch a New Sneak Peek of Dave & Jenny Marrs in ‘Fixer To Fabulous: Welcome Inn’

    Jenny and Dave Marrs star in the new HGTV special series, “Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn.” Watch the latest sneak peek.

  • Jenny Marrs Quits Social Media Platform

    Jenny Marrs, the host of HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous,” revealed she quit this social media platform. Find out why!

  • Dave & Jenny Marrs Announce New ‘Fixer to Fabulous’ Spinoff

    “Fixer to Fabulous” stars Dave and Jenny Marrs announced a new spinoff of their hit HGTV series! When does it premiere?

  • The Meaning Behind ‘Fixer to Fabulous’ Star Dave Marrs’ Tattoo

    Fans have long wondered what Dave Marrs' tattoo means. Find out what the star of HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous" said.

  • Jenny & Dave Marrs Give Back in ‘Fixer to Fabulous Holiday Surprise’

    Jenny and Dave Marrs open up about their holiday special ahead of the “Fixer to Fabulous Holiday Surprise” premiere on HGTV.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Dave & Jenny Marrs Tease ‘Really Special’ Project on This Season of ‘Fixer to Fabulous’

    On HGTV’s hit show “Fixer to Fabulous,” Jenny and Dave Marrs have been renovating houses around their town of Bentonville Arkansas. Speaking with Heavy, the couple revealed fans will soon get to see one of their most meaningful projects yet.

  • Dave & Jenny Marrs: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

    "Fixer to Fabulous" debuted in 2019 and introduced us to Dave and Jenny Marrs, their five kids, their staff, and their many, many, many pets. Since that time, fans of HGTV just can't get enough of the Marrs clan and the heart they put into their home renovations.

  • Fans Lusting After Ben Napier in Latest Instagram Post

    Fans are thirsting after Ben Napier in his latest Instagram post. What has him saying, “eyes up, ladies?”

  • Jonathan Knight Suffers Devastating Loss: ‘Half My Soul Has Been Taken Away’

    HGTV star Jonathan Knight is reeling in the wake of a devastating loss, saying his heart has been "ripped into a million pieces."

  • Hilary Farr’s Christmas Movie to Finally Premiere on HGTV: When Does It Air?

    Hilary Farr’s new holiday movie, “Designing Christmas,” will finally premiere on HGTV.

  • Frank Bustos, Terry Crews’ Driver on ‘Celebrity IOU’: 5 Fast Facts

    Actor Terry Crews has enlisted the help of Drew and Jonathan Scott to surprise his driver Frank on “Celebrity IOU.”

  • Terry Crews Bares All in ‘Celebrity IOU’ Clip

    Terry Crews bares all in a new “Celebrity IOU” clip. He teams up with Property Brothers Drew & Jonathan Scott to surprise his driver with a new backyard.