Alexander Grimes

  • Orangutan in Poland Addicted to Jane Austen

    Albert can go through 50 pages a night of "Pride and Prejudice" before turning in - the only thing that helps him calm down before sleep.

  • Gabriel Aubry Charging Olivier Martinez for Beatdown

  • Real Transformer RC Car Available for Christmas

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  • Obama as Jesus to Go on Display in Boston

  • Women Sue for Right to Fight

    Four female soldiers are suing for the right to be officially allowed into combat units in the military.

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  • Strippers, Gators and Drugs: Strange Shooting in Washington

  • Kim Jong-un ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Spoof Published in China

  • Tolkien Family Sues WB Over Hobbit Trilogy Merchandising

  • Petraeus’ Mistress Paula Broadwell Machine Gun Spokeswoman

    Paula Broadwell, reported mistress of ex-CIA head Petraeus, has been discovered on a weapons company ad promoting new machine guns.

  • Microsoft Building Data Center Literally ‘On Crap’

  • Swedish Woman Arrested for Sex with Skeletons

  • Gun Store Owner Shoots Customer in Back

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  • Study Shows Strong Teens Live Longer

  • 770 Pounds of Drugs Smuggled in Steamroller

    Australian police made a major bust on Wednesday when they found nearly a quarter million dollars worth of drugs stashed away in a steamroller.

  • Woman Dies After Being Denied Abortion

  • ‘Fat Blocking’ Pepsi Hits Stores in Japan

  • Uganda ‘Kill The Gays Bill’ Set for December

  • BBC: Alien Broadcast Blocked Due to Swear Risk

  • Papa Johns Sued for $250 Million Over Texts

    Angry customers are lashing out against the chain after receiving an "extra topping" of 15 or 16 texts a day

  • Justin Bieber Ticketed While Joyriding, Sends Instagram During Stop

  • New Law May Require License to Smoke

  • Petraeus and Allen: Keeping Americans Distracted

  • Michigan: Dead Man Legally Voted

  • First Openly Gay Senator Elected

    Tammy Baldwin, a Democratic Representative of Wisconsin, won a Senate seat Tuesday to become the first openly gay senator in US history.