Alexander Grimes

  • Man Arrested After Flashing Breast Implants

    Customers at a Wal-Mart in Pennsylvania weren't delighted when pumpkins weren't the only melons they were seeing.

  • Spark it Up — Pot Now Legal in Colorado, Washington

  • Election 2012 Presidential Results: Electoral & Popular Vote Counts

  • Brazilian Man Interrupts Own Funeral

  • Talk About Hot – Painted Nude Models Form Motorbikes

  • UN Says ‘Death Penalty is Torture’

    A special reporter for the UN called for the universal abolition of the death penalty today, saying it amounts to torture.

  • ‘Pro-Life’ Protester Stabs Man in Oregon

  • Colorado’s ‘Frozen Dead Guy’ Gets New Supplier

  • Theater Accidentally Shows ‘Paranormal Activity 4′ to Kids

  • Mourdock: ‘Pregnancy from Rape is God’s Will’

  • Watch Now: Hobbit First TV Spot

    Watch the first TV spot for the highly anticipated movie "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" here!

  • Rat Brains on Microchips to Help Cure Disease

  • One Tough Tablet: Microsoft Surface Used as Skateboard

  • Citizen Astronauts Discover First Planet With Four Stars

  • Woman Finally Jailed After 106 Offenses

  • Buy Her a Diamond, Get a Free Gun!

  • Police Return Stolen Marijuana

  • Bringing Production to the US: Top Facts You Need to Know

  • Binders Full of Women: Romney’s Latest Meme

  • Naked Caveman Harasses Hikers in Texas

    Hikers in the mountains of El Paso were reportedly run off by a naked man living among the rubble.

  • Amnesia After Hanging: Teen Caught in Noose Doesn’t Remember

  • Forget Uninhabited Islands: China Sets Its Eyes On Okinawa

  • Woman Dead After ‘Beauty Treatment’

  • Beer With Balls: Bull Testicals On Tap in Colorado

  • Pussy Riot Granted Appeals Hearing

    The Russian punk rock band is seeking an appeal for their sentencing passed earlier this year due to their "performance" in a traditional Orthodox cathedral

  • Man Arrested After Fighting With Stop Sign

  • Fake Airbags Threaten Drivers

  • The Plague Returns? Squirrel Tests Positive in California

  • Stan Lee Media Inc Sues Disney for Superhero Rights

  • Entire Italian City Government Fired for Ties to Mob

    The city of Reggio Calabria on Italy's southern coast is the first major city to face such action to date.