Alexander Grimes

  • Mike Tyson Banned from New Zealand

    Without charity support the former heavyweight champion is not allowed to enter the country.

  • Ride ‘Em, Sea-Cowgirl! Woman Wanted for Riding Manatee

  • Woman Sues Wal-Mart for Holding Her Captive & Ripping Up Her Money

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  • Vets Report Number of Stoned Dogs On the Rise

  • President Obama Being Sued by Chinese Wind Farm

    Thwarted due to its proximity to a military base, it's the first foreign investment to be blocked in the U.S. in 22 years.

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  • Nebraska Man Attacks Wife With Sandwich

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  • NASA Shooting for Deep-Space Outpost Beyond Moon

    Deep-space exploration could begin in our lifetimes.

  • U.S. Supreme Court May Soon Trump States & Legalize Gay Marriage

  • Hijacked by Parasites, Zombie Bees Attack Washington State

  • New Study Shows Castrated Men May Live Longer Lives

  • Fat Lady Clarissa Says ‘Eat the Badgers!’ Queen Guitarist Says ‘Eat the Fat Lady!’

  • Life From Space? New Research Shows High Probability

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  • ‘Homeland’ Cleans Up at Emmys, Dethrones ‘Breaking Bad’ & ‘Mad Men’

  • Amanda Bynes Says Goodbye LA, Hello NY!

  • So Soft … Man Caught Having Sex with Sofa in Public

    Wisconsin sofas beware, there's a cushion-phile out there.

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  • Judges Say ‘No’ — Anti-Islam Video Remains on YouTube

    Judges say the video is to remain, despite global protests speaking out against it.