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  • DHS and FBI Confirm Russian Hacking Cyber Attack on Election in Report “Grizzly Steppe”

    The FBI and DHS have officially reported that Russia was, indeed, behind the hacking of the US election this year.

  • CES 2017: When Is It And What To Expect

  • Texas Defunds Planned Parenthood, Against Federal Precedent

  • “Nintendo-Themed Environments” To Open In California, Japan and Orlando Universal Theme Parks

  • WATCH: Video of Shooter at Benicia, California Bar Released by Police

  • 10 Shot, One Dead at Bourbon Street, New Orleans Shooting

    There was a shooting on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana, early the morning of Sunday, November 27, 2016. Learn more about injuries, victims and arrests here.

  • CONFIRMED: Two Injured In Early Morning Shooting At Benicia, California Bar

  • Why Do Jewish Holidays Change Dates Every Year?

  • Hover Camera Passport Review: Easy To Use, Fun Alternative To More Expensive Drones

  • Oracle Buys Dyn: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • Logic-Defying EM Drive Passes NASA Peer Review

    NASA's EM Drive, or Electromagnetic Drive, defies Newton's Third Law of Physics... but somehow it just keeps working in studies. It's finally passed NASA's peer review.

  • Google Introduces Earth VR: See the World in Virtual Reality

  • Facebook Releases Snapchat Clone ‘Flash:’ How To Download

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  • WATCH: Seattle Police Statement on Mass Shooting Near Trump Rally

  • Mass Shooting In Seattle Near Trump Protest: Everything You Need To Know

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  • RAW VIDEOS: President-Elect Donald Trump’s Win Sparks Protests Across Country

  • What Will Happen to the International Stock Market if Trump Wins? It Isn’t Good

  • Saying Goodbye to Obama: All The Tweets You Need to See

    With a new president moving into the White House soon, people are saying goodbye to Obama. Some are more sad than others...

  • VIDEOS: 1 Dead, 3 Injured At Azusa Polling Place Shooting

  • Tracking The Election With Social Media In Real-Time: How Accurate Is It?

  • Why Was Twitter Down? Another DDoS Attack? Everything You Need To Know

  • Is Twitter Down?

  • The SPUD: A Portable 24-Inch Display

    SPUD is a pop-up display being funded on Kickstarter. The display is ultra-portable, with almost the same dimensions as a book.

  • Apple Has a Patent for a Folding Phone

  • New MacBook Pro vs Microsoft Surface Book 2: How Do They Compare?

  • New MacBook Pro vs Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Yoga: How Do They Compare?

  • The New MacBook Pro: How Does it Compare to the Last Model?

  • New MacBook Pro vs MacBook: How Do They Compare?

    Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro at their press event on October 27. How does it compare to the regular MacBook? Does it stack up?