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    Former Utah college basketball coach Christopher Craig, a self-proclaimed "Islamist jihadist," was arrested after making threats against Catholic churches.

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    Sanjay Gupta has changed his stance on medical marijuana and believes that the U.S. has a bias against using the drug for its beneficial qualities.

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    The sun is about to go through a major change, but scientists say we here on Earth have nothing to worry about.

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    Ibrahim al-Asiri, the chief bomb-maker of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, has been all over the news this week. Why are we so concerned about him, and why now?

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    As soon as 2014, Sarah Thomas could be on the field as the first woman referee for the National Football League.

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    Check out Kristin Chenoweth singing a hilarious parody about Anthony Weiner's latest sexting escapades to the song "Popular!"