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    Chris Rock has a message for white people: Want to vote for the whitest candidate in the election? Vote for President Obama.

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    Queens is turning into a real-life version of The Warriors. Unfortunately, instead of being awesome it's just terrible. These people need help.

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    Get ready to mock your friends for their lack of knowledge on the matter, because you'll actually understand what's happening when the storm hits.

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  • Chevy Chase Yells N-Word During Rant on the Set of Community

    Chevy Chase plays a racist character on the TeeVee. He's not racist in real life, just a tremendous dick.

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  • Greg Smith’s Goldman Sachs Tell All: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

    A look inside the great vampire squid that is Goldman Sachs. It's a little disappointing, but still terrible and kind of silly and hilarious. Plus nudity.

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    One brave Nationals fan dared to say what the rest of them were thinking. That man is a hero.