6 Best Samsung Baby Monitors: Compare, Buy & Save (2019)

samsung baby monitor

Baby monitors are a super important purchase for new parents, giving much needed peace of mind to let you be sure baby is safe and sound even when you are in another room. Samsung baby monitors are a great choice for any new parent.

You have two choices when it comes to choosing a baby monitor. You can either purchase an audio monitor or a video monitor. Audio monitors are only for sound and can tell you if your baby is crying, fussing or making any other noises.

Video monitors are a popular option because they let you actually see your baby. A lot of the time babies will wake up and start wiggling around before they make any noises, so video monitors can help you detect when they are awake before they become upset. Video monitoring systems are also great for older kids, as you can keep an eye on them during their quiet time or play time as well as when they are sleeping.

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers in the world for electronics of all kinds. You can be sure that when you purchase electronics from such a well established company, you are getting a quality product backed by great customer service. In terms of baby monitors, Samsung has six options at different price points. In this article we will go over each model including all of the features and the positives and negatives of each so that you can choose which one is best for your family.

If you do not see a baby monitor in this list that meets your needs, check out our articles on the Top 10 Best Baby Monitors and Top 10 Best Video Baby Monitors for many more choices. Baby monitors are essential for new parents, which makes them great baby shower gifts as well.

1. Samsung Secured Digital Wireless Baby Audio Monitor

Samsung Secured Digital Wireless Baby Audio Monitor, best baby monitor, samsung

Samsung has one audio-only baby monitoring system. The system consists of a baby unit and two parent units, so both parents in separate areas of the house can hear what is happening in the nursery. The signal is sent over an interference free connection, using the latest DECT Digital Wireless technology at 1.8Ghz. This gives you full and clear sound quality with no signal interference. The signal range is 900 feet, which is more than you will find in just about any other baby monitor. The design of the baby and parent units is sleek, simple and unisex so it will fit in with any nursery decor.

Additional features of this system include voice activated operation, optional out of range alerts, visual sound level indicators, built-in belt clip on the parent units, rechargeable battery, and easy one-touch unit pairing.

Price: $44

Buy the Samsung Secured Digital Wireless Baby Audio Monitor here.


  • Limited features make this system extremely easy to use
  • Secure and interference free DECT connection
  • Extra long signal range of 900 feet


  • Audio only, does not let you see your baby
  • You cannot add on additional parent units
  • Some reviewers had issues with the noise levelof the audio alerts

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2. Samsung SimpleVIEW Baby Monitoring System

samsung simpleview, baby monitor, best video baby monito

If you want to have a video baby monitoring system but have a limited budget, the SimpleVIEW system is a great option. This baby monitor includes a lot of the same features you would find in pricier models, along with the excellent quality you would expect from any Samsung product. This system comes with one video baby unit and one 4.3″ screen parent unit, a larger screen than most video baby monitors at this price range.

Features of the SimpleVIEW system includes built in zoom, Infared LED night vision, which are invisible so they will not disturb baby while they are sleeping. The parent unit also has a LED audio display so you can turn the sound off and get visual cues if there is any noise in the nursery, as well as a sleep mode that turns the video display off but keeps the audio signal running to save battery life. There is also a two-way talk feature that allows you to talk back to your baby through the monitor.

The range of this system is 800 feet, and it uses a secure, interference free Pure Digital Signal. The battery on the parent unit is easily rechargeable and has a life of four hours. You can also purchase up to four cameras to extend this system to multiple rooms in your house.

Price: $129.99 with free shipping

Buy the SimpleVIEW here.


  • Screen is 4.3″, larger than most similarly priced baby monitors
  • Has a long range of 800 feet
  • Includes invisible IR LED night vision


  • Released in 2014, not the most recent model in Samsung baby monitors
  • Does not have remote pan or tilt features
  • Does not have a touch screen on the parent unit

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3. Samsung BabyVIEW Baby Monitoring System

samsung babyview, best video baby monitor

Samsung’s BabyVIEW monitoring system is very similar to their SimpleVIEW system, with a few notable differences. They both use the same camera, the SEB-1019R model, and the BabyVIEW has the same range of 800 feet. BabyVIEW was released one year prior in 2013, and it has a slightly smaller screen at 3.5″. The resolution is also slightly smaller on the BabyVIEW, at 320 x 240. This smaller screen and resolution means it has a longer battery life, lasting 4.5 hours. The BabyVIEW system includes IR LED night vision, two-way talk, sleep mode and visual audio indicators as well.

Price: $99.95

Buy the BabyVIEW here.


  • Longer lasting battery life than other units
  • Includes IR LED night vision, sleep mode and visual audio alerts
  • Includes tow-way talk feature


  • Small screen size at 3.5″
  • Reviewers did not like that the monitor plays music when it is turned on
  • Reviewers mentioned that the night vision goes to sleep too often

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4. Samsung SafeVIEW Baby Monitoring System

samsung safeview baby monitor, best video baby monitor

Samsung’s SafeVIEW Baby Monitoring System is a big step up from their previous monitoring systems. It includes all of the features of earlier models, with some awesome upgrades. Regular features include voice operation mode, out of range alerts, visual LED sound indicators, infared LED night vision, two-way talk communication between parent and baby unit, expandable system up to four cameras, and a built in belt clip on the parent unit.

In addition to these features, the SafeVIEW has remote zoom, pan and tilt controls on the baby unit. This allows you to keep an even closer eye on your baby, and is especially helpful with older kids who may walk around the room.

Price: $174.07 with free shipping

Buy the Samsung SafeVIEW here.


  • Has a sleek and attractive design
  • Includes remote pan and tilt controls on the camera
  • Less expensive than other brands’ monitors with the same features


  • Some reviewers found the user interface and controls to be confusing
  • Buttons on the parent unit can be hard to navigate in the dark
  • Some reviewers had their system freeze on them often

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5. Samsung BrilliantVIEW Baby Monitoring System

Samsung BrilliantVIEW, best video baby monitor

The top of the line baby monitoring system from Samsung is their BrilliantVIEW monitor. The BrilliantVIEW was released in 2016 and is the most up to date baby monitor from Samsung on the market today. This monitoring system includes the same baby unit camera as the SafeVIEW system, and has all of the same features of that system as well. One more time, those features include a voice operated mode, sleep mode, sound level indicator LEDs, out of range and low battery alerts, two-way communication, 900 feet range between parent and baby units, 4.5 hour rechargeable battery life, up to four camera expansion option and remote zoom, pan and tilt camera control.

The thing that sets the BrilliantVIEW apart is the screen size. The BrilliantVIEW parent unit has a screen size of 4.3″. This makes it much larger and with a higher quality resolution than most other baby monitors in this price range. This unit also includes a remote activated night light that you can turn on via the parent unit.

Price: $199 with free shipping

Buy the BrilliantVIEW here.


  • Extra large screen size at 4.3″
  • Includes remote zoom, pan and tilt controls
  • System can be expanded up to four cameras


  • Some reviewers had issues with the camera going out of range before 900 feet
  • VOX voice activation is not useful when you use a white noise machine
  • Some reviewers found the screen resolution disappointing

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6. Samsung BrightVIEW Baby Monitoring System

Samsung BrilliantVIEW, best video baby monitor

The top of the line baby monitoring system from Samsung is their BrightVIEW monitor. BrightVIEW is the largest and most technologically advanced monitor, with a screen size of 5″. This is double the screen size of most baby monitors on the market. This system includes all of the standard features: VOX, sleep mode, LED sound indicators, alerts for out of range or low battery, two way talk, and 900 feet of range. You can expand this system up to four cameras for use in many rooms of the house as well. The camera has remote pan, tilt and zoom which can be controlled from the monitor’s touch screen.

Price: $199 with free shipping

Buy the BrightVIEW here.


  • Largest screen size on the market, 5″
  • Touch screen controlled remote camera controls
  • Has a two way talk feature


  • Most expensive Samsung baby monitor
  • Some reviewers were disappointed with the unit going out of range earlier than 900ft
  • Reviewers noted that the color on the screen was not the greatest

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