10 Cutest Makeup Bag Opportunities of 2019

cutest makeup bag

Why bother searching for the cutest makeup bag? For over 5000 years, humans have had a passion for decorating ourselves with everything from tattoos to fashion to nail polish to makeup. So why in the world would we use a boring bag to store our beauty supplies?

Don’t get me wrong, functionality is a factor too. The best makeup bag for you is one that matches both your personality and organization style (be it rigorous or free-form.) With so many designers and artists out there today, there is no reason you have pick between one or the other. These bags have style and substance.

When you’re choosing your cosmetics bag keep in mind how you’ll be using it. If you travel with a great deal makeup, you’ll want to look into a train case. My guide to the Best Train Cases for Makeup has plenty of colorful options that fit the bill. If what you need is a large amount of professional storage that is still great for travel, see my guide to the Best Rolling Makeup Cases.

Let’s get to the cutest makeup bags out there today. They’re adorable, they’re pretty, they’re cheeky, and they even hold makeup too.

1. StylesILove Cute Makeup Travel Case

Image of black makeup bag with colorful feathers


This travel bag is bright, colorful, and bohemian. It’s perfect as a lightweight travel bag when you don’t need a whole lot of storage or as a bag to store your essentials. It’s 8.5 inches long and 5.5 inches deep. There aren’t any organizational pockets or compartments so it’s more of a multipurpose case that you could use for anything. When you have an unavoidable makeup spill, this bag is machine washable. SylesILove has bags in this style with 14 different patterns so you’re bound to find something like. They have everything from chubby unicorns to watermelon.

Price: $8.99

Buy the StylesILove Cute Makeup Travel Case here.


  • Multipurpose
  • Good size for a small travel bag
  • Lots of style options
  • Lightweight


  • No compartments
  • Small

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2. Yeiotsy Retro Flower Hanging Makeup Organizer

Image of purple floral makeup bag


If you’re feeling old fashioned and looking for a bag with lots of organizers, this medium-sized floral bag might be for you. It’s made of lightweight nylon and polyester and comes with one fabric handle on the outside and one metal hanging hook on the inside lid. When you unzip this bag you can hang it up and you have a perfect way to suspend your makeup at easy reaching level. This is great for travel, but I use this design at home simply because I have a very small bathroom with little to no vanity space.

There are two levels of mesh compartments in the body of this case. The mesh is great because you can see what you have inside without relying on remembering the color of the top of your products. There are elastic holders for eye pencils and other thin items and a third mesh pocket on the lid. There’s a surprising amount of storage hidden in this bag. When closed, it measures at 11.8 inches by 4.7 inches and is 8.7 inches deep. It comes in this lily-covered purple pattern, but also in pink and khaki.

Price: $18.99 (62 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Yeiotsy Retro Flower Hanging Makeup Organizer here.


  • Lots of storage
  • Hangs up for easy access
  • Many compartments
  • Big enough for regular home use but light enough for travel


  • Hanging design makes getting to the top pouch hard if it’s not hanging up

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3. My Neighbor Totoro Makeup Pouch

Image of grey zip up bag with Totoro cartoon characters


I love films by Studio Ghibli. This small, multipurpose bag is made of canvas and covered in adorable characters from the My Neighbor Totoro movie. I think it’s hands down adorable. Without compartments and at 7.8 inches long and 3.5 inches deep, this one isn’t big enough to hold a large collection. This is much more of small travel case, an organizer to put into a larger case, or for young teens to store their first makeup collection.

Price: $13.99

Buy the My Neighbor Totoro Makeup Pouch here.


  • Painfully cute
  • Multipurpose bag
  • Strong canvas construction


  • No compartments
  • On the small side
  • Not adult enough for some

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4. Stephanie Johnson Bermuda Train Case

Image of brightly colored woven makeup  bag

Stephanie Johnson

I love how much this woven exterior reminds me of crocheted afghans. It’s cozy while at the same time bright, summery, and built for travel. The inside compartments are clear plastic lined to protect against spills and staining. There’s a separate smaller clear bag included and a small detachable circular mirror with a woven back that matches the rainbow design of the bag. It measures 10.5 inches by 3.5 inches and is nine inches tall when closed. With it’s plastic interior and wide handle, this one is perfectly suited for throwing into your suitcase for your vacation.

Price: $80

Buy the Stephanie Johnson Bermuda Train Case here.


  • Spill-proof compartments
  • Includes matching mirror
  • Great for travel


  • Not big enough to hold your whole collection
  • Pricier

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5. This Bag Contains My Face Travel Makeup Case

Image of black makeup bag with text This Bag Contains My Face


A bag for when you want to be upfront about what you’re toting around. At 11.5 inches long this bag can hold some full size bottles and a lot of product. The bottom of the case is folded so that it can sit flat on your counter and not fall over while you’re using it. A huge plus since you’ll probably need to dig around in this bag because it’s doesn’t have any compartments to organize with. But it says it’s your face! I think that’s worth it. This would be a good choice for a travel bag, that way you get to casually show it off to the people you’re traveling with.

Price: $21.97

Buy the This Bag Contains My Face Travel Makeup Case here.


  • Large enough to fit lots of products
  • Dark color hides stains
  • It’s cheeky


  • No compartments for organizing

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6. EcoTools Cosmetic Bag by Alicia Silverstone

Image of earth tone makeup bag with flower design


For the environmentally conscious, this bag is made from natural hemp and the print is made with nontoxic inks. The plastic pouch inside is made from recycled plastic and is removable which is fine because the liner is easy to clean when something outside the pouch manages to leak. It’s a decent size for storing your makeup.

It’s nine inches long and around five inches across and deep. This isn’t the type of bag you could throw a curling iron into or a large eyeshadow palette, but it can fit a fair amount. Because the bag is made of soft fabric, unless the bag is partly full, it has a tendency to flop over which could be a problem for some.

Price: $64.95

Buy the EcoTools Cosmetic Bag by Alicia Silverstone here.

Ecotools Alicia Train Case; Cosmetic Cases Bags, Travel Cosmetic CaseBuy cheap aliexpress: bit.ly/2qNL906 Designed by ProLovous Durable, spacious cosmetic bag Great for travel or display on your home dresser Suitable for a professional stylist, or anyone on the go who needs to organize their makeup A must-have for organizing and storing all your beauty essentials s.click.aliexpress.com/e/UZBEeMv ProLovous Flower Cosmetic Bag Makeup Bag Travel Accessory…2015-07-22T03:24:38.000Z


  • Detachable plastic organizer
  • Large enough for lots of makeup
  • Earth-friendly


  • Collapses if not full
  • Could use more compartments

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7. Society6 Mermaid Scales Carry-All Pouch

Image of turquoise makeup bags with mermaid scales


This set of three flat pouches is too cute to not include. They can fit inside each other for organization or be separate bags all on their own. As flat pouches they don’t have any compartments so these are multipurpose. The largest bag is big enough to fit full size bottles and travel hairs straighteners.

Since it’s flat, anything too wide or that you need to store flat would be an issue but otherwise these bags give you lots of room along with sparkly mermaid tails. The pattern on this looks textured, but it’s smooth. The print is a macro-photo which gives it that glittery, 3D look without being actually reflective or textured.

Price: $42

Buy the Society6 Mermaid Scales Carry-All Pouch Set here.


  • Three bag sizes
  • Big enough for larger items
  • Store flat when not in use
  • Mermaids are awesome


  • Won’t stand up on a counter
  • No compartments other than the separate bags

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8. Show & Tell Hanging Makeup Organizer

Image of black makeup bag with brightly colored polka dots

(Show & Tell)

This bright polka dot design is the kind of colorful that puts me in a good mood. It’s chock full of clear plastic compartments and elastic band holders and it hangs up to become a hanging vanity station. A large zipper pocket on each side of the bag gives you more storage options and another spot have easy, organized access to your makeup.

There isn’t an inch of real estate on this bag that they didn’t fill with storage. There are tiny compartments great for easy to lose items like elastics, bobby pins, or cotton swabs and the main storage area is big enough to hold full size bottles. Closed the bag is 11 inches long, 4.5 inches wide and eight inches deep. When it’s all unwrapped, the bag is a full 17 inches tall. This is great for home use, traveling, or performers.

Price: $12.95

Buy the Show & Tell Hanging Makeup Organizer here.


  • Hangs for easy access
  • Loads of compartments
  • Big enough for daily use


  • When it’s not hanging up some compartments are awkward to get to

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9. Micom 13 Pocket Expandable Cosmetic Bag

Image of tan makeup bag with cute dog print


This is another compartment-heavy bag for your organizing pleasure. There are multiple large, zippered storage areas to fit your long palettes and tons of smaller pockets around the edges for easy access to your most regularly used items. It also comes with a smaller grey change purse style bag that you could use for any type smaller items.

For travel this one works best if stowed inside another bag and is a good fit for someone looking for a cute bag to store their makeup in at home for daily use.

Price: $12.90

Buy the Micom 13 Pocket Expandable Cosmetic Bag here.


  • Lots of compartments
  • Large enough for full size items
  • 15 patterns to choose from


  • Outer pockets don’t close
  • Handles are small for the size of the bag

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10. Holographic Unicorn Pink Makeup Bag

Image of pink holographic makeup  bag


Sometimes you buy a bag because of how practical it is and sometimes you buy a bag because it’s shiny and reminds you of unicorns. This holographic bag is that way to me. I love how the light reflects and refracts off the highly textured surface.

It’s a one compartment bag so it’s not great if you need organization but it is waterproof both inside and outside to protect against spills. If unicorn pink isn’t your thing, FreBeauty also offers this style in mermaid purple-blue.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Holographic Unicorn Pink Makeup Bag here.


  • It’s holographic–need I say more?
  • Waterproof and spill-proof
  • Choice of colors
  • Great for travel


  • No compartments

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