Rolling Makeup Cases: Your Buying Guide to the 10 Best

rolling makeup cases

When you regularly travel with makeup or want to store a lot of makeup in an organized way, rolling makeup cases are the only way to go. These sorts of cases are perfect for professionals who travel for work or performances. Being on wheels means so you don’t have to worry about the weight of the product you’re packing into it and what that would do to your back if you had to lug it everywhere.

Because they tend to be compact and highly organized, they also make great permanent storage so you always know where to find that one palette you really need whether you’re at home or on site. Rolling cases are also great for those of us who have no interest having to pare down or pick and choose from our collection when we’re going on a trip. I mean, you can never really know exactly what you’re going to need when you’re away–especially if you find a really cute new top while you’re there.

If rolling cases seem like they might be too big for your needs, you may be looking for a train case for makeup. These cases have a lot of the same organizational benefits, but tend to be smaller. Read my guide to the best train cases for makeup for smaller options and tips on how to safely travel with makeup.

What do you need in a rolling makeup case?

What you should be looking for in your new case depends on what you’ll be using it for. When the main use you’ll have for your case is traveling with your personal makeup, a case with two wheels, similar to standard wheeling luggage, is fine.

If you’re a professional and will be bringing your case to events or using it at a salon, future-you will thank you for getting a case with four wheels and 360 degrees of movement.

These cases can be moved around like a cart so if you needed to move closer to a client, you could just grab and pull your case over to you, instead of having to get up, turn it around, and pull it on two wheels where you need it to be.

If you’re going to be doing your makeup at your case, whether you’re a performer, on site makeup artist, or someone who travels a lot and hates being without a vanity, having a case that can transform itself into its own makeup station, complete with mirror and lights, can be invaluable.

Those types of features do take up space that could otherwise be used for makeup storage, so if you don’t find yourself in those situations, it’s probably best to skip that.

If you are a student or imagine that your makeup collection will be growing (or shrinking) in the future, shoot for one of the interchangeable models. These cases can lock onto each other so when you find yourself running out storage space, you have the option to add new sections to your case when you need to expand it. Likewise, if you find you have sections that aren’t being used, or that you won’t need for a particular trip or job, you can leave them at home.

If you spend a lot of time outside with your makeup, like face painters or other professionals, getting a case with heat-resistant exterior can help keep your cargo cool and safe from the melting effects of the sun.

In the end, what case makes the most sense for you is a very personal choice. Let’s go over the features of the best rolling makeup cases currently on the market so you can get an idea of your options.

1. Sunrise Makeup Case on Wheels With French Doors

hard purple makeup case with wheels


This case is part of Sunrise’s modular line which is ideal for professionals. The sections of this case come apart and for this model that means that you actually have two separate cases that fit together to form one bigger case.

The top section is a train case design with six accordion-style trays unfold and a larger storage area underneath. The dividers are all adjustable so you can have whatever kind of custom compartment set up you like.

The lower section has French doors that open to more storage, two drawers, a removable mirror, and elastic ban storage along the inside of both doors. If you only need some of your makeup for a trip, unbuckle the top train case and you have a travel-sized organizer makeup case with a thick handle and an included, detachable shoulder strap for carrying.

This case has a telescoping handle and two wheels so you can travel without needing to haul it around. The exterior is designed to be heat-resistant so you can keep your makeup safe and cool if you ever need to spend time out in the sun.

It comes in this fun purple, but you also have the option of black, silver, and white. Plus, this case is compatible with all of Sunrise’s interchangeable series so you can fully customize your storage later if you need to.

Price: $219.99

Buy the Sunrise Makeup Case on Wheels With French Doors here.


  • Interchangeable
  • Three case configurations
  • Customizable dividers
  • Sturdy aluminum frame with steel corners


  • Only two wheels

Find more Sunrise Makeup Case on Wheels With French Doors information and reviews here.

2. Shany Cosmetics Rolling Trolley Makeup Organizer

Image of black soft wheeled makeup case


Folks, this one is so neat. There is just so much opportunity for organization here. This is another case that has three storage configurations of a smaller bag on top that attaches to a larger bottom section, but this one is loaded to the brim with extras. To begin with, it’s a soft bag made of weatherproof nylon which is lighter than hard shell models and can be more forgiving when finding a place to store it when not in use.

The upper section opens to a detachable brush (or other thin product) holder with 13 compartments protected by a clear plastic to keep your brushes clean and everything else clean from your brushes. The rest of the case holds two accordion-style spill-proof trays and open storage at the bottom.

The lower sections also opens on top to a second removable brush holder and a large open storage space. Shany includes three mesh organizer bags of three different sizes so you can either use this open area for large items like curling irons or make use of the bags to keep the space organized.

If you have a lot of small items and you love to be organized, the bottom section is dreamy. The front opens to eight hard plastic drawers for all your organizing needs. Even the flap covering the drawers has a mesh compartment set into it.

Plus there is a zipper mesh compartment on either side of the bottom case. The whole case comes with two sturdy shoulder straps, one for each bag, and it’s all latched together by seat-belt like closures.

The bottom section holds the telescoping handle used to roll this one around on its two wheels. The only thing I don’t like about this one is you can’t get to the lower section’s brush compartment without removing the top bag. You can feel good about your purchase because Shany is a company dedicated to not using animal products or animal testing.

Price: $215.17

Buy the Shany Cosmetics Rolling Trolley Makeup Organizer here.


  • So many compartments
  • Three case configurations
  • Feels durable


  • Only two wheels
  • Can’t access one compartment if the top case is attached

Find more Shany Cosmetics Rolling Trolley Makeup Organizer information and reviews here.

3. Yaheetech 3-in-1 Professional Rolling Makeup Train Case

Black hard rolling makeup train case


The top section of this customizable organizer is a train case with four accordion-style trays and storage underneath. The dividers inside are adjustable so you can set up your case exactly how you want it. If you only need the smaller case, you can detach it and use it alone.

It comes with a removable shoulder strap for easier carrying. The lower section is a large open case with a removable organizer basket. If you remove that, you have a huge open area to store large items like hair dryers, nail lamps, long palettes, and any other equipment. The lower box measures 14 inches by nine inches and is 19 inches high. That’s a lot of open storage.

When you only need this bottom section, you can steal the lid from the train case and it works perfectly fine all on its own. The case is supported by two wheels and has a telescoping handle for pulling. If you’re on a budget, this is a great case for the money, but don’t expect it to hold up long term.

The price is great but if you’re hard on your equipment or plan to be using your rolling case professionally for years, it’s probably worth investing in a higher quality case. This one is great for something to bring with you on vacations or trips. This one also comes in a cute pink.

Price: From $72.99

Buy the Yaheetech 3-in-1 Professional Rolling Makeup Train Case here.


  • Three case configurations
  • Huge open storage for large items
  • More lightweight when empty than others


  • Feels more cheaply made than others
  • Only two wheels

Find more Yaheetech 3-in-1 Professional Rolling Makeup Train Case information and reviews here.

4. 4 Wheel Rolling Makeup Train Case

Image of black makeup train case with mirror


This cute little case has those coveted four wheels. It’s easy to move in every direction without having to tilt it up on its side. A telescoping handle gives you the option of carrying it like standard wheeled luggage as that is the easiest way to move it long distances. For short distances, like using it in a dressing room or salon, four wheels are king.

This case unfolds to a removable vanity mirror, six accordion-style trays, and a larger open storage space in the bottom large enough for a hair dryer. It’s a bit smaller than some of the others at 17 inches tall when closed up so this one might not be enough for some professionals. This one is lockable so it’s a good choice for dressing room situations and with the size may be perfect for younger performers.

Price: $85.95

Buy the 4 Wheel Rolling Makeup Train Case here.


  • Four wheels with 360 degree movement
  • Removable mirror
  • Six accordion-style trays


  • May be too small for some
  • Low to the ground for a vanity space

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5. AW Rolling Studio Makeup Case

Image of black wheeled makeup case with lighted mirror


If what you need is a portable vanity with storage, the AW Rolling Studio may be the answer. While it doesn’t offer the same kind of storage space as larger train-style cases, this case comes with four accordion trays and wider storage underneath.

The highlight is that the top of what looks like a briefcase opens up to reveal a tall vanity mirror with six soft lights for ideal, even lighting. It doesn’t have its own legs, but once you have set this case on a table or other surface, you are good to go.

The lights aren’t battery-powered so it will need to be plugged in and comes with a power cord. There’s a dimmer switch so you can adjust your lighting to the environment around you. There’s also an outlet included on the front of the vanity so you can plug in any tools you might need like a hairdryer or curling iron.

You can carry it by the handle, but if that gets to be too heavy or bulky, the telescoping handle on the side turns your studio into rolling luggage with two wheels, ready to go anywhere with ease. The exterior is heat-resistant and the case locks with a key for security.

Price: $169.95

Buy the AW Rolling Studio Makeup Case here.


  • Contains portable vanity with lighted mirror
  • Includes dimmer switch and extra outlet
  • Four accordion-style trays
  • Heat resistant


  • Not as much makeup storage
  • Needs a flat surface like a table to sit on
  • Only two wheels

Find more AW Rolling Studio Makeup Case information and reviews here.

6. Sunrise 4-in-1 Professional Rolling Makeup Artist Train Case

Image of silver customizable rolling case


When this case is all put together it is just under three feet tall. You’ve got a lot of room in here. The Sunrise 4-in-1 has four separate cases that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect combination for your needs.

The top section is made up of three flat trays with adjustable dividers that latch together to form a train case-sized travel box. Each of these can be used alone and one or all of them can be attached to the lower section depending on how many you need at a given time.

The bottom opens up into a vanity area with a removable mirror, six accordion-style trays, and a large storage space on the bottom with organizing pockets. The whole thing moves on four wheels for 360 degrees of movement and has a telescoping handle for easy travel. The latched sections lock with included keys and the exterior is heat-resistant.

This particular case is in the white krystal color option which is covered in a glittery fabric for lots of sparkle. You can also choose matte black, black krystal, leopard, pink crocodile, purple, silver, and zebra.

Price: $234.36

Buy the Sunrise 4-in-1 Professional Rolling Makeup Artist Train Case here.


  • Lots of storage configurations
  • Four wheels
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Lockable and heat-resistant


  • You have to remove the top section to open the studio section
  • May be too tall for some to store easily

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7. Kemier Soft Rolling Cosmetic Organizer

Image of black soft makeup case with organizers and wheels


This soft makeup case is perfect for personal or professional travel. The nylon exterior cuts down on weight and the two wheels with telescoping handle make it even easier to move around.

It comes with six clear organizing makeup bags which stack inside the larger case. For more organization there are zippered compartments on the sides and brush holders along the back wall of the case.

When you need to store larger pieces, you can simply skip one or more of the stacking organizers. This would be a great option for an overnight suitcase or for someone who likes to bring all their personal beauty tools when they travel. I like it sleek look and it’s one of the few makeup cases that could double as a normal suitcase if you emptied out all the organizers.

Price: $119.99

Buy the NYX Stackable Makeup Artist Train Case here.


  • Lots of compartments
  • Configuration options
  • Professional looking
  • Great for personal travel


  • Only two wheels
  • Not as professional as others

Find more Kemier Soft Rolling Cosmetic Organizer information and reviews here.

8. Go2Buy Rolling Cosmetic Case

Image of short silver rolling train case


The Go2Buy case is one of the smallest on the list. Many of the rolling cases we’ve looked at so far have been larger rolling sections with a lift off train case.

This one is just the rolling train case by itself. This won’t fit an extensive makeup collection and probably isn’t a great fit for professional makeup artists, but for people traveling, performers, or freelancers starting out, a train case is really all you need.

Train cases get full and heavy fast. Instead of having to lug it around, the telescoping handle and two wheels make traveling easy. This case locks with included keys and inside are six accordion-style trays with more open storage underneath.

The price is appealing, but you should assume at this price point that it’s not a case that can hold up to years of professional use.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Go2Buy Rolling Cosmetic Case here.


  • Great size for travel or young performers
  • Affordable
  • Lockable
  • Easy to store


  • Too small and flimsy for professionals
  • Only two wheels

Find more Go2Buy Rolling Cosmetic Case information and reviews here.

9. Chende Pro Studio Rolling Makeup Artist Case With Lights

Image of pink makeup case with lighted mirror and legs


For when you need a full personal studio anywhere, Chende has the Pro Studio Rolling Makeup Artist Case. Not sure if the event site will have a free table for you? No problem. This case has telescoping legs which are hidden inside a back panel for a clean look when in storage. Now you always have a work station you can count on.

The case has four accordion-style trays with glass coverings on the top tier for more security and so they can be used as counter space when closed. This whole organizer section lifts out in case what you really need is a larger open storage space for big items.

The vanity has a large lighted mirror and the included bulbs are LED which means they will last significantly longer than regular bulbs–but they still give you one extra just in case. These lights have a dimmer switch so you can adjust your lighting as needed.

There’s universal plug is also included on the front of the vanity so you can plug in your hair dryer or other equipment without having to worry about stretching the cord to a wall outlet. The case itself comes with its own power cord. This cord, however, isn’t universal so if you’re somewhere that uses 220 voltage, you’ll want to get an adapter. The Chende folds up into a professional looking briefcase with a telescoping handle and four wheels for 360 degrees of movement.

Price: $349.99

Buy the Chende Pro Studio Rolling Case With Light here.


  • Portable studio with legs
  • Four wheels
  • Adjustable storage
  • LED lights can be dimmed
  • Universal plug on the front


  • Not as much storage as other cases
  • Pink color isn’t for everyone

Find more Chende Pro Studio Rolling Case With Light information and reviews here.

10. Sunrise 2-in-1 Makeup Case on Wheels

Image of tall matte black wheeled makeup case


This final case from Sunrise is part of their interchangeable collection. The bottom section is the same as in the krystal case above, but instead of the three separate cases on top, this one has a large train case.

The removable train case has six accordion-style trays with spill-proof lining and adjustable dividers so you can organize things just how you like them. The divider in the bottom of the train case lifts out as well for storage of larger items. It comes with a sturdy shoulder strap and lockable latches.

The bottom studio section includes the same six fold out trays, detachable mirror, and large open storage as the above model. It also includes the telescoping handle and four wheels for 360 degrees of movement.

This combination of Sunrise compartment is great if the above model didn’t have enough compartments for you to really organize your smaller pieces.

These cases are great for professionals because they evolve with and are built to last with an aluminum frame and steel-reinforced corners. It comes in this matte black color and in black krystal, white crystal , zebra, leopard, pink crocodile, purple, and silver.

Price: $209.99

Buy the Sunrise 2-in-1 Makeup Case on Wheels here.


  • Four wheels
  • Lots of storage
  • Portable studio
  • Many style choices


  • May be too tall for some to store easily
  • You need to remove the train case to get to the lower storage

Find more Sunrise 2-in-1 Makeup Case on Wheels information and reviews here.

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