Best Travel Hair Dryer: The Top 10 of 2018

best travel hair dryer

For people who use a hair dryer every day, the idea of going without is unfathomable and only the best travel hair dryer can take the place of your trusted dryer.

But when you’re traveling, hauling around your dryer isn’t practical. There might be a hair dryer in your hotel room, but all dryers behave differently. You know how hot the high setting on your dryer will be and how long the perfect blowout will take you.

It’s all guesswork with the mystery hotel dryers and you can assume they’re the cheapest the hotel can get away with. When you’re traveling to a tropical vacation, which is gorgeous but humid, you don’t want to spend it losing a fight with frizz.

Investing in a travel dryer means always knowing the quality of your hair dryer no matter where your travels take you. These days, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for portability.

These dryers are small, lightweight, and powerful. Some are even foldable for easy packing and would have no trouble sitting snugly in a small overnight bag still offering all the features you love about your home dryer like being ionic, tourmaline, titanium, or ceramic.

We know all those words are good things to look for in a dryer, but we don’t always quite know what they mean. Different hair types need different features so let’s run it down.

Ionic. Hair dryers that advertise as being ionic release tons of negative ions. The molecules of water on your hair are positively charged so when the negative ions hit, they break the water droplets apart into smaller water droplets.

Keep doing that and the large drops of water are now tiny, separate water molecules that are much easier to dry up than when they were in a clump. It’s like comparing the time of waiting for a bucket of water to evaporate on a hot day versus the same amount of water dumped out onto the pavement.

This decreases drying time and the less time you can spend with your dryer is generally the better to keep your hair from frying. It can help seal the cuticle and prevent frizzing too. Ionic hair dryers are great for people with thick, dense, and frizzy hair.

Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a semiprecious gemstone that comes in all colors imaginable and releases negative ions when it’s exposed to heat. Hair dryers with tourmaline components produce even more negative ions than normal ionic dryers which means quicker drying and less heat damage. The added benefit of this gemstone can increase the price of the hair dryer but it’s so worth it.

Titanium. For all dryers, weight is a major factor to keep in mind. You’re going to be holding this device up by your head every day for longer than just a few minutes. Holding anything up like that is tiresome and hard on your body.

Weight is even more crucial for travel hair dryers because you’ll be packing them into suitcases you have to carry. Titanium is a very lightweight metal and significantly reduces the overall weight of the dryer. Titanium dryers run hotter than other hair dryer materials so keep this in mind if you have significantly heat damaged hair.

Ceramic. Hair dryers made from ceramic have much more even and gentle heating than other dryers. They spread the heat out and emit infrared heat waves that dry your hair fast without cooking it into straw. Ceramic hair dryers are great for people with fine or heat damaged hair.

Power. Wattage represents the blowing power of your hair dyer’s motor and can make all the difference. The average home dryer runs at 1876 watts. It’s expected when you shrink a dryer you’ll often lose some of that power. Around 1000 watts is completely reasonable for a travel dryer.

Adjustable heat settings are a huge plus that allow you to cater the heat of your dryer to your personal hair needs. The option of a cool setting, called a cool shot, is a feature that most people do not want to give up. Finishing your blowout with a cold shot seals the cuticles of your hair preventing damage and frizz, gives your hair a gorgeous sheen, and sets your syling.

If you’re still unwilling to give up your full-size dryer, check out my guide to the Best Rolling Makeup Cases and save your shoulders a ton of pain.

Let’s find the best travel hair dryer for you and get you on the road with confidence.

1. BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer

Image of small black babybliss pro travel hair dryer


This super lightweight hair dryer only weighs 9.6 ounces. Thanks to the plastic and titanium construction the Bambino is great for traveling, avoiding arm fatigue, and for people who have arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other hand and arm issues that make holding a heavier dryer painful.

Plus, they still managed to fit 1000 watts of power into this tiny thing somehow. It’s a lot more powerful than you’d expect. The Bambino has two speed options and is dual voltage for international travel.

The filter in the back of the dryer is removable for cleaning which makes sure your dryer’s engine stays efficient and clean. It comes with a concentrator and a 12 month warranty.

Price: $39.99

Buy the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer here.


  • Very compact
  • Weighs less than one pound
  • Great power with 1000 watts
  • Dual voltage switch


  • No cool shot
  • Doesn’t fold

Find more BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer information and reviews here.

2. T3 Micro Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer

Image of white and gold folding hair dryer


This is a tiny dryer from a big brand you can trust with your hair. The T3 Micro Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer weights 13.9 ounces and has all the benefits of a full-size dryer.

In order to stay compact for travel without losing the comfort of a full-size handle, this dryer folds down to fit easily into your suitcase. It has a ceramic and tourmaline interior for even heating and reduced frizz.

T3 has a specific design that instead of blowing air that drives your locks all over the place, it pulls in air in a spiral pattern so when the stream of air leaves the blow dryer, it’s in a more concentrated and controlled way which is less likely to throw your hair into a frenzied mess.

It’s dual voltage and has a high setting, a low setting, and a cool shot. It also comes with a storage case, concentrator, and two year warranty.

Price: $150

Buy the T3 Micro Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer here.

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  • Ceramic, tourmaline, and ionizing
  • Cool shot
  • Weighs less than one pound
  • Foldable
  • White and rose gold is classy looking


  • Only two speed settings

Find more T3 Micro Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer information and reviews here.

3. Jinri Compact Mini Dryer

Black mini hair dryer next to iphone for scale


Jinri Compact Mini Dryer is a powerful tiny dryer in a tiny package. It uses ceramic technology for gentle, even drying that helps eliminate frizz and protects your hair.

It packs 1000 watts of power which is more than enough for a travel dryer. The Mighty Mini only weighs around 12 ounces–that’s less than three quarters of a pound.

This mini dryer uses a DC motor to extend the life of the hair dryer and is backed up by a two year warranty. It’s a little bit taller than a smartphone and comes with a nearly six foot long electrical cord. It comes with a concentrator and removable, easy to clean filter.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Jinri Compact Mini Dryer here.


  • Very compact
  • Weighs less than one pound
  • Great power with 1000 watts
  • Comes with concentrator
  • Cool shot


  • No dual voltage switch
  • Doesn’t fold

Find more Jinri Compact Mini Dryer information and reviews here.

4. FHI Heat Mini Travel Set

Image of bright green hair dryer and curling iron travel set

FHI Heat

The travel collection from FHI includes a mini, folding hair dryer and mid-size curling iron, both with ceramic and tourmaline ionizing technology.

The blow dryer has two speed settings and uses infrared heat waves to gently dry hair fast and prevent frizz. It doesn’t have the power of the above hair dryers, but at only six inches tall, this compact dryer could fit in your purse.

The half-inch curling iron heats up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit and the ceramic evenly distributes the heat for gentle styling. It comes with its own traveling bag and concentrator.

Price: $69.99

Buy the FHI Heat Mini Travel Set here.


  • Ceramic, tourmaline, and ionizing
  • Comes with bag and concentrator
  • Very small
  • Folding
  • Bright, fun color


  • No cool shot
  • Not as strong as the other dryers

Find more FHI Heat Mini Travel Set information and reviews here.

5. CHI Air 2 Piece Travel Set

Black travel back with black mini hair dryer and mini flat iron


This two piece set from CHI with included zipper travel pouch can fit into almost any suitcase. The set comes in at under two pounds which contains the hair dryer, three-in-one flat iron, concentrator, and diffuser.

The 1000 watt folding mini hair dryer uses infrared and ceramic technology to dry hair faster and with more shine. It’s also dual voltage so you’re able to adjust for international voltage which is pretty important in a travel hair dryer.

The ironing wand makes use of tourmaline and ceramic and can do flat ironing, curls, and waves although it doesn’t heat up as much as other irons.

Price: $89.99

Buy the CHI Air 2 Piece Travel Set here.


  • Dryer weighs less than one pound
  • Foldable
  • Dual voltage
  • Trusted brand
  • Comes in set with flat iron


  • The flat iron isn’t as great as the hair dryer

Find more CHI Air 2 Piece Travel Set information and reviews here.

6. Blowpro Titanium Travel Dryer

Silver and pink mini hair dryer with bright pink travel bag


This one is the largest of the list, but also one of the more powerful. The Blowpro Titanium Travel Dryer provides 1400 watts of power which is enough for any regular home dryer. But that comes at the weight of 3.1 pounds which is a great deal more than the other travel dryers out there and it measures nine by 12 inches.

This isn’t the type of travel dryer I would recommend for someone who is trying to really compress the space their dryer is using up in luggage. This is great someone who travels with a fair amount of beauty supplies and needs a dryer strong enough to really get the job done.

The titanium construction means this dryer can really heat up fast. It has two heat settings and six LED lights inside the unit that kill the bacteria that can build up in a filter ensuring that you’re always blowing fresh, clean air. It comes with its own travel bag.

Price: $58

Buy the Blowpro Titanium Travel Dryer here.


  • Powerful 1400 watts
  • Antimicrobial LED lights
  • Titanium for intense heat
  • Travel bag


  • Much larger than the others
  • Weighs around three pounds

Find more blowpro Titanium Travel Dryer information and reviews here.

7. Jinri Foldable Travel Hair Dryer

Image of bronze and white folding hair dryer


The Jinri is a small dryer with a lot of watts. This thing packs 1875 watts which is the same as most full-size blow dryers. It’s an ionizing hair dryer with ceramic elements so you know you’ll have even, gentle heat. Or as gentle as you can get from a small dryer with 1875 watts.

Unfolded, the dryer is 10.6 inches tall and it’s 4.3 inches tall when you fold the handle up. It’s not the smallest or lightest dryer on the list at 1.5 pounds, but if you’re dedicated to 1875 watts, then the Jinri delivers.

It’s a dual voltage model with a slotted switch that you insert something thin like a flat-head screwdriver or a coin into to adjust the voltage when traveling internationally. It has a high and low speed and a button near the top of the handle for a cool shot.

Jinri comes with a concentrator attachment that isn’t the most secure, but for the most part fits just fine. This dryer isn’t likely going to have staying power of a higher end brand and you might only get a year out of it, but for the price you might be fine with that.

Price: $37.99

Buy the Jinri Foldable Travel Hair Dryer here.


  • Ceramic and ionizing
  • 1875 watts
  • Folding
  • Cool shot


  • Not as lightweight as others
  • Not as long lasting
  • Attachment can be a little finicky
  • Switching voltage my be difficult for some

Find more Jinri Foldable Travel Hair Dryer information and reviews here.

8. BaByliss PRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

Small round red travel hair dryer


This is a really tiny hair dryer. It’s only eight inches tall unfolded so it’s a perfect size to fit into a suitcase. It gives you 1000 watts of power with a choice of high and low speeds, but doesn’t have a cool shot.

The BaByliss Pro TT has high ionization levels from containing tourmaline so it dries your hair fast and reduces static. The titanium casing keeps the dyer light and ensures high heat.

It weighs about 10.5 ounces and is dual voltage for traveling overseas. The filter is removable for easy cleaning and has a protective shield on it to keep hair from flying in. It comes with a five foot long cord so you have plenty of room to work with when outlets aren’t always in the most convenient spots.

Price: $32.99

Buy the BaByliss PRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer here.

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  • Titanium, tourmaline, and ionizing
  • Weighs less than one pound
  • Foldable
  • 1000 watts
  • Dual voltage


  • No cool shot

Find more BaByliss PRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer information and reviews here.

9. Remington D5000 Compact Travel Dryer

Shiny red and silver hair dryer


The Remington D5000 clocks in at 9.5 inches tall and 5.1 inches long. It is compact compared to a full-size hair dryer, but not close to the smallest on the list. This is an ionizing dryer for reduced frizz, runs at 1876 watts, and weighs one pound.

What I love about this one is how many buttons you have. You have a cool shot, three heat settings, two speed settings, and an eco-friendly option which reduces the power intake for a greener blowout.

However, this isn’t a dual voltage dryer so if you were traveling overseas you’d have a hard time using this and would need several adapters to change the voltage. For what all that would cost, it makes more sense to pick up a higher quality, dual voltage dryer if you travel internationally.

Price: $16.99

Buy the Remington D5000 Compact Travel Dryer here.


  • Ionizing
  • Lots of heat and speed options
  • Cool shot


  • Big for a travel dryer
  • Not dual voltage

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10. Bed Head Road Trip Travel Hair Dryer

Folding dark red and silver hair dryer

(Bed Head)

This folding hair dryer boasts ceramic and tourmaline technology to dry your hair faster and with less frizz. It’s big for a travel dryer at 11 inches tall when unfolded and weighing in at 1.8 pounds.

If you don’t mind hefting it around, that’s not a huge problem, but if you’re here because you want a tiny, but awesome blow dryer that takes up little to no space in your bag, this might not be for you.

If you have the space, the Road Trip runs at 1876 watts, is dual voltage, has two heat settings, and a cool shot. The six foot cord ensures you have plenty of room and it comes with a concentrator to really set your style.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Bed Head Road Trip Travel Hair Dryer here.


  • Ceramic, tourmaline, and ionizing
  • Foldable
  • Cool shot
  • 1876 watts


  • Large
  • Weighs more than one pound

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