Wedding Nails: The 10 Best Bridal Nail Colors of 2018

wedding nails

Everyone is going to want to see your ring so when you’re showing off your hand to all your guests make sure your wedding nails are on point.

Planning a wedding is way more stressful than you’d expected and making those decisions on dresses and suits and flowers can be tough. But picking how you want your wedding nails to look can actually be a fun, relaxing part of your planning for a change.

Unlike with gowns or shoes, you can buy a couple of polishes without breaking the bank and try them all on at home as many times as you like until you find the look that’s perfect for you.

Plus, if you buy one and decide you won’t want to wear it on your wedding–you can still wear it the rest of the year.

Wedding nails tips & tricks.

Start early. If you plan on sparing your hands the process of artificial nails, you want to start thinking about getting your natural nails in shape early. Nails take a long time to grow, as in one tenth of a millimeter per day, so you want to give yourself at least three months of time for your nails to grow out.

If you have brittle nails or you think they could use a little help, check out my guide to Healthy Nails: 10 Best Products for Stronger Nail Growth.

Keeping your nails properly shaped polished with help provide even more strength so they can grow without breaking

Check different lighting. When you’re deciding on a nail polish color, try to copy the same lighting you’ll have on your wedding, that way you’ll have a better idea of what it will actually look like.

If you can set your hand against something resembling the color of what you’ll be wearing all the better. That taupe polish is going to look much different against a coffee table in your living room than against cream white out in the sun.

It’s not just your nails that need care. Don’t forget to keep your hands moisturized and cared for so they’ll photograph well. (And be at prime hand-holding softness.)

Experiment. Don’t be afraid to try several different shades. Even if you’ve been planning on a nude, go ahead and try that deep red or that metallic that caught your eye. You can surprise yourself with how unexpectedly perfect these turn out to be.

Keep it fresh. Don’t have your bridal manicure done until right before the wedding. Two days before maximum. One day before is better. Even the best lacquers and top coats can lose their shine over time and you’ll be so busy that chips can happen despite the best precautions.

Bring it with you. Make sure once you have your polish color picked out that you pack it in your wedding emergency kit to clean up last minute chips. Bring it with you on your honeymoon to freshen up your color too.

You do you. Listen, you know you best. If the color you have your heart set on bucks tradition, wear it. If the shade you fall in love with is last year’s trend, who cares? If the classic, traditional look feels romantic to you, don’t be pressured into going bold if you don’t want to. What matters is that you feel fabulous.

I’ve gathered together some of the best bridal nail colors around for perfect wedding nails. I’ve tired to pick shades that look amazing on all skin tones and work for all seasons. Come daydream with me.

1. Skinny Dip by Essie

Sheer neutral nail polish by essie


We’re starting out with a really beautiful sheer nude color from Essie’s 2017 Wild Nudes Collection. This is a great color if you’re looking to make your natural nails look healthier and bright.

It’s not fully opaque at two coats and you’ll probably be able to see the whites of your nails but that adds to the clean, healthy look of this shade. The formula is a tiny bit thin which is to be expected for a sheer but it’s still very easy to work with.

Price: $8.97

Buy Skinny Dip by Essie here.


  • Perfect for a traditional neutral tone
  • Trusted brand
  • Free of three of the common toxin polish ingredients


  • Not opaque

Find more Skinny Dip by Essie information and reviews here.

2. Piece of Cake by Butter London

Pink cream nail polish bottle

(butter LONDON)

Piece of Cake is an opaque light pink lacquer from Butter London. This pastel is close to a white and is a really nice soft, feminine shade to brighten up your fingers. As part of the Patent Shine 10X line, you can expect about a week of wear from this polish and a thick gel-like finish.

If you love a high gloss, this one won’t deliver as much as it promises from the name but a nice top coat will fix that right up. This is one of Butter London’s 10 free formulas so it’s free from 10 of the nastier chemicals often used in nail polish like formaldehyde and DBP.

Price: $18

Buy Piece of Cake by Butter London here.


  • Long lasing
  • Subtle, girly color
  • 10 free


  • Glossy but not intensely glossy

Find more Piece of Cake by Butter London information and reviews here.

3. Best of British by Londontown Lakur

Metallic gold nail polish with black cap


If you’re feeling a little more bold, this warm, hammered gold lacquer might be just what you need. This creamy formula is easy to apply and is opaque in one to two coats. There are several different shades of gold foil in this metallic so the color is dynamic and has depth.

It really gives that opulent, royalty feeling, especially against creams and whites. This polish is five free, vegan, and doesn’t contain gluten. It does contain vitamin A, biotin, and extracts of cucumber, evening primrose, and chamomile.

Price: $16

Buy Best of British by Londontown Lakur here.


  • Classic and trendy
  • Contains strengthening ingredients
  • Multidimensional color


  • Might want to consider the color metal of your rings before going metallic

Find more Best of British by Londontown Lakur information and reviews here.

4. Pearl Jammin’ by China Glaze

iridescent nail polish


Pearl Jammin’ by China Glaze is an iridescent shimmer that reminds me of fire opal. It’s this cool, moonlight blue shade with a warm rose gold flash when the light hits it just right.

I like that it can be worn on its own or as a topper over a different nail polish to give it that shimmer effect. This shade is sheer so when worn alone you’ll likely want three coats for full coverage.

Price: $7.75

Buy Pearl Jammin’ by China Glaze here.


  • Intense opalescent shimmer
  • Can be used on its own or as a topper


  • Needs three coats for opacity

Find more Pearl Jammin’ by China Glaze information and reviews here.

5. Romantique by CND Vinylux

neutral tan CND nail polish

(Creative Nail Design)

Romantique is from Creative Nail Design’s Vinylux line which boasts gel-like staying power without UV lamps or the damage gel manicures can do to your nails. Vinylux is applied to bare nails without a base coat and is topped with CND’s Weekly Top Coat.

Together, your manicure should last chip-free for a week or more. It works by having a formula that hardens when exposed to sunlight so your nail polish actually gets tougher the longer you wear it which is pretty genius. Romantique is a beautiful, sheer pinky-nude which makes a great natural nail alone or as a base for a French Manicure.

Price: $10.50

Buy Romantique by CND Vinylux here.


  • Extra long lasting
  • Classic look


  • Too subtle for some

Find more Romantique by CND Vinylux information and reviews here.

6. Genesis by Zoya

White nail polish in froasted bottle


This polish is a long lasting, cool white with a silver shimmer. It’s a little sheer on its first coat but is opaque and pearly in two.

This one looks a lot more like a white polish than a shimmer and has a slight blue quality to it that would look gorgeous contrasted against warmer cream colors. It’s from Zoya so you know you’re looking at high quality lacquer and the formula is five free.

Price: $10

Buy Genesis by Zoya here.


  • Long lasting
  • Classic with a touch of glitter


  • Could be too matchy for some wedding attire

Find more Genesis by Zoya information and reviews here.

7. The Red by Oribe Lacquer

bright red designer nail polish with black cap


The more traditional look isn’t for all of us. Sometimes you need to throw on a bold, unexpected red. The Red is about as red as red gets. (Wow, that was a lot of reds.) It’s opaque in one coat, but two really deepens the color.

There’s something really classy about this lacquer while at the same time being such a nontraditional wedding color that it strikes a nice balance for people trying to tow the line between offbeat and traditional. It’s from Oribe, known for their incredible, high end hair products and was formulated to be flexible which is awesome for people like me with bendy nails.

It’s just so pigment dense! I love it. The Red is eight free and should last you about a week without chipping.

Price: $32

Buy The Red by Oribe here.


  • Bold but classic
  • Can’t get any redder


  • Too loud for some

Find more The Red by Oribe information and reviews here.

8. Sugarette by Smith & Cult

Sheer milky nail polish with chunky gold cap

(Smith & Cult)

Sugarette is a milky silver with a pearlescent, satin finish. When it’s dry, it actually looks like silk fabric to me. It does take a couple of coats and can go on a little streaky for some, but with the slight metallic shimmer, it’s not noticeable.

Smith & Cult is a long lasting polish brand with a thin, but not too thin, formula. The cap might look a little unwieldy, but it actually lifts up to reveal a much smaller twist off top that’s easier to work with.

This polish is eight free and the color Sugarette is limited edition so get your hands on it quick if you think it could be in the running.

Price: $18

Buy Sugarette by Smith & Cult here.


  • Unique satin finish
  • Elegant
  • High end


  • Not quirky enough for some

Find more Sugarette by Smith & Cult information and reviews here.

9. Cheshire Plains by Londontown Lakur

Robins egg blue speckle glitter nail polish


This is fairly nontraditional, but I think this soft robin’s egg speckle on a nude base is a really fresh look to wear with a wedding gown. It makes me think of confetti and champagne bubbles.

It’s subtle enough to not overpower your look, but unique enough to leave an impression. Londontown Lakur shows swatches of their colors against a variety of skin tones, which is a fantastic feature, and Cheshire Plains looks especially stunning on melanated skin tones. Add this one to your maybe list and make a splash.

Price: $15.03

Buy Cheshire Plains by Londontown Lakur here.


  • Unique but subtle
  • Five free polish


  • Speckled wedding nail polish isn’t for everyone

Find more Cheshire Plains by Londontown Lakur information and reviews here.

10. Yes to the Dress by Jessica Effects

White and gold flaky nail polish


This last shade is a milky white-gold with a textured finish. The traditional cream tone is offset by a raised texture and micro-glitter. When dry, it reminds me of rich fabric covered in small, intricate beading.

Yes to the Dress has a very expensive, classic beauty to it which could go with any style. Jessica is one of my favorite nail lacquer brands at the moment and this polish is five free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Price: $7.48

Buy Yes to the Dress by Jessica Effects here.


  • Salon-grade polish
  • Classic cream with a twist


  • Not attention grabbing

Find more Yes to the Dress by Jessica Effects information and reviews here.

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