Top 10 Best Luxury Candles: Compare, Buy & Save

luxury candles, expensive candles, designer candles, high end candles

I own an ungodly amount of candles, but I’m always tempted to buy more. A burning candle changes the atmosphere of a room. It’s calming, cozy, and just plain homey. And that makes sense. It was only in the last 100 years or so that fire has been removed from our homes. For thousands of years, fire was the cornerstone of a house–from cooking hearth fires to candles for light to the roaring fireplaces that kept winter at bay and our ancestors alive. We still install natural gas and electric woodstoves with fake logs in our homes because of how they make us feel. Fire is essential. It’s wild and a symbol of civilization all at the same time. It’s our history and in our blood. Fire turns four walls and a roof into a home.

We haven’t even talked about the scent yet. If the flickering of a flame of a candle changes the atmosphere, the scent changes the emotion of the room. Smell is the sense most deeply tied to our feelings and memories. When you give something a sniff, information is translated by your olfactory bulb–an organ that starts in your nose and runs along the underside of your brain. There it has direct contact with the region of your brain that rules your emotions and stores your memories. Smell is the only one of our senses that shares contact with the emotion center of our brain.

That’s why you can smell something–the sea, wet leaves, cut grass–and be instantly transported back to an associated memory. Smells directly effect how we feel. Even before we could MRI our brains to see smells light up our amygdala, humans have known the power of scent. Why else would people have dedicated their lives to perfumery, mastering the art of capturing scents and distilling them into a form we can save and hold and wear.

The scented candle market has been taking off, largely in part because of designer candle brands that began offering unique, artisan candles that offer a distinctive experience. So what makes a luxury candle? The short answer is quality. Often these luxury candles are made by hand in short limited, runs of scent collections. As a general rule, high end candles burn longer, cleaner, and contain a higher percentage of fragrance than the candles you’d buy from a shop in the mall. Designer fragrances are balanced, pure, and intricate–these usually aren’t your standard vanilla candles you can pick up anywhere. Expert perfumers build complex aromas that fill your home and soothe your mind.

If you have kids or certain pets, having an open flame in your home may not be as safe for you. Another way to add designer scents to your space is with home fragrances. See read my guide to the best home fragrance products. You can also make use of soaps with designer scents. Read my article on the best luxury hand washes to pamper your hands and nose at the same time.

Candles have always been a go-to gift for any holiday or celebration and for good reason. You are giving an experience that is both intimate with scent and emotion, but also safe enough to be a gift for anyone of any level of acquaintance.

If you think there can’t be much of a difference between $1 votives and luxury candles, think about the difference between an off-brand, cheap as they get laptop and your Mac. Think about fast food versus five star dining. Craftsmanship matters.

Now let’s go on a scent tour of the best luxury candles.

1. Ovando’s Bois de Boulogne Fragrance Candle

luxury candles, expensive candles, designer candles


Sandra de Ovando is one of the top luxury floral arrangement designers with regular clients like Hermes, The Four Seasons, and the MoMA. You just know her studio smells amazing. Their candle collection allows Ovando to compose lasting scents at the same caliber and naturalness of her arrangements. Ovando candles have a burn time of 55 hours and arrive in a minimalist frosted glass holder and packaged in a sturdy box ready for gifting. These candles are assertive without being overbearing.

Bois de Boulongne is a large public park in Paris that was founded during Napoleon III’s reign. Part of Ovando’s “Souvenirs de Paris” Collection, this candle scent evokes those enchanted woods where people strolled by day and by night were the home of both bounding deer and Parisians out for secret rendezvous. Boi de Boulongne is a balance of oak moss, leather, sandalwood, vetiver, with traces of violet and coconut.

Ovando Fragrance Collection Candles offer several other scents including Chantilly (tonka beans and pink grapefruit) and Pisa (black amber, cocao, and juniper berries.)

Price: $60

Buy the Ovando’s Bois De Boulogne Fragrance Candle here.


  • Many choices of scent
  • Gift-ready box
  • Balanced, natural fragrance
  • Long, even burn time


  • Scent is not very subtle

Find more Ovando’s Bois De Boulogne Fragrance Candle information and reviews here.

2. Mexican Cacao Mystique From Be The Light New York by Petra Nemcova Fragrance Candles

luxury candles, expensive candles, designer candles, high end candles

Be The Light New York

These candles by Petra Nemcova are a truly unique experience. Each candle comes in a stunning glass jar with a map of the country that inspired the scent. These maps are hand-carved into the glass by artisans in each featured country, a process that can take over four days per jar. No two jars will be the same, making yours unique in the world. Once the maps are completed, the jars return to America where the candles are hand-poured with soy wax scented with fragrances capturing the spirit of those countries that Nemcova experienced during her world travels. This candle will burn for around 60 hours.

Mexican Cacao Mystique was inspired by the ancient and sacred Mayan cacoa ceremonies of Mexico. Scented with rose, cacoa, pink peppercorn, nutmeg, clove bud, and orange, Petra Nemcova says this candle will make you want to, “eat the air.” Each Be The Light candle comes in a sturdy box with a matchbox and guide book about the collection. This hefty candle, weighing over three pounds in the packaging, would make a memorable housewarming or host gift.

If sweet scents aren’t your jam, there is a world of other country-inspired scents and maps including American Bluebell Bliss (cedarwood, jasmine, and lemon) and Spanish Saffron Heat (ginger, frankincense, and patchouli.)

Price: $162.68

Buy the Mexican Cacao Mystique by Petra Nemcova Fragrance Candles here.


  • Hand-carved map on thick glass jar
  • Scents inspired by different countries
  • Several fragrances to choose from
  • 100 percent soy wax
  • 60 hour burn time


  • Larger than most
  • Heavy

Find more Mexican Cacao Mystique by Petra Nemcova Fragrance Candles information and reviews here.

3. Lafco New York House & Home Candle in Wine Room

luxury candles, expensive candles, designer candles, high end candles

LAFCO New York

The House & Home Collection is designed with a room of the house in mind for each scent. The designers built the fragrances around how you want to feel when you’re in that room. These are huge 16 ounce candles with a burn time of a whopping 90 hours thanks to the soy blend wax formula. Each gradient-colored glass vessel is hand-blown and designed to complement the atmosphere of the intended room.

Wine Room has a decadent, luxurious smell of black pomegranate, black apple, and Bordeaux, with notes of jasmine and a base of aged oakwood and vetiver. This blend is sure to create an atmosphere of opulence while you pop the cork on a bottle of wine. Each candle is packaged in a gift-ready white box with black ribbon. LAFCO has 39 scents in the House & Home Collection which is way more rooms than my home, but they have expanded to cover almost any dwelling space you can think of. Some of my other favorite scents are Kitchen (mandarin orange, cilantro, and avocado) and Cottage House (waterlilly, Baltic amber, vanilla bourbon, and cotton musk.)

Price: $65

Buy the LAFCO New York House & Home Candle in Wine Room here.


  • Extremely long burn time
  • 39 scents to choose from
  • Each fragrance is tailored to a room in the house
  • Hand-blown glass vessel


  • Wax is a soy blend

Find more LAFCO New York House & Home Candle in Wine Room information and reviews here.

4. Amouage Fragrance Candle in Women’s Gold

luxury candles, expensive candles, designer candles, high end candles


AMOUAGE is one of the top perfume houses in the world right now with devoted patrons saying they have left Chanel for AMOUAGE’s signature fragrances. With these candles you can imbue your home with their scents which are a marriage of old world, classic London tastes and the deep spices of Oman. AMOUAGE candle sets come with a fluted outer vessel with a lid and the candle is in a removable corresponding candle holder. This gives you some display options as well two decor pieces for after the candle is gone.

The scent I’ve chosen is their Women’s Gold which I feel is very representative of AMOUAGE. Gold evokes a feeling of splendor. It opens with lily of the valley and rose notes that deepen to myrrh and frankincense. The foundation of the fragrance is sandalwood and the ultra-luxury scent of ambergris. This candle lends an air of opulence and indulgence, perfect for evening gatherings. These candle sets are available in many AMOUAGE scents including Interlude (bergamot, orange blossom, and benzoin) and Dia (fig, rose, and heliotrope.) If this scent has you more interested in wearing it, the Gold Women’s Eau de Perfume is also available.

Price: $195

Buy the AMOUAGE Fragrance Candle in Women’s Gold here.


  • Luxurious scents from top perfume house
  • Two candle vessels included
  • Choice of many scents


  • This wax type burns very hot

Find more AMOUAGE Fragrance Candle in Women’s Gold information and reviews here.

5. Antica Farmacista Platinum Round Candle in Prosecco

luxury candles, expensive candles, designer candles

Antica Farmacista

Antica Farmacista is a Seattle-based company creating luxury scents for both the body and home. This candle has a 60 hour burn time and is made of a soy and paraffin blend wax for a clean and even burn. The glass jar has Antica Farmacista’s signature platinum leaf pattern around the rim and is elevated by a thick glass base giving the candle an elegant and lighter look to it.

This candle is in their Prosecco scent, inspired by the crisp effervescence of prosecco and champagne. The base of the scent is apricot, passionfruit, and black current, with lighter notes of satsuma orange. It comes in a beautiful gift-ready box that adds to the luxurious feel. Antia Farmacista has 15 other scents to choose from in the Platinum Round Candle Collection including Sandalwood Amber (lavender, amber, and leather) and Bergamot & Ocean Aria (saltwater, bergamot, and oakmoss.)

Price: $44

Buy the Antica Farmacista Platinum Round Candle in Prosecco here.


  • Crisp, bubbly scent
  • 60 hour burn time
  • Stunning glass vessel
  • Many scents to choose from


  • Some people are allergic to paraffin wax

Find more Antica Farmacista Platinum Round Candle in Prosecco information and reviews here.

6. Illuminum Haute Perfume Aromatic Candle in Moroccan Tuberose

luxury candles, expensive candles, designer candles


This is a candle from the London perfume house Illuminum in their Moroccan Tuberose scent. With a burn time of 40 hours, this one is a little smaller than some of the others, but its smooth black lines and dark wax give this candle a more masculine air and is a sleek modern addition to your home. Made in England, these candles come packaged in an expensive looking matte black box. The scent has a deep foundation of cedarwood, a heart of Moroccan tuberose, and a top note of Turkish rose. This candle also comes in the scent Tomato Leaf (freesia, tomato leaf, and musk.)

Price: $45

Buy the Illuminum Haute Perfume Aromatic Candle here.


  • More masculine lines
  • Unique scents
  • Gift-ready box


  • Shorter burn time than others
  • Scent is not as complex as others

Find more Illuminum Haute Perfume Aromatic Candle information and reviews here.

7. Ila-Spa Fragrant Candle for Higher Energy in Orange Blossom

luxury candles, expensive candles, designer candles, high end candles


We’ve had several candles designed to relax you and create a calm and serene atmosphere, but here’s one that’s meant to energize you. The Higher Energy in Orange Blossom candle from Ila-Spa harnesses the power of scent to enliven your brain, wake up your senses, and get you motivated. This would be a great candle to have in your office, kitchen, patio, or workout room. Ila-Spa candles are 100 percent natural. The full ingredient list is two types of orange essential oils, beeswax, eco-soya wax, and jojoba oil. The fragrance isn’t as complex as the other candles, but is a true and refreshing spring breeze.

Price: $68

Buy the ila-Spa Fragrant Candle for Higher Energy in Orange Blossom here.


  • Energizing scent
  • All natural
  • 50 hour burn time


  • Scent may be too one note for some

Find more ila-Spa Fragrant Candle for Higher Energy in Orange Blossom information and reviews here.

8. Archipelego Botanicals Home Collection Candle in Verbena

luxury candles, expensive candles, designer candles


Archipelego Botanicals candles are infused with light and clean fragrances and use a soy blend wax so the candles burn evenly for 90 hours. These candles are hand-poured and come in a reusable frosted glass vessel and matte black gift box. The Verbena scent is clean and bright with notes of verbena, bergamot, meyer lemon, and green tea. This is another refreshing candle that would go great in a kitchen or patio. If lemony scents aren’t your taste, Archipelego Botanicals has many candles to choose from including Currant (grapefruit, currant, and crushed palm leaves) and Agave (cactus flowers, agave leaves, and vetiver.)

Price: $31.36

Buy the Archipelego Botanicals Home Collection Candle in Verbena here.


  • Rated five out of five stars by users on Amazon
  • 90 hour burn time
  • Bright and cheerful
  • Many scents to choose from


  • Too lemony for some
  • It’s a soy blend, but I don’t know what the other wax is

Find more Archipelego Botanicals Home Collection Candle in Verbena information and reviews here.

9. Oribe Cote d’Azur Scented Candle


luxury candles, expensive candles, designer candles, high end candles

Cote d’Azure is the famous scent of many of ORIBE’s best hair styling products. People loved the fragrance so much that ORIBE finally made this into an eau de parfum and now a chic looking candle. I love the dark, bold lines of this candle holder with ORIBE’s signature black ombre and the shine of the gold accent. The candle is made of a botanical wax blend and has a 40 hour burn time. It comes packaged in a gift-ready, eco-friendly gold box. Cote d’Azur begins with plum, Calabrian bergamot, and Sicilian orange, has a heart of jasmine and tuberose, and a foundation of amber and sandalwood.

Price: $65

Buy the ORIBE Cote d’Azur Scented Candle here.


  • Signature ORIBE scent
  • Eco-friendly
  • Burns evenly


  • Burn time isn’t as long as others

Find more ORIBE Cote d’Azur Scented Candle information and reviews here.

10. Aromaflage Wild Candle

luxury candles, expensive candles, designer candles


If you have a patio, deck, or you go camping (or glamping) this candle is a must. This candle doubles as an insect repellent without that overwhelming citronella smell you thought you had to deal with. Aromaflage originally developed a perfume that repelled bugs while still smelling distinctly like a perfume and not like a repellent. Now they’ve put that same fragrance into candles so we can get rid of those citronella sticks and chemical filled repellents. Aromaflage candles are all natural. They don’t contain DEET, parabens, or harsh chemicals. Insects are repelled by the carefully chosen essential oils that also build to a subtle fragrance.

These candles are made of all natural soy wax and have a 40 hour burn time, which is pretty great for a smaller candle. Wild comes in a luxe looking black box and the candle is in a reusable wine tumbler. The scent is woodsy with cardamom, cedarwood, and spruce. If pictures of scorpions aren’t your thing, the original Aromaflage scent candle (orange, vanilla, and cedarwood) has a dragonfly on it instead.

Price: $30.25 (24 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Aromaflage Wild Candle here.


  • Rated five out of five stars by users on Amazon
  • Repels bugs
  • All natural
  • Gift-ready box
  • In reusable wine glass


  • You need to burn it outside 10 to 15 minutes before it takes effect

Find more Aromaflage Wild Candle information and reviews here.

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