Body Butter: 10 Best Butters of 2018 for Deep Hydration

body butter

I need body butter because I have unquenchable knees. That’s a weird sentence I have put on the internet, but it’s true.

Whether it’s summer, fall, spring, or winter, for whatever reason my knees are plagued with dry skin. Not so for the rest of me, which is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I have no desire for the rest of me to be the same kind of itchy, scaly, flaky mess as my knees–and a curse because I don’t have one moisturizer that works for my whole body.

I use a daily body cream all year round because that’s what my skin needs to feel healthy, but I also use more targeted moisturizers for the areas where a body cream won’t cut it.

For dry patches that need a little extra help, like my knees, I turn to the rescuing hydration powers of body butter.

What’s a body butter?

Body butter is the thickest of the body moisturizers–thicker than body milks, body lotions, and even body creams.

For the most part, skin moisturizers are an emulsion of oils and water because, paradoxically, water won’t actually hydrate your skin and just pure oil is often greasy and difficult to work with. Lotions might seem like they’re all the same but the category a moisturizer fits into is determined by its ratio of water to oil.

Moisturizers with more water than oil are thinner in consistency and lightly moisturizing. These are things like body milks and body lotions. They’re great for everyday use for skin that isn’t severely dry.

Moisturizers with much higher levels of oil in their formula are thicker in texture, sometimes to the point of being a solid that melts on contact with your body heat. These are products like body creams and body butters and they’re great for targeting areas that need deeper hydration.

Does that mean body butters are greasy?

They shouldn’t be. Some of them are, especially when you skimp and go for low quality brands, but you aren’t going to find those on this list. Body butters should be thick, dense, and melt against your skin.

They do take longer to soak in than say an ultra-lightweight body milk, but they do soak in. There shouldn’t be a greasy residue.

Can a moisturizer be too hydrating?

Sort of. It depends on your skin. If a body butter feels greasy, either you’re using a low quality butter or you don’t need something that heavy.

For example, I could never use a body butter on my face. My skin is very sensitive heavy oils, and if I put a body butter anywhere near my face, I’d be looking at an acne breakout of epic proportions so I stick to acne-preventing facial moisturizers.

Is body butter right for me?

Do you have flaky, itchy, or ashy knees, elbows, shins, or arms that you have to slather in lotion several times a day? Then it’s time to try a targeted butter that you can use less often with better results.

When’s the best time to use a body butter?

The best time to use any moisturizer is right out of the shower after you’ve mostly toweled off. Soaps can strip your skin of its natural protectants and the hot water opens your pores making it a perfect time to apply your moisturizers. Besides that, kind of any time you feel dry, you can use a body butter.

Now that we’ve talked about the how and the why, let’s look at the whats: the best body butters of 2018 to get you all buttered up.

1. Ahava Mineral Botanic Body Butter in Lemon & Sage

Image of dark brown jar of Ahava body butter with lime slice and leaves


This Ahava body butter is packed full of deep moisturizers like shea butter, peach kernel oil, aloe vera, vegetable oil, sea buckthorn oil, and silicones. The thick, white cream goes on silky smooth and absorbs quickly to leave your skin hydrated and supple.

Ahava includes water from the Dead Sea and Dead Sea minerals to help your skin hold on to more moisture in the long run, so with regular use, you should need it less and less. Sage leaf water and lemon peel extract help give this silky butter its fresh, green citrusy fragrance. It’s refreshing and bright–a great way to start the day.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, Ahava offers this butter in their Hibiscus & Fig fragrance.

Price: $30

Buy the Ahava Mineral Botanic Body Butter in Lemon & Sage here.


  • Great mix of oils including peach kernel oil, sea buckthorn oil, and shea butter
  • Contains Dead Sea minerals
  • Choice of scents
  • No animal testing
  • Free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum products, and GMO’s


  • Vegetable oil is a vague ingredient

Find more Ahava Mineral Botanic Body Butter in Lemon & Sage information and reviews here.

2. Korres Mulberry Vanilla Body Butter

Image of white tube of body butter with image of mulberries


Korres is an awesome brand that doesn’t use animal testing and many of their products are vegan-friendly. It’s thin for a butter, but if you prefer a texture that is more spreadable and doesn’t come in a tub, this is a great choice.

Shea butter, sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, and glycerin deeply hydrate while quince fruit extract and grape seed extract improve skin health and texture. It’s never greasy and makes your skin feel supple and refreshed.

Korres has tried to avoid as many artifical ingreidents as possible and this Mulberry Vanilla Body Butter is 93.4 percent natural ingredients, which is really specific. The fragrance is balanced and warm kind of sugary sweet.

It can be a little too foody for some, but if the idea of a mulberry smoothie appeals to you, you’ll love this. If you’re looking for something less sweet, Korres’ Body Butters also come in floral Jasmine and bright Basil Lemon.

Price: $31

Buy the Korres Mulberry Vanilla Body Butter here.


  • No mess tube
  • Moisturizing shea butter, sweet almond oil, and avocado oil
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Free of parabens, silicones, phthalates, petroleum products, and mineral oils
  • Several scents to choose from


  • Not as thick as other butters

Find more Korres Mulberry Vanilla Body Butter information and reviews here.

3. Antica Farmacista Body Butter in Prosecco

Image of white jar of prosecco body butter with silver lid

Antica Farmacista

Antica Farmacista is an amazing fragrance house out of Seattle. Their fragrances are unique for me in that they are very multidimensional and interesting. I love having all these notes in a personal fragrance that you can’t quite pin down.

I have this body butter and Prosecco is definitely one of those scents for me. It sort of translates the experience of Champagne into a scent. Prosecco has notes of sparkling black current and passion fruit with bright satsuma and juicy apricot. The fragrance and hydration lasts throughout the day. Okay, enough about the dreamy fragrance–on to the butter.

Antica Farmacista uses deep moisturizing mango seed butter, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, glycerin, and silicone to seal all that moisture in. Beeswax and clover blossom honey hold on to moisture and condition your skin.

I’m a huge fan of beeswax and honey in my deep moisturizers. I love the silkiness they lend to the texture and this butter doesn’t disappoint. This is a deeply hydrating butter perfect for thirsty elbows and shins during the chapping winter months.

If Prosecco doesn’t appeal to you, their body butters come in almost a dozen different scents including Acqua (sea air, white musk, and marine algae) and Damascena Rose (rose, rhubarb, and warm amber.)

I was sent this body butter by Antica Farmacista along with some fragrance samples to try out, but made it very clear that was not a guarantee of a positive review or even that I would review any of the products at all. And the truth is, I’m hooked on their scents now.

Price: $38

Buy the Antica Farmacista Body Butter in Prosecco here.


  • Ultra-hydrating
  • Many scents to choose from
  • Made in America
  • Free of parabens and artificial fragrances


  • Not vegan (beeswax and honey)

Find more Antica Farmacista Body Butter in Prosecco information and reviews here.

4. Bliss Grapefruit & Aloe Body Butter

Image of light blue tube of body butter with illustration of grapefruit


The Bliss line of body butters come in these no mess tubes which work perfectly with their unique texture. The consistency is like creamy, softened butter.

It’s thinner than some tub body butters but thicker than most body creams. It’s very silky and luxuriant and thick enough that at first you’ll think it will leave you greasy, but the butter disappears into your skin as you rub it in and there’s no residue.

Bliss butters are so spreadable and with such nice glide that they are a perfect body butter for using during therapeutic massage when you need slip but not as much as from a massage oil. For hydration, these butters use coconut oil, shea butter, soybean oil, and hyaluronic spheres–which are magical seeming molecules that plump up your skin, reducing fine lines.

In addition to moisturizers, Bliss also includes botanical extracts to support skin health including arnica flower, Atlantic oarweed, and calluna flower.

The scents are heavenly. Grapefruit & Aloe has that bright, sparkling citrus smell of grapefruit and the cool, subtle cactus fragrance of aloe. This body butter also comes in Lemon & Sage, Vanilla & Bergamot, and the unscented Naked.

Price: $34

Buy the bliss Grapefruit & Aloe Body Butter here.


  • Hydrating shea butter, coconut oil, soybean oil, and hyaluronic spheres
  • No mess tube
  • Choice of scents
  • Nourishing botanicals
  • Paraben free
  • Great for massages


  • The fragrance isn’t long lasting

Find more bliss Grapefruit & Aloe Body Butter information and reviews here.

5. L’Occitane Moisturizing 25% Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Body Cream

Image of white jar of loccitane body creme with black lid


This may say body creme instead of body butter but at 25 percent shea butter, it’s one of the thickest and most deeply moisturizing of the lot. This butter uses shea butter, apricot kernel oil, honey, glycerin, and silicone to hydrate and seal all that moisture in.

With a list like that, there’s bound to be an oil that your body clicks with that helps you get that soft, hydrated feeling. Botanical extracts of honey, rosemary, sweet almond, linseed, and marshmallow root support skin health and help to improve skin texture.

The fragrance of this butter is very light, so if you like to substitute your personal fragrances for moisturizers, this one won’t do the job.

Price: $44

Buy the L’Occitane Moisturizing 25% Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Body Cream here.


  • Intensely moisturizing at 25 percent shea butter
  • Nourishing botanical extracts
  • Very light fragrance
  • Apricot and sunflower seed oil
  • Free of parabens


  • Not vegan (honey)
  • Not enough fragrance for some

Find more L’Occitane Moisturizing 25% Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Body Cream information and reviews here.

6. Davines Authentic Replenishing Butter

Image of glass jar of white body butter with floral lid


This is a multipurpose butter by Davines for moisturizing your body, hair, and face. You know your skin needs best, but I wouldn’t recommend this for a face moisturizer. It’s too heavy for that.

I absolutely do recommend it for a body butter and as an occasional hair mask. This is another butter with a long and varied list of moisturizers including shea butter, jojoba oil, safflower oil, sesame seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and glycerin.

It’s a very thick butter with a little bit of a whipped consistency, making it spread easily and melt into your skin quicker. It has a lemony citrus scent that isn’t overpowering but is refreshing when you first put it on. I like that you can use this on all part of your body and I think the reusable glass bottle just looks really classy.

Price: $38.50

Buy the Davines Authentic Replenishing Butter here.


  • Moisturzing shea butter, safflower oil, and jojoba oil
  • 98 percent naturally-derived ingredients
  • Free of parabens, silicones, PEG’s, and artificial colors
  • Multipurpose butter for body, hair, and face


  • Really too heavy for your face

Find more Davines Authentic Replenishing Butter information and reviews here.

7. Archipelago Botanicals Soy Milk Body Butter

Image of white jar of milk body butter with black cap


This body butter uses replenishing oils and nourishing soy milk, rice, and milk proteins as well as gentle exfoliating lactic acids to support skin health and promote softer skin.

For deep, lasting moisture Archipelago Botanicals combines aloe vera, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and soybean oil for a rich, buttery texture that sinks in fast with no greasy residue.

The fragrance of this butter has a sweet vanilla rice scent, almost like a warm, comforting rice pudding. It’s thick, silky, and a little goes a long way so your jar lasts.

Price: $19

Buy the Archipelago Botanicals Soy Milk Body Butter here.


  • Nourishing soy, rice, and milk proteins
  • Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera
  • Gluten and paraben free


  • Fragrance is light

Find more Archipelago Botanicals Soy Milk Body Butter information and reviews here.

8. Mio Future Proof Firming Active Body Butter

Image of tall white jar of Mio body butter


If you’re looking for a body butter that doubles as a skincare product to help your skin look and feel younger, the Mio Future Proof Firming Active Body Butter is probably made for you. This butter is chock full of natural ingredients that both help fight the aging process and roll back the clock on fine lines.

As we age, our skin begins to lose collagen, its elasticity, and the healthy layer of fat under our skin which makes skin wrinkle and sag.

Antioxidants fight the free radicals that contribute to this aging process and two of the most antioxidant rich foods on the planet are blueberries and pomegranates–and this body butter uses blueberry seed oil and pomegranate seed oil which is a combination I haven’t seen anywhere else.

This butter also contains Reishi mushroom and oakmoss extracts which help skin feel thicker (in a plumping, healthy way) as well as reduces inflammation.

This butter is so hydrating that you really only need to use it once a day, and a little goes a long way so your jar should last you a good while. For moisturizers in addition to blueberry and pomegranate seed oils, Mio also uses shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, sweet almond oil, olive oil, glycerin, and silicones.

It also contains hyaluronic acid spheres which absorb moisture and swell up like little sponges under the surface of your skin making it appear fuller, smoother, and more supple. This is a very slippery butter with a consistency closer to a very thick cream.

It spreads like a dream and never leaves a greasy residue. It has a floral, spa-like fragrance that may be a little strong for those who prefer unscented products, but fades quickly.

Price: $58

Buy the Mio Future Proof Firming Active Body Butter here.


  • Unique moisturizers like blueberry seed oil and pomegranate seed oil
  • Contains hyaluronic acid spheres
  • Full of anti-aging nutrients
  • Never greasy
  • Lasts all day
  • Free of parabens, mineral oils, PEG’s, phthalates, and artificial dyes


  • Pricier than others
  • Fragrance is a little strong

Find more Mio Future Proof Firming Active Body Butter information and reviews here.

9. Vichy Ideal Body Balm Skin Firming Body Butter

Image of light peach colored jar of body butter with metallic accents


The Vichy Ideal Body Balm Skin Firming Body Butter is another anti-aging body butter meant to plump and smooth skin as it moisturizes. Hyaluronic acid spheres are also featured in this for their ability to help your skin retain moisture and appear fuller.

Unique natural oils like passion fruit oil, rice bran oil, dog rose oil, and coriander oil join deep moisturizers like shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, and macadamia nut oil to restore your skin to a healthy, supple softness.

This butter does contain mineral oil products and palm oil, which some people prefer to avoid mainly due to the environmental impact these products have. That’s not an issue for everyone, but you should know just in case.

This butter glides on easily and feels very pampering, though it does take longer to absorb into your skin than some other butters on the list. The Ideal Body Balm Skin Firming Body Butter gives your skin an attractive glow and healthy shine, partly because it absorbs slower and partly because it contains mica, which is nature’s glitter.

The fragrance is very light, like a delicate peaches and cream scent.

Price: $26.13

Buy the Vichy Ideal Body Balm Skin Firming Body Butter here.


  • Gives skin a healthy glow and shine
  • Unique oils like passion fruit oil and dog rose oil
  • Contains hyaluronic acid spheres
  • Paraben free


  • Contains mineral oil and palm oil
  • Takes longer to soak in than other butters

Find more Vichy Ideal Body Balm Skin Firming Body Butter information and reviews here.

10. Sabon Vanilla Coconut Body Butter

Image of pink block box of body butter


The Vanilla Coconut Body Butter by Sabon is the densest butter on the list. It’s a brick. A nice, moisturizing brick.

This butter is so solid that it is uniquely packaged in posh looking box. Sabon has combined thick shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut butter, and beeswax to make an intensely concentrated moisturizer.

Because it’s so concentrated, this isn’t a butter that you can dip a finger in and spread over your arms quickly–this is a much more of a spa, self-pampering ritual.

You can run your finger over the surface of the butter for enough moisture for your hands. It takes that little. For more, you can use the back of your fingernail or other implement to take a small amount of the butter and it will quickly melt against your body.

Because it does take longer, I don’t think I would recommend this for people who are looking for a quick, morning routine body butter. There’s a warm coconut and white musk fragrance that’s not at all artificial smelling. The Sabon butters also come in Lavender, Lemon Mint, and Patchouli Lavender Vanilla.

Price: $18

Buy the Sabon Vanilla Coconut Body Butter here.


  • Ultra-concentrated moisturizer
  • Shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil
  • Choice of several scents


  • Not vegan (beeswax)
  • May be too solid for some

Find more Sabon Vanilla Coconut Body Butter information and reviews here.

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