10 Best Shampooing Chairs: Compare & Save

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Finding a shampooing chair that fits your style, your budget, and the needs of your clientele can be a bit overwhelming. Let’s break down key features to look at so you can narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.

Combination or freestanding chairs: Which is right for your salon?

There are a couple of directions you can go when you’re looking at setting up your shampoo stations–attached combination backwash units or individual shampoo chair with separate shampoo bowls.

Combination backwash units are more luxurious, comfortable, and pampering, but that comes with a higher price tag. The shampoo chairs are plush and are attached to matching sinks. These units are large and need to be installed by a plumber.

They’re a great option if you have the space and the budget to devote to them. Combination units tend to run between $200 for simple stations and up to $2000 for luxe chairs with full body Shiatsu massage.

If your salon has enough space that you don’t need your shampoo area to multi-task, full backwash units are a way to impress your clients and give them some celebrity-level pampering that leads to more word of mouth.

However, in a small salon, trying to cram these large units in can make your space too crowded and claustrophobic. In that common situation, freestanding chairs make more sense.

For home salon businesses or if you need your shampooing abilities to be mobile, separate shampoo chairs and sinks are a must. These chairs open up your options. If space is limited, some of these can double as waxing, styling, or barber chairs. Others even fold up to be stowed away as needed.

Either way, you’ll likely want at least one set of a separate shampoo bowl and chair because you’re bound to have clients who will have physical limitations that either prevent them from getting into your backwash units or from transferring out of their wheelchairs.

What to look for in a shampooing chair.

Space. Be sure to take stock and measure out the kind area you’re working with as there are compact and larger shampoo chairs to suit your needs. Shampoo chairs with footrests provide comfort, but when you’re measuring, make sure you take into account its length when extended.

You don’t want clients’ feet to cut too far into the walking lanes of your salon. If space is at a serious premium, like say in your home, look for an all purpose chair that can function as a styling and shampoo chair.

Flexibility. This covers a couple of things. If you’re the type who likes to rearrange or redecorate your salon often, go with freestanding shampoo chairs so you don’t feel penned in by these large fixtures that are more difficult to move and expensive to replace.

Salon chairs that have footrests and recline farther back are a great feature to look for if you intend to use your shampooing station for facial waxing or threading.

Durability. If a shampoo chair isn’t completely waterproof–forget it.

Style. Having cohesive styling is important to the overall impression your salon gives. Keep in mind if your current furniture has a more classic look or more sleek and modern. Chances are you’ll want your standalone shampoo chairs to fade into the background and your styling or barber chairs to be more prominent.

Ease of use for stylists. Pretty is one thing, but you want to make sure your chairs easy to use. Pay attention to height and if the chair reclines automatically or needs to be manually reclined.

Comfort. This may be the top priority, just below waterproof, but you could argue not wanting to be wet falls under comfort. Your clients want to escape for a little while and feel pampered.

They spend a long time in these chairs and, as someone who has spent their fair share of time there, I can say that if a salon doesn’t have chairs with proper cushion and support, I’m finding somewhere else to go.

Now, let’s take a look at the best reclining shampooing chairs on the market right now and the features each one has to offer.

1. Minerva Portable Shampoo Chair

Image of two spare grey and white shampoo chairs

Minerva Beauty

If you’re looking for a shampoo chair that is easily mobile and can be carried not only across the salon floor but also travel to clients’ houses, the Minerva Portable Shampoo Chair is a great choice.

This chair folds up flat so it can be stored out of the way when not needed and easily unfolded when it is. The compact design includes a built in handle to make travel more convenient.

At 33 pounds, it’s a little bulky for a portable chair but that weight accounts for this chair’s stability and the hardware needed for it to recline the way it does. For a very minimal looking chair, this stainless steel frame can hold clients up to 350 pounds which won’t be sturdy enough for everyone, but it will work for most.

The extendable headrest helps you adjust your chair to each client. This is a good portable choice for shampooing, waxing, and even short facials because it reclines almost completely flat which is fairly unique for a shampoo chair.

That said, it does have the look of a folding chair so if you don’t need your chair to travel, keep reading.

Price: $299

Buy the Minerva Portable Shampoo Chair in Grey here.


  • Highly portable with carrying handle
  • Holds up to 350 pounds
  • Extending headrest
  • Reclines to nearly horizontal
  • One year warranty


  • Looks temporary
  • Lacks deep comfortable cushion

Find more Minerva Portable Shampoo Chair information and reviews here.

2. LCL Beauty Automatic Recline Shampoo Chair

Image of two views of black shampoo chair as it reclines

LCL Beauty

When you’re on a budget, this shampoo chair from LCL Beauty can fit the bill while looking like it costs more that it does. This chair automatically reclines as your clients lean back, making it a convenient and simple shampoo chair.

The high density foam padding with black PVC leather upholstery provides comfortable support and prevents sitting fatigue. The crosshatch stitching makes the chair just visually interesting enough to not be a boring flat black chair while not being too eye catching to draw a lot of attention.

I like that it can hold up to 400 pounds and that it has padded armrests. For a steel frame chair, it’s light at under 30 pounds, but that does mean that it’s not likely to be the most durable chair that will last you years and years. It will need some assembly so round up your Ikea-loving friends.

Price: $79.88

Buy the LCL Beauty Automatic Recline Shampoo Chair here.


  • Affordable
  • Holds up to 400 pounds
  • Comfortable cushion
  • Automatically reclines


  • Assembly required
  • Not as durable as higher priced units

Find more LCL Beauty Automatic Recline Shampoo Chair information and reviews here.

3. Hydraulic Reclining Shampoo Chair

Image of black hydraulic all purpose salon chair that reclines


When you’re tight on space, you need a chair that can do everything–hair styling, facial waxing, shaving, and shampooing. This is especially true for home salons where you may only have space for a single chair.

This Reclining Shampoo Chair doubles as a styling chair complete with foot pump hydraulics, metal footrest, and 360 degrees of spin. For waxing, threading, or shampooing, a lever on the side reclines this chair down to 150 degrees–for reference, 180 degrees would be completely horizontal. The headrest is adjustable and removable for easy shampooing.

The circular base is chrome and low profile to prevent stubbed toes and give you more space to move around. This type of base, however, is slightly less stable than the four leg foundation of most shampoo chairs.

If the client is top heavy and reclining all the way back, this one is more vulnerable to tipping than chair-type models. That said, it’s not a prevalent problem, just a feature of this kind of base.

It’s a good chair on a budget, but you will get what you pay for. This won’t be the most long lasting, durable chair, but if you need something to function as an all-purpose chair for under $200, this one would be a good choice.

Price: $169.99

Buy the Hydraulic Reclining Shampoo Chair here.


  • All-purpose, reclining chair
  • Padded armrests
  • Adjustable and removable headrest
  • Low profile base


  • Needs assembly
  • Single base more prone to tipping than four legs
  • Great for the price

Find more Hydraulic Reclining Shampoo Chair information and reviews here.

4. Auto-Reclining Salon Shampoo Chair

Image of plain black chair


The Auto-Reclining Salon Shampoo Chair is a classic design that works. This simple, plain chair style automatically reclines as the client leans back so they can comfortably adjust themselves to be level with the shampoo bowl.

The shape will blend into almost any style and will fade into the background. The reinforced metal frame is finished in black which more easily hides unavoidable scuffing over time. Padded armrests and durable black vinyl cushion help your clients relax. This design is a traditional choice that is traditional for a reason.

Price: $94.50

Buy the Auto-Reclining Salon Shampoo Chair here.


  • Classic design
  • Automatically reclines
  • Black frame hides scuffs and scratches
  • Padded armrests


  • Too boring for some
  • No weight limit given

Find more Auto-Reclining Salon Shampoo Chair information and reviews here.

5. Sling-Back Reclined Shampoo Chair

Image of black sling back shampoo chair

eMark Beauty

Here we have another chair that starts in a reclined position. This chair has a unique sling-back look to it that seems like you could just curl up into.

The high density foam lends support while the padded armrests provide comfort and aid your clients sitting back up from this lounge-style chair. The smooth sleek design enhances the scooped shape of this chair and gives it an even more unique look.

Like with other reclined chairs, you do need to either have an adjustable shampoo bowl or carefully measure to make sure your shampoo bowl works with a 30.5 inch tall chair.

The potential problem for me is that it takes people a bit more effort to sit up from a recline than it does when the chair tilts back up to neutral and that extra force can leave a lightweight chair prone to tipping forward. Just something to keep in mind.

Price: $109.78

Buy the Sling-Back Reclined Shampoo Chair here.


  • Relaxed lounge chair design
  • Padded arms
  • Rust-proof
  • Wide seat


  • Need to match bowl height
  • No weight limit given

Find more Sling-Back Reclined Shampoo Chair information and reviews here.

6. Icarus ‘Liger’ Black Reclining Salon Shampoo Chair

Image of black shampoo chair with leg rest upright and reclinging


As far as decor goes, this chair is rather plain looking but this shampoo chair keeps it interesting by reclining much like a typical reclining armchair in your living room does.

With one lever on the side, the seat reclines back and the footrest lifts up. It’s a familiar motion and one clients will certainly associate with relaxation and taking time for themselves. The chair and armrests are covered in soft cushioning and durable vinyl upholstery.

The chrome legs and arms are reinforced and the chair has a sturdy feel to it at around 40 pounds.

Price: $229.99

Buy the Icarus “Liger” Black Reclining Salon Shampoo Chair here.


  • Relaxing reclining armchair design
  • Stylish chrome legs
  • Padded armrests
  • Sturdy metal frame


  • Some assembly

Find more Icarus “Liger” Black Reclining Salon Shampoo Chair information and reviews here.

7. LCL Beauty Deluxe Oak Reclining Shampoo Chair

Image of black shampoo chair with leg rest and wooden arms upright and reclining

LCL Beauty

If the above recliner chair action had you interested, this chair has a similar mechanism at a lower price. It’s not quite as sleek looking but it does offer something a little different: independent reclining.

The backrest on this one reclines and the padded footrest raises up, but you can do one without the other which gives you more flexibility and gives your clients more control over their comfort. If people would rather not have their feet up, you can just lower the headrest.

I doubt people would want to just have the footrest up at a salon, but hey, you can do it if the occasion arises. It’s always nice to have options.

I will say that while the footrest lever is conveniently on the side, the lever to recline and adjust the backrest is on the back of the chair which may be tricky to reach when abutting a shampoo station.

I love that there is three inches of high density foam on this chair providing firm support that will last and not just flatten out in a few months.

Price: $124.88

Buy the LCL Beauty Deluxe Oak Reclining Shampoo Chair here.


  • Backrest and footrest move independently
  • Three inch cushion
  • Oak wood armrests
  • One year warranty


  • Assembly required
  • Backrest lever trickier to get to

Find more LCL Beauty Deluxe Oak Reclining Shampoo Chair information and reviews here.

8. Pibbs Samantha Shampoo Chair

Image of stylish black chair with modern legs and wooden arms


If you’re sick of these plain looking chairs, the Samantha might be for you. It’s stylish, modern, and durable.

This chair by Pibbs uses unique semi-circle legs to support a 26 inch wide seat. The back reclines with the pull of a lever so you have some adjustability there.

The wooden arms add another layer to this interesting design and the arms are triple-dipped chrome for rust protection.

Price: $494

Buy the Pibbs Samantha Shampoo Chair here.


  • Trusted brand
  • Wide seat
  • Modern curved design
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Too unique looking for some

Find more Pibbs Samantha Shampoo Chair information and reviews here.

9. LCL Beauty Deluxe Reclining Shampoo Chair

Image of crosshatch pattern black shampoo chair reclining and upright

LCL Beauty

The LCL Beauty Deluxe is a chair that gives you lots of options. It has an upright position and separate levers for reclining the backrest and extending the padded footrest.

This gives your clients the ability to customize their position to their comfort. The lever for the footrest is at easy reaching level for the client and the backrest lever is located on the back of the chair which can be a little tricky for stylists to reach depending on your setup. T

here’s a huge range of recline for these chairs and, with the backrest lever, you’re able to lock the chair in the desired position, a little like a poolside lounge chair. When fully extended this chair is about 49 inches long.

The three inch high density foam cushion allows for maximum comfort and long lasting support and the crosshatch black vinyl displays a classic salon aesthetic.

Price: $79.88

Buy the LCL Beauty Deluxe Reclining Shampoo Chair here.


  • Holds up to 350 pounds
  • Separate levers for backrest and footrest
  • Three inches of high density foam
  • One year warranty
  • Padded armrests
  • Crosshatched design


  • Some assembly

Find more LCL Beauty Deluxe Reclining Shampoo Chair information and reviews here.

10. Pibbs Auto-Recliner Shampoo Chair

Image of plain black shampoo chair with padded armrests


This automatically reclining shampooing chair has extra thick, plush cushioning. When you sit down and lean back it’s immediately relaxing.

The sleek chrome arms and legs add some shine and stability and the chair comes with a one year warranty. At just under 20 inches inside the arms, this could be a little narrow depending on your clients but the open side design helps offset that.

While it’s not the cheapest chair on here, it is on the low end price-wise for the Pibbs brand, so consider this on the higher end of the budget chair range. It’s a good solid chair that can last you a few years, but it won’t feel luxe.

Price: $126

Buy the Pibbs Auto-Recliner Shampoo Chair here.


  • Automatically reclines
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Padded arms
  • Trusted brand
  • Affordable
  • One year warrenty


  • Some assembly

Find more Pibbs Auto-Recliner Shampoo Chair information and reviews here.

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