9 Best 3D Nail Art Supplies: Your Ultimate Guide

For as long as we’ve been adding colors to our nails, we’ve been wondering what else can we stick on there. Anything you add to your nails that changes their profile counts as 3D nail art and includes things like gluing rhinestones, bows, charms, or flowers to your nails as well as sculpting unique shapes out of nail acrylic powders.

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How do you get anything done with those things on your nails?


Going about life with 3D nail art really isn't that much different from living with long nails. It takes a little extra thought at first to remember to change how you open drawers and soda cans, but once you get in the habit of it, it can become automatic.

If that seems like a lot, many people also choose to wear them only for special events.

How long will 3D nail art last?

That completely depends on the type of nail art, how it's attached, and how roughly you treat your hands. People whose nails run into regular impact, either by profession or hobby, aren't great candidates for 3D nail art.

If you're into rock climbing or other sports, type for a living, work with water, or wash your hands a lot, your nail art won't last you very long and you should probably save it for special occasions for that extra bling.

Any nail art is going to last longer when used with gel nail polish or acrylic because the bond with those materials is simply stronger than you can get with regular nail polish.

If you're interested in doing your own gel nail polish at home check out my guide to the best Gel Nail Polish Kits.

Can you do 3D nail art on regular nail polish?

Absolutely, though it's going to be more short-lived than with a gel bonder. For regular nail polish use quality nail glue or a strong clear top coat. Read my guide to the Best Top Coats for suggestions. Plus then you can avoid even the low-risk of all that UV ray exposure that comes with gel nail polish.

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