11 Best Nail Polish Organizers: Compare, Buy & Save (2018)

nail polish organizer

If you’ve ever thought, “What’s one more nail polish? They’re small,” this post is for you.

The best thing I did when my partner started giving my collection the side-eye was order a nail polish organizer. He’s a bit of neat freak and my polishes had overflowed their plastic bin so that it was impossible to find the color I wanted without dumping the whole thing out.

With my new nail polish organizer, I can see all the colors I have at a glance while being able to slip the compact shape out of sight. Storage is a limited commodity in my tiny apartment and my organizer ended up saving me a ton of space.

I even had some extra empty slots in my organizer that I could then fill with new polishes guilt-free since the storage was already there. Of course, I’ve now filled that one to capacity, but my partner told me, “Buy another organizer. They’re easy to store.” Hearing that felt like winning the lottery.

Storage or display: which is best for you?

The biggest factor in deciding what kind of organizer is best for you is whether or not you want something that will keep your polishes out for easy access and for everyone to see or something that you can store under your bed, out of the way.

Display organizers are great because they give you easy access to your polishes at all times. You can see all the colors you have with a glance and they look beautiful too. For more of these types of organizers and salon-grade displays, read my guide to the best Nail Polish Racks.

Not everyone has the space to display their polish collection out in the open, but luckily there are tons of storage options that allow you to stow all your polishes neatly in a container you can stash away under your bed or in your closet.

Storage options are also much more portable than display types making it much easier to tote your entire collection around your home or across town to a see client or just to do your nails with your friends.

Are you storing your nail polish wrong?

There is enough nail polish in a standard-size bottle that if you polished your nails once a week, you could wear that one color for about a year. This is also another argument against deciding to use up what you have before buying the polishes you’re really into right now. It’s going to take you a long time to use up a polish.

Does nail polish go bad? Not really. While some consumer guidelines may say you should toss your lacquers two to three years after opening, the polish itself doesn’t actually expire.

When we think about things going bad, we tend to think of microbes. The ingredients in nail polish make it an extremely inhospitable place where bacteria won’t survive so nail polish doesn’t “spoil” or become more harmful to use even after years, but it can become thicker or clumpy if stored incorrectly.

As long as you take care of it, it should last forever. Check out this Bustle article on nail polish tips for more info.

How to make your polish last.

Temperature. Exposing your nail polish to extremes in temperature, particularly heat, is bad for the formula. Heat can affect the solvents that keep your lacquer a liquid causing it to thicken or separate.

This is also the reason why you shouldn’t store your nail polish in the bathroom–showering creates frequent changes of temperature and humidity which isn’t great for polish.

Sunlight. If left in the sun, the color of your polishes will fade so keep them in a cool dark place.

Position. It’s recommended that you always store your polish bottles upright. When polishes sit for a long time, they are bound to have some separation so you always want to shake or roll the polish in your hands to evenly distribute the color.

When your bottles are stored upright, the color settles on the bottle making it much easier to redistribute with a shake. Redistributing is harder when the settling is on the side of the bottle instead of the bottom.

That said, I totally store my polishes on their sides. I know I shouldn’t, but that’s the storage solution that works for my living situation. Honestly, I haven’t had any problems.

Keep those caps clean. One of the biggest causes of thickening is evaporation. If the cap or neck of your bottle is gunked up with nail polish, your nail polish bottles won’t close properly. Without an airtight seal, your polishes will thicken over time.

If you have to struggle to open your lacquer or if little rings of dried nail polish fall out of the cap when you do–you need to clean your bottles. Take some non-acetone nail polish remover and wipe the inside of the cap and the neck of the bottle, careful not to get any remover in the bottle itself. Your polish will last longer and be easier to open.

When your polish is already thick or clumpy. Hope is not lost. Your lacquer can be saved.

Just add a nail polish thinner, which replaces the evaporated solvents, a few drops at a time until you get the consistency that you want. For regular polish, I’d recommend Seche Restore. For gel and shellac polish, go with Gelos Gel Thinner by LeChat.

Now that we’ve covered how to store your nail polish, let’s go over the best storage options.

1. Makartt Universal Adjustable Nail Polish Organizer

Two clear plastic organizer with colorful nail polish in storage compartments


I bought myself this storage bin last year and I loved it so much I bought a second last month. This plastic nail polish briefcase holds around 48 bottles of polish, 24 on each side, and stores them in a compact, efficient way.

The plastic isn’t completely clear, but you can easily see through it to identify your colors. The organizer opens on both sides so there’s no need to remove the top level to get to the polish underneath, just close the container, flip it over, and open the other side.

It fits all my nail polish brands no problem and there’s an adjustable row so you can create a larger compartment for tools, nail files, or particularly tall polishes.

A handle on the top of the case to make it easy to carry, though it can get a little heavy when full, I’ve never had a problem with the latches opening on me unless I try to stack two skinny polishes to a compartment to save space so that the cover won’t close right, so learn from my lesson.

I do sort of wish I had bought their larger version which holds 60 nail polishes, but that’s definitely the one I’m buying next.

Price: From $24.99

Buy the Makartt Universal Adjustable Nail Polish Organizer here.


  • Two sizes fit 48 and 60 polishes
  • Portable
  • Easy to organize
  • Compact and flat for storage
  • Transparent
  • Adjustable


  • Can get heavy
  • Won’t fit very thick polishes like Smith & Cult or Julep

Find more Makartt Universal Adjustable Nail Polish Organizer information and reviews here.

2. Artmequid 360 Manicure Storage Stool

Two black and white stools with nail polish storage


Artmequid has a really unique solution to your nail polish storage by creating a stool with organizing shelves just for polish. It’s on wheels so it’s easy to move around or spin to get to the drawer you want.

It’s covered in six curved shelves that are kept shut by magnetic closures and swing out on a hinge. Two of the shelves are clear plastic and the other four are opaque.

Each shelf can hold around 25 polish bottles so if you only store nail polish this stool can hold around 150 bottles. The opaque shelves would be perfect for holding nail tools like orange sticks, sponges, and files.

The stool is comfortable with nice cushioning and since it’s intended to be used in a salon, it’s very durable. It’s available in black, white, or even as chairs with back support added to the stool base.

The Artmequid stool is part of a matching series of stools, display trolleys, and manicure tables.

Price: $149

Buy the Artmequid 360 Manicure Storage Stool here.


  • Holds around 150 bottles
  • Multi-tasking storage
  • Choice of colors and styles
  • Part of collection with matching pieces


  • Some assembly required

Find more Artmequid 360 Manicure Storage Stool information and reviews here.

3. 3 Tier Wedding Cake Design Rotating Nail Polish Display

Black 3 tier rotating nail polish stand

My Gift

If you prefer your polish to be in reach, this carousel by My Gift is a good option. This three-tier rotating stand holds around 44 bottles of polish while still making every polish visible by spinning the stand around. The stand itself sturdy metal with cute but unobtrusive heart accents.

The wedding cake style is sweet but does mean that it doesn’t make overly efficient use of counter space. But it has a 13 inch diameter at its widest so it’s not as large as it looks.

I like that it spins so freely and that it’s made in America.

Price: $35.99

Buy the 3 Tier Wedding Cake Design Rotating Nail Polish Display here.


  • Holds around 44 bottles
  • Polish is always easily acessable
  • Can quickly see all your polishes


  • Takes up counter space

Find more 3 Tier Wedding Cake Design Rotating Nail Polish Display information and reviews here.

4. Shany Color Matters Nail Polish Train Case

Two views of neon green train case with nail polish organizer slots


For a more traditional makeup style train case, Shany has their Color Matters series Nail Polish Train Case. This hard, faux leather covered train case has a lockable top compartment with 24 removable and adjustable compartments for nail polish bottles and a pull-out drawer with open storage space.

There’s a small mirror and six elastic loops on the top cover which are a good size to store short brushes or dotting tools. The lid and drawer both latch shut securely and the lower drawer can fit another 24 nail polish bottles with room on top for larger items. There’s also a long pouch along the back great for nail files and orange sticks.

I like that the open space gives you lots of options to store nail tools or larger nail polish bottles. This isn’t a good choice, however, if you want to be able to see all your colors easily and quickly. You can always paint a dot of the polish on top of the caps, but you still need to open it.

The hard case provides protection and the shape makes it easy to store, though it doesn’t use its space as efficiently as others. It comes in eight fun colors including Bird of Paradise, Vicious Blue, and Sugar Gum.

Price: From $39.89

Buy the Shany Color Matters Nail Polish Train Case here.


  • Holds around 50 bottles
  • Portable
  • Cruelty-free
  • Lockable
  • Customizable compartments
  • Colors to choose from
  • Open space for tools


  • A little bulky
  • Can’t instantly see all your colors

Find more Shany Color Matters Nail Polish Train Case information and reviews here.

5. Acrylic 6 Shelf Nail Polish Wall Rack

Black wall mounted nail polish rack with bottles

My Gift

It holds around 102 bottles and keeps your polishes at the tips of your fingers at all times. The black acrylic shelving hold most brands including OPI and makes the colors of your bottles pop.

I love that the shelving in front of the polish keeping it secure on the rack is clear acrylic so it’s easy to see every polish. At around 21 inches wide and 23 inches tall, it’s a good size for home or as a smaller rack in a salon.

It arrives completely assembled but it will need to be properly mounted to your wall.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Nail Polish Organizing Wall Rack here.


  • Holds around 102 bottles
  • Clear view of all colors
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Works for home or in a salon


  • Too large for some
  • Not portable

Find more Nail Polish Organizing Wall Rack information and reviews here.

6. YouCopia Bottlestack Nail Polish Organizer

White storage bin with pull out racks of bottles


The Bottlestack organizer by YouCopia has a very different and much more refined look to it. It can hold up to 36 bottles of nail polish so while it’s not perfect for large collections, its petite shape and unique design make it a great option for smaller collections, favorites, or often used items like top and base coats.

It’s made of sturdy plastic with four pull out drawers that swing down so you can more easily view the contents. Shelving platforms on the drawers keep nail polish bottles from falling even at a steep tilt.

It will fit most universal sized bottles but doesn’t have as much wiggle room as others for larger bottles. The design keeps your polish out of harmful sunlight, but you can’t immediately see all of your colors.

Price: $21.99

Buy the YouCopia Bottlestack Nail Polish Organizer here.


  • Holds around 36 bottles
  • Classier lines
  • Unique drawer design
  • Keeps polish away from sunlight
  • Comes pre-assembled


  • Not for large collections
  • Not portable

Find more YouCopia Bottlestack Nail Polish Organizer information and reviews here.

7. Tabletop Nail Polish Stand

Clear plastic stand with drawers and 5 levels of nail polish


For a display on your manicure table at the salon or your vanity at home, this Tabletop Nail Polish Stand takes up a bit of real estate, but looks so satisfying. The stadium bleacher style has five tiers and holds around 60 nail polish bottles.

The row shape means it can fit larger shape brands like OPI with no problem. At the bottom of the stand are two drawers for storing your accessories and tools like nail files, orange sticks, and alcohol prep pads.

It’s made of clear, hard acrylic so it’s easy to see what’s in your drawers and quickly take stock of all your polish colors even though they are stacked. This stand does require some assembly.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Tabletop Nail Polish Stand here.


  • Holds around 60 bottles
  • Great as a display
  • Two storage drawers
  • Easy to access and see all colors


  • Not portable
  • Takes up counter space
  • Assembly required

Find more Tabletop Nail Polish Stand information and reviews here.

8. Kiota Pro Nail Artist Storage Bag

Black bag and open grey bag with nail polish storage


If you’re looking a travel bag, the Kiota Pro Nail Artist Storage Bag is a great travel companion. It’s loaded with compartments and mesh organizers and hidden storage behind zippered pouches.

Three sides of this bag unzip to reveal more storge organizers for brushes or polish bottles and even the sides that have zipped down have mesh storage. No space is wasted in this bag.

Along with loads and loads of tiny compartments, there’s a larger open space in the center of the bag for your bigger items like remover or portable UV lamps. It has two short handles and includes a detachable shoulder strap for easier carrying.

The Kiota Pro Nail Artist Storage Bag comes in black and in grey.

Price: $54.95

Buy the Kiota Pro Nail Artist Storage Bag here.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Space for accessories and nail art tools
  • Protective comparments
  • Choice of colors


  • Doesn’t hold as much as others much

Find more Kiota Pro Nail Artist Storage Bag information and reviews here.

9. 3 Tier Nail Polish Organizer Carousel

Three tier carousel with nail polish bottles


Large enough to work as a display at a salon but small enough to fit on your dresser at home, the Three Tier Nail Carousel holds around 60 polishes. It spins to easily view all of your polishes quickly and comes full assembled.

All metal construction means this is quite sturdy and the scroll-work hearts add a cute, feminine touch. The curved rows aren’t quite big enough for Smith & Cult bottles but they do fit OPI.

It’s heftier than some of the others to begin with so keep that in mind when placing it on delicate, easy to scratch furniture.

Price: $42.50

Buy the 3 Tier Nail Polish Organizer Carousel here.


  • Holds around 60 bottles
  • Easy to see and access colors quickly
  • Attractive display
  • Spinning


  • Not portable
  • Heavy

Find more 3 Tier Nail Polish Organizer Carousel information and reviews here.

10. Songmics Nail Polish Organizer Train Case

Red metal train case with nail polish organizer and drawer storage


In a similar style to the Shany train case, this case by Songmics holds around 24 polishes in its top section and has an open drawer in the bottom section for more polish, accessories, or tools.

This train case has a tough aluminum casing and lockable top drawer for security. A much larger mirror sits in the lid along with six elastic loops for holding dotting tools and brushes.

The bottle organizing compartments are removable and customizable so you can adjust as needed for different shaped bottles. The metal handle has a comfortable curve for travel and the shape makes it easy to stow away out of sight.

Price: $38.99

Buy the Songmics Nail Polish Organizer Train Case here.


  • Holds around 50 bottles
  • Portable
  • Storage for tools
  • Lockable


  • Can’t quickly see all your colors

Find more Songmics Nail Polish Organizer Train Case information and reviews here.

11. Kiota Nail Polish & Manicure Set Storage Case

Black fabric case with pink inside and nail polish organizers


If you’re only looking a travel bag, the Kiota Manicure Set Storage Case is a great travel companion. This one lunch-box sized bag unzips to reveal two smaller matching bags, one shorter for accessories and tools and one taller bag designed to store 18 nail polish bottles.

There are two mesh pockets for organization and a foam base in the nail polish bag with cut-outs for your polish so your bottles will stay secure and not bounce around or clack against each other while you’re traveling. That does limit the size and shape of your polish bottles, but the foam insert is removable if you won’t want it.

It’s cute, convenient, and a good travel buddy.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Kiota Nail Polish & Manicure Set Storage Case here.


  • Holds around 18 bottles
  • Travel-friendly
  • Space for accessories
  • Protective foam


  • Doesn’t hold much
  • Slightly limited in bottle size if you use the foam insert

Find more Kiota Nail Polish & Manicure Set Storage Case information and reviews here.

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