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5 Best Massage Stone Sets: Compare, Buy & Save

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Picking out massage stones is more than just grabbing a bagful of rocks. Like all of your massage therapy tools, the best massage stone set for you depends on how you’ll be using them and this article will help you determine which is the best pick for you. If you’re just starting out, you might want to go with a hot stone massage kit with warmer included for an all-in-one purchase.

What Are the Best Massage Stones?

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  • Basalt stones
  • Trusted brand
  • Comes with storage
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Box of black basalt stones Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Trusted brand
  • Basalt
  • Holds heat for a long time
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Box of white marble stones Amazon Customer Reviews
  • For cold stone massage
  • Wooden storage box
  • Variety of shapes
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Bag of shaped pink salt stones Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Good for cold or hot
  • Attractive
  • Anti-microbial
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  • Shaped by nature
  • Sets to choose from
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Zabrina Professional Massage Hot Stone Set

    • Certified basalt
    • Good variety of shapes and weights
    • Comes with storage bag
    • Holds heat well
    • Only 16 stones
    • A little thin for some
    • Storage bag isn't great

    This set by Zabrina is perfect for those just starting out who want to experiment with hot stone massage. It comes with 16 certified basalt stones which is enough for a home massage.

    There are eight stones that are nice and thick so they’ll hold onto heat longer and apply more pressure to muscles. This also makes them easier to hold and use for massage than flatter stones.

    The larger ones come in two different shapes with four ovals and four circles. This is more a matter of personal preference of which feels most comfortable in your hand so it’s nice that they’ve included both so you can try them out. The other eight smaller, flat stones can be used on arms, face, or fitted between the toes.

    They come with their own storage bag which is always nice.

    For massage therapists, this won’t be enough stones for a professional hot stone massage. This is more suited to home users.

  2. 2. Master Massage 8 Piece Oval Stone Set

    • Basalt
    • Uniform size and shape
    • Hand shaped
    • Thick to hold heat well
    • Only eight stones
    • No size variation
    • Too thick for some

    This Eight-Piece Set is well-suited for professionals looking to incorporate hot stones as an add-on to other modalities which is a simple way to expand your offerings.

    There are eight, beautifully shaped and smoothed basalt stones that have good weight to them to sit stationary and a nice size to fit comfortably in your hand–it’s the best of both worlds.

    While not enough for a dedicated hot stone massage, these eight stones will also work for home users looking to ease their tight muscles or work out the knots for a loved one.

  3. 3. Zabrina 20 Piece White Marble Cold Stone Massage Set

    • White marble
    • Good variety of shapes
    • Wooden storage box
    • Marble is more expensive
    • No good for hot stone
    • More breakable

    For cold massage, white marble is the top choice of stone and Zabrina’s Cold Stone Massage Set gives you a wide variety of shapes to work with. There are larger stones for working massage and back placement as well as smaller, thin stones perfect for facials and other delicate areas.

    This is the first set in the list to have tapered and oblong shapes for precise control and for working trigger points. You also get two crescent-shaped eye stones to help reduce swelling and puffiness around the eyes.

    To cool these stones you can either place them in ice water or put them directly into your refrigerator. The stones come in a wooden storage box with built-in sorting compartments.

  4. 4. Blissful Being Himalayan Salt Massage Stones

    • Can even be warmed in microwave
    • Naturally anti-microbial
    • Nourishing for skin
    • Retains heat and cold
    • Can’t be warmed in water
    • Only two
    • Probably won't last as long as basalt

    If you’re interested in trying salt stone massage, check out this set of two polished salt stones by Blissful Being. It’s pink Himalayan salt so it has that rosy glow that makes you relax just looking at it.

    The stones are beautifully crafted and smooth. I like that salt massage stones can hold both heat and cold temperatures well, but unlike basalt, you don’t want to soak these in water because they will begin to dissolve.

    Instead, you can use a salt warmer lamp, heat pad, or even your microwave in very short bursts to heat them. For cooling you can use your refrigerator but be mindful of moisture.

    As long as you keep them out of water, these stones should last you just as long as your other stones. If they do get wet, quickly wipe them down with a towel and they should be okay.

    Many people believe that salt is a purifier and keeping pink salt in a room helps absorb and eliminate negative energies which sounds like a nice thing to be massaged with whether that’s your personal belief or not.

  5. 5. Tir 59 Massage Stone Set

    • Choice of sizes
    • Naturally shaped
    • Certified basalt stone
    • For professionals
    • Supporting American small business
    • Too many for home users
    • Doesn’t come with storage
    • Naturally shaped stones will not be uniform

    For professional massage therapists, this is where you want to be. This gives you a complete set of stones for a full 90 minute massage.

    A set of 59 stones may seem like a lot but in a professional setting you could easily find yourself using between 50 and 70 stones depending on your client and placement.

    These stones are certified basalt and are sourced from South American beaches according to their company history page. Each stone is naturally shaped and smoothed by ocean waves. The folks at Tir take these naturally smooth stones and sort them into 13 different size categories. This means the stones will be a bit more individual but also retain their more natural feel and energy.

    This 59 piece set contains eight categories of stones: eight small working stones, 12 medium working stones, 12 large back and thigh stones, eight spinal layout stones, two palm or gluteal stones, one sacral stone, eight facial stones, and eight toe stones.

    Tir also offers a 40 stone set with five stone sizes and a 71 stone set with the full 13 stone sizes.

    The benefit of having a larger collection of stones is that, depending on how many you use, you may have enough to see back-to-back clients. Stones need to be thoroughly cleaned between clients so it’s more convenient to have enough stones to see a couple of clients before needing to take the time to clean them.

What Type of Massage Stone is Right for Me?

The physical makeup of the stone will determine its texture, weight, and how long the stone can hold heat or cold.

Basalt stone is traditional and the best for hot stone massage. Because of their high silica, magnesium, and iron content, basalt holds onto heat for a long time so they can stay warm throughout your treatments.

When we think of massage stones, we think of black shiny river stones. When dry, basalt can be black, grey, or even slightly greenish depending on where it's from. Once the stones are either wet or oiled, they will turn that glossy black.

Marble is specialized to cold stone massage modalities which are especially nice when used on the face or areas of inflammation. Marble's particular makeup means it can hold onto cold temperatures longer and will resist picking up your client's body heat.

Himalayan Salt is gaining popularity as a massage stone choice. They hold heat well, have the slip of basalt stones, and impart antibacterial and skin nourishing minerals while they're used.

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