7 Best Manicure Tables: Compare, Buy & Save

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There are two groups of people who need a manicure table:

Professionals, when you want to be taken seriously as a nail tech and command the prices you deserve, it’s important to look the part. Having your set up on a re-purposed table doesn’t send the message you want.

Nail polish lovers, you may not need a high-tech manicure station, but having a dedicated surface makes doing your nails easier, faster, and more enjoyable. No more desperately hoping no one notices the acetone stains on your coffee table.

If you’re not sure how to choose, head on down to the end of the article where I break down manicure table features.

What Are the Best Manicure Tables?

space saving black nail table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • My top pick for home users
  • Space saving design
  • Locking storage
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white and black folding nail desks Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Portable
  • Easy to store
  • Choice of color
Price: $94.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
ooooooo Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Acetone-proof glass surface
  • Built-in vent
  • Lots of storage
Price: $795.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black manicure station with black lamp and vent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • Built-in vent
  • Steel frame
Price: $249.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Blocky black manicure table with glass surface and storage drawers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • My top pick for professionals
  • Easy to clean glass surface
  • Large work area
Price: $499.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black nail desk with white armrest and drawers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Good size work area
  • On lockable wheels
  • Choice of colors
Price: $279.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White nail table with lamp and black legs Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Folding table
  • Comes with lamp
  • On caster wheels
Price: $129.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Folding Manicure Station by Pibbs

    • Space saving table converts to trolley
    • Storage space with lock
    • Hidden nail polish display
    • On wheels
    • Great middle price point
    • Narrow for a professional table
    • Surface may not be acetone-proof
    • Assembly required

    This Folding Manicure Station from Pibbs strikes a perfect balance in price, size, and professional look. The name may sound like they’re tooting their own horn, but the manicure station is pretty exceptional. For storage, it has a locking filing-cabinet style drawer and a tiered nail polish display stand that fits perfectly on top of the manicure station.

    The workspace is a little narrow at 16 inches deep but is 42 inches long if you don’t use the nail polish display. If you’re tight on space, this definitely gives you enough room to work, just not enough room to really spread out.

    When you need the unit out of the way, the nail polish display slots into a drawer just above the locking drawer and the table area folds down so that the whole thing collapses to be no bigger than a salon trolley or filing cabinet at 18.5 inches across and 16 inches deep.

    The storage trolley section is on wheels for easy transport and the leg of the table has a secure lock to keep your station steady while you’re using the table portion. It’s definitely too heavy to be portable, but it’s easy to store in a home or a professional setting that doesn’t do too many manicures. It does require some assembly.

  2. 2. Yaheetech Portable & Foldable Manicure Desk

    • Portable
    • Large for a folding table
    • Includes padded armrest
    • Locking wheels
    • Curved design
    • Choice of color
    • No vent
    • Not as professional looking as stationary models
    • Drawer isn’t great

    For another portable option, Yaheetech has a larger and only slightly more expensive model to consider. At 37 inches long and 17.3 inches deep, it’s a decent sized table for something that’s going to fold up and hide under your bed. This model is curved giving one side easier and closer access to the length of the counter.

    It comes with a drawer and matching removable, padded armrest that curves with the line of the table. The steel legs fold up for storage and have lockable caster wheels for transport. A carrying bag with two long duffel bag handles is included as well.

    The drawer included is small, not very sturdy, and some find it awkward to use, so don’t count on that as your storage. But if that’s the only flaw, that’s not bad at all for this price point. This table also comes in black.

  3. 3. Glass Top Vented Nail Table by J & A

    • Acetone-proof frosted glass surface
    • Vented
    • Good size workspace
    • Included padded armrest
    • Good storage
    • Choice of color
    • Modern, floating design
    • No built-in outlets
    • Some assembly required
    • Not built-in lighting

    Like the acetone-proof glass, but need a vent? This manicure station by J & A has a full glass workspace with a frosted, smoke-tint, and a central built-in vent. The floating counter design gives it a modern and more airy look compared to blockier, heavier designs.

    There’s plenty of space too with a length of 43.25 inches and depth of 17 inches. You’ve got lots of storage with four pull-out drawers and one cabinet. The padded armrest is included and the whole thing is on casters for easy moving. This manicure station also comes in black walnut and maple.

  4. 4. Manicure Table With Vent & Lamp by LCL Beauty

    • Vented
    • Good size workspace
    • Included padded armrest
    • Good storage
    • Included lamp
    • Locking wheels
    • Steel frame
    • Feels cheaper than others
    • Some assembly required
    • Lightbulb not included

    While not ideal for use in a salon, this manicure station by LCL Beauty could be perfect for your home nail space. It has all the features of a salon station but at a lightly lower quality scale which makes it more affordable for home use.

    A durable steel frame supports this table covered by particle board and is easy to move on locking caster wheels.

    An adjustable lamp is included as well as a built-in vent to trap dust and draw away strong chemical smells while you work.

    There’s comparable storage space to the other tables on here, but the 10 small removable plastic drawers can feel a little cheap. Both cabinets lock which is a nice features, especially if you’re using it around the house and you have kids.

    The workspace is 47 inches long and 17 inches deep.

  5. 5. Superb Manicure Station by Icarus

    • Deep workspace
    • Lots of storage space
    • Locking storage
    • Glass surface
    • Cord management hole
    • Easy to move on wheels
    • Assembly required
    • Too big for some
    • Only in black

    If you need a large workspace without too much flash, the Superb Manicure Station might be just want you’re looking for. At 43 inches long and 19 inches deep, this table gives plenty of space to work with.

    The table surface is glass which is a breeze to keep clean. It’s acetone-resistant and scratch-resistant.

    The glass has a small guard rail area to prevent bottles from being knocked off the table. There’s also a cord management hole to help you snake your cords up to your lamps and other tools in a less obtrusive way.

    You are not lacking for storage with this table. It has a large drawer, large open cabinet on the left, a smaller drawer on the right along with a locking rolling cabinet that protects several more smaller drawers.

  6. 6. Manicure Desk by BarberPub

    • Large workspace
    • Lockable wheels
    • Good middle price point
    • Padded armrest included
    • Choice of colors
    • No vent
    • Assembly required
    • Cabinets don't lock

    This nail station boasts an acetone-resistant surface and great storage at an attractive price point that hits right around the middle of the range.

    It’s constructed from fiberboard, so it won’t have the most luxurious feel to it, but the surface is covered in durable melamine (often used on flooring) which protects the table from scratches and acetone.

    The table has four smaller drawers and one larger cabinet space for storing your tools.

    It’s on lockable caster wheels for easy moving and includes the padded armrest. This one is also available in white.

  7. 7. Folding Manicure Table With Lamp by Pibbs

    • Space saving table folds down flat
    • Storage drawer
    • Includes lamp
    • On wheels
    • One year warrenty
    • Narrow for a professional table
    • Not much storage
    • Drawer isn't that useful

    If you don’t have the space for a larger manicure table, this station by Pibbs folds up to tuck away when you’re not using it. The legs fold up leaving the table flat so it can slip under a bed or into a closet.

    It comes with an attached adjustable lamp which is really essential any time you’re doing detailed work. There’s decent workspace for a folding table at 31 inches long and 16 inches deep.

    This is perfect for home nail artists and for nail salons as a backup extra table. It’s easy to move around as the legs are on caster wheels.

    The nail table comes with a small black drawer for storing supplies and a one year warranty.

Features to consider when choosing your manicure table.

Portable or stationary.

Portability is a great feature if you'd like the freedom to travel and see clients in their homes or on-site at events.

It's also ideal for regular nail polish enthusiasts because these folding tables are easy to store in a closet or under a bed if you don't have space for a permanent set up. They do tend to lack storage and aren't very big, so they won't be a good fit for all home users.

For in-salon tables, you need to go with stationary. These professional models are sturdier and offer you the options that your services could really benefit from.

Storage options.

I'm always looking for more storage. Nail polish and nail supplies seem to magically grow and take up way more space than I expect. Some manicure stations offer a surprising amount of storage from drawers to shelving to unique display features.


Between nail polish fumes and filing enhancements, doing nails involves a lot of stuff you'd really rather not inhale. Many higher end tables offer built-in vents with attached bags that capture dust and particulates from filing and grinding. Some even use activated charcoal filters to remove unpleasant odors.

While vents can't completely eliminate the strong smell of nail polish products, these fumes, particularly from gel polish, are denser than the air around us. This means that a vent in the table will pull the cloud of fumes down beneath you and it's less likely to rise up again. It's a plus all around. The only thing is that it will need to be plugged in.

Attached lights.

Being able to see what you're doing is pretty crucial. I love my adjustable light. Some units come with lighting already built-in, but if they don't, there are plenty of great manicure lights available like this TaoTronics Desk Lamp with loads of light options and even a USB charging dock--how much would your clients appreciate being able to charge their phones while they're being pampered?

Table surface material.

I'm clumsy, y'all. I knock everything over. And when everything includes acetone and heavily tinted lacquers, there are going to be furniture casualties--unless the furniture is designed to withstand inevitable drips and spills.

Most manicure stations have acetone-resistant surfaces to handle what you can dish out. Even better, some tables have glass counters making cleaning up much faster and easier.

One note on colors here, some nail technicians have observed that darker surfaces tend to show the dust from filing more than white tables, but they also hide staining better. Just a matter of what your priorities are.


Table prices run a huge gambit from $50 to over $500 and while that may seem intimidating I think it's great that almost anyone can have access to a place specifically made to make doing nails more enjoyable. I tried to represent this full range and choose the best manicure station to represent each price point.

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