19 Best Glitter Nail Polish Shades of 2019

I’m addicted to glitter nail polish. I wouldn’t say I have a problem; I would say I have a lot of glitter polish. I wouldn’t say I have enough glitter–just a lot.

Nail polish is my favorite way to wear glitter because it’s the least likely to shed sparkles all over my clothes. For nail glitter hacks and tips check out the bottom of the article but for now, let’s look at the best and the brightest glitter nail polish around.

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Hack for full coverage glitter nail polish in one coat.

For sunglasses-worthy shininess most folks end up layering two or three or four coats of glitter trying to get full coverage. It takes forever to dry and peels fast.

There's an easier way. Do a clear base coat and then paint your glitter directly onto a makeup sponge. The sponge absorbs the excess clear polish so you can dab only the glitter right onto your nail for complete coverage and extremely glittery nails in one coat.

See how big of a difference it makes in this YouTube video.

And if you're planning to skip the liquid latex skin barrier because you're thinking, "Oh, I can be really careful with the sponge," please learn from my disastrously messy attempt-- and spring for the latex nail tape as a barrier.

A good top coat can be essential to a good glitter manicure. It can give you that extra hold so little specks won't flake off, smooth over bumpy texture, and even help those thick glittery layers dry faster. Plus, a glossy top coat can make your nails catch even more light

How to remove glitter nail polish fast.

The one thing all glitter polishes have in common is they are a pain in the butt to take off. Your best bet is to put some acetone remover on a bit of cotton ball, set that on top of your nail, and cover it with tin foil to keep it from evaporating. Let that sit for a minute to five minutes and then wipe off.

Did I mention you can mix them? My go-to combination is a base coat of silver micro-glitter and a second coat of chunkier silver holo-glitter for a really multidimensional shine. So if your partner tries to tell you that you don't need two silver glitter polishes--they're wrong and you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

Glitter polish runs the gambit from subtle shimmer to full, blinding glam and often the difference is how you apply it. You can get a more understated look by applying a single layer by itself or over a base color.

Confetti Glitter: Specks of all shapes and sizes. Hexagons, circles, squares, and bars are most common. They can be reflective, colorful, or matte.

Flake Glitter: Thin, flexible, irregular shards that give a gold leaf effect.

Micro-Glitter: Reflective glitter that is so fine it produces a dense, uniform shimmer effect.

Holographic/Holo-Glitter: Confetti, flake, or micro-glitter that doesn't reflect light, it refracts it creating super-shiny, prismatic colors like tiny little rainbows.

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