15 Best Vegan Nail Polish Shades

Choosing the best vegan nail polish used to be easy because there were only a couple of brands to pick from, but more and more brands are going vegan these days–which is a great problem to have. By buying these top vegan brands, you’re encouraging even more companies to go vegan.

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What animal products are even in some nail polish?

You can find a surprising number of animal-derived ingredients in all beauty products and nail polish isn't an exception. 

Carmine Red is typically made using crushed up cochineal beetles and these dyes are often found in red nail polish.

Guanine, found in most shimmer nail polish, is actually derived from fish scales. 

Shellac is a hardener found in some polishes and is derived from the lac beetle. 

What does 3-Free or 7-Free mean?

While being the best vegan nail polish doesn't necessarily mean they are less toxic, most vegan polishes are taking steps to reduce their ecological impact by reducing the number of toxic ingredients in their formulas. 

Terms like three-free refer to the number of harmful ingredients that the brand of polish doesn't contain.

Most "3-Free" brands don't contain DBP which is easily absorbed into the skin, toluene which PubChem says has a wide range of negative health effects, and formaldehyde which has been shown to cause cancer--check out the EPA's formaldehyde page for more info.

Luckily, more and more brands are removing these chemicals and heading toward non-toxic formulas. Nail polish is regulated by the FDA so their website is a great resource if you want to know more about regulated polish ingredients. 

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