11 Best Olive Oil Soaps: Which Is Right for You?

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Perhaps your Italian granny slathered olive oil on all your booboos and bonks as a kid, or maybe you had a dry skin patch your Greek relatives swore would heal with dab of olive oil. They weren’t crazy (well, other than their regular crazy.) Olive oil it turns out isn’t just good for your heart, it’s a natural wonder for your skin too.

Olive oil is rich in vitamins and A, D, E and K that can also benefit your skin. Vitamin A can help reduce cell damage, while vitamin D aids in skin cell growth and repair. Vitamin E is deeply moisturizing, and vitamin K can aid your skin to heal. Of course, there’s no dispute about the fact that olive oil is moisturizing, but almost counterintuitively, it’s also got some anti-bacterial properties, making it an aid for those who suffer from frequent breakouts, a benefit of goat milk soap too.

So why would you want to lather up with olive oil soap? Because the formulas we’ve reviewed are perfect for thoroughly cleansing your skin without drying it out. Many of them contain other healing and moisturizing oils, as well as botanical essences and essential oils that bring their own host of skin-loving goodness including vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and anti-aging ingredients.

Check out our recommendations so you can find the best olive oil soap for your skin type, and because so many of them make wicked lather, they’re perfect replacements for shave creams, eliminating one more can from the landfill. Another bonus? They naturally reduce shaving irritation.

What Are the Best Olive Oil Soaps?

herbal olive oil soap bar Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Rich lather
  • Fresh unisex scent
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
Price: $12.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
coriander and olive oil liquid soap Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Heavenly scented
  • Formulated for kitchen use
  • Gentle olive oil formula
Price: $18.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
olive oil and green tea soap bar Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Silky lather
  • Antioxidant formula
  • Softly scented
Price: $16.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
olive oil nablus soap bar Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ancient formula
  • Olive oil leaves skin clean
  • Nicely moisturizing
Price: $22.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
handmade olive oil soap with laurel Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Only four natural ingredients
  • Antioxidant formula
  • Good for eczema and acne
Price: $15.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
liquid olive oil soap Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Easy pump bottle
  • Very hydrating
  • Leaves skin supple
Price: $12.94 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
greek olive oil soap Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Made with Greek olive oil
  • Handcrafted in small batches
  • Deeply moisturizing
Price: $12.92 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
olive and avocado oil soap Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very moisturizing
  • Creamy lather
  • Skin brightening
Price: $29.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
organic coconut and olive oil soap Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Made with moisturizing olive oil
  • Wonderfully scented
  • Creamy lather
Price: $15.85 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
gardenia orang lef olive oil soap Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Many fragrance options
  • Made with cold-pressed olive oil
  • 100 percent vegetable soap
Price: $11.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
prickly pear and aloe olive oil soap Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great lather
  • Very moisturizing
  • Smells lovely
Price: $7.96 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Thymes Olive Leaf Luxury Bath Soap

    • Woodsy and floral notes make this a nice unisex gift
    • Lovely lather that's skin softening
    • Essential oils of lavendar, patchouli, balsam and laurel leaf deliver antioxidants
    • Pretty to look at
    • Spendy for a single bar
    • Too heavily scented for some
    • Could be more moisturizing

    This herbaceously scented bath soap has been triple milled, which means it will last longer and that counts when you’re investing in olive oil soap. Despite the fact that they are pricier than their drugstore chemically laden counterparts, they’re worth it for the gentleness they deliver for your skin. This vegetable-based soap is infused with olive oil and olive leaf extracts.

    With a combination of both woodsy and floral scents, you’ll detect the hints of laurel leaf, lavender, balsam and patchouli. These extracts provide health enhancing nutrients, vitamins and vital antioxidants for your skin. The creamy lather moisturizes and helps to calm dry, irritable skin for a soft and supple look.

    If you fall in love with this scent and decide the soap makes a perfect gift, you might also want to order the big bottle of the Olive Leaf Body Lotion to keep skin soft and smelling delicious all day long.


  2. 2. Coriander and Olive Oil Hand Soap

    • Olive oil and olive tree extracts cleanse and soften hands
    • Kitchen formula features coriander, rosemary and sage oils
    • Very concentrated formula
    • Comes in refillable pump bottle
    • May cause skin irritation
    • Many shipping issues reported
    • Very strong aroma

    The Cucina Collection from Fruits & Passion will delight as the perfect olive oil soap specially formulated for your kitchen. The big 16.9 ounce bottle can hang out near your kitchen sink to gently rid your hands of onion, garlic and other food smells, grease and meat juices. This biodegradable formula is enriched with olive oil and olive tree extracts to hydrate, soften and purify your kitchen hands. 

    More than just your average hand soap, this cleanser is heavenly scented with refreshing herbs to give you a dose of aromatherapy along with your clean hands. Never tested on animals, we think you’ll love that it comes in recyclable packaging, and can be easily refilled because you can get the 33.8 ounce refill jug at the same price.

    While this hand soap is scented with coriander, sage and rosemary oils, the Cucina collection includes Sanguinelli Orange and Fennel as well as Rosemary and Cardamom. They all smell downright yummy.


  3. 3. Olivia Care Green Tea Olive Oil Bar Soap (Four Pack)

    • Powerful antioxidant formula with olive oil and green tea
    • Silky lather leaves skin soft and moisturized
    • Very gently scented
    • Affordable compared to many
    • Doesn't rinse off as easily as some
    • You might get rectangular bars instead of ovals
    • Recent price increases are frustrating for some

    Made from pure olive oil and scented with green tea, these organic olive oil soap bars are enriched with calcium and skin-loving vitamin E. This soap moisturizes and protects your skin, and the green tea essential oil adds an additional punch of antioxidants to those already existing in the olive oil. That gives it added anti-aging powers, which you’ve gotta love in any skincare products.

    This soap gently moisturizes and nourishes your skin, leaving it supple and smooth. All natural, these soaps are hypoallergenic, paraben free and cruelty free. The pretty box comes with four bars, but beware, while they’re pictured as ovals, you might get a different shape. Depending on your soap dish, that could make a difference. The Olive Oil & Verbena Soap is another affordable choice that’s super popular.

  4. 4. Olive Oil Nablus Soap Bar Al Jamal From The Holy Land

    • Ancient formula is handmade
    • Pure and simple ingredient list with no additives
    • Leaves skin clean as well as nicely moisturized
    • Helps to minimize breakouts
    • Not the best lather
    • Not as softening as some others
    • A few ordering issues reported

    This traditional olive oil soap bar has been made with a recipe that’s been around since the 10th century, which is pretty remarkable by itself. But the fact that this simple soap does such beautiful things for your skin is likely what’s given it a lasting legacy. Produced only in Nablus in the West Bank, Palestine, this humble bar is made with just three ingredients – olive oil from the Holy Land, salt and water. 

    The exhaustive process of making, drying and cutting this soap can take as long as a year! Pretty amazing when you think about it. It lathers into a silky soft foam that’s great for shaving and leaves skin feeling super clean and moisturized. This soap is also so gentle you can feel good about using it on your baby’s delicate skin. 

    This non-drying formula is an excellent choice for those who deal with occasional bouts of acne, but it’s also terrific for those who are super sensitive to fragrances. There aren’t any artificial additives in these bars. If you’re looking for a slightly less expensive version of this popular soap, check out the Two Keys “Muftahein” Olive Oil Soap From Nablus.

    If you’re interested in seeing the exhaustive process of making this soap, be sure to watch the video we’ve included.

    VideoVideo related to olive oil nablus soap bar al jamal from the holy land2019-03-04T14:20:39-05:00
  5. 5. Anatolia Daphne Olive Oil Soap Bars (Three Pack)

    • With just four natural ingredients this soap is pure
    • Moisturizing lather is great for both dry and acne prone skin
    • Handmade in small batches
    • Olive oil and laurel berry oil make add super antioxidant powers
    • Laurel berry oil may cause skin irritation or reaction
    • Smell is odd to some
    • Some shipping and packaging issues reported

    If you love all things rustic and handcrafted, this unique three pack of handmade soaps will appeal to you on more than one front. First, they’re fabulous for your face and body, because they’re made with antioxidant-rich olive oil and backed up by cold pressed Bay Laurel berry oil, which is vitamin rich and adds even more free radical fighting antioxidants to the mix.

    Handmade in small batches, you can be assured of its purity, plus you’ll love the cool burlap bag these soaps come in. This one hundred percent natural and cruelty-free formula has just four ingredients, and no added chemicals, scents or colors. These bars can be used for every purpose in your household, from washing your face, hair and body, to cleaning your laundry, dishes and more.  

    This soap is excellent for all skin types and helps to calm skin with eczema as well as acne prone skin. Because some people have a reaction to the Laurel berry oil, you might want to experiment with Antolia Daphne Olive Oil Soap without that ingredient just in case you have sensitive skin.

  6. 6. Olivella Face and Body Liquid Olive Oil Soap

    • Easy pump bottle saves your from a slimey soap bar
    • Moisturizing wash for your body and face
    • Leaves no residue and deeply cleanses
    • Good for all skin types
    • Fragrance is stronger than expected
    • Very watery formula
    • Lather is lacking

    Be careful when you set this pump bottle of soap next to your kitchen sink, because it looks so much like a container of olive oil -which of course, is its primary ingredient. This liquid face and body formula is made from virgin Italian olive oil – and despite its appearance, it cleanses without leaving any oily residue behind.

    We love liquid soap because it doesn’t leave any wet bar slime on your counter or soap dish, thanks to the convenient pump bottle. This formula doesn’t contain any artificial dyes, man-made chemicals or color additives, but what it does have in spades is lots of natural fatty acids and antioxidants that fight off free radicals and help to protect your skin from premature aging.

    For even more moisture, Olivella makes a Virgin Olive Oil Face Moisturizer as well as an olive oil based shampoo and conditioner combo.

  7. 7. Papoutsanis Pure Greek Olive Oil Soap (Six Pack)

    • Made with the finest pure Greek olive oil
    • No artificial fragrances
    • Tackles the toughest dry skin with its moisturizing formula
    • Works well on dry damage hair as well as skin
    • Natural olive oil scent isn't everyone's favorite
    • Tends to feel slimey after repeated use
    • Not very luxurious looking

    This centuries-old soap recipe is made with pure Greek olive oil, indisputably the best olive oil in the world, thanks to the perfect terroir – also known as the perfect combination of soil, topography, and climate. Much like a fine wine, this oil can produce powerfully beautifying results for your skin.

    This pack of six handcrafted soaps will moisturize and beautiful your complexion. They’re rustic to look at, and because they don’t contain added fragrance, they won’t cause any skin irritations. Sulfate and paraben free, this all natural soap is great for your hair as well. It lathers beautifully, yet leaves no residue on your skin, which will feel moisturized and itch-free all day long.

    Keep in mind, unscented doesn’t mean this soap doesn’t have a scent of its own, thanks to the natural ingredients. Users rave about its ability to tackle seriously dry skin and even report their eczema improves when using it. Bonus.

  8. 8. Crabtree & Evelyn Triple Milled Soap

    • Crabapple is rich in skin brightening vitamin C
    • Olive and avocado oils make for moisturizing lather
    • Triple milled so scent lasts and lasts
    • Small bar for the price
    • Scent can be overpowering
    • Can sting eyes

    This soap combines the conditioning powers of olive oil and avocado oil to give you a deeply moisturizing wash. To add to the hydrating experience, this triple milled soap blends in cocoa butter, shea butter and apricot kernal oil. You’ll be enveloped in creamy lather that is lightly scented with crabapple and juicy mulberry. Crabapple is rich in skin brightening vitamin C, giving you a deep, but moisturizing cleanse.

    Wondering what the benefit is to triple milling? Here’s a quick read that explains the process. In a nutshell, triple milling thoroughly mixes the soap’s ingredients and fragrances so the scent doesn’t fade after a few trips through the shower. 

  9. 9. O Naturals Organic Coconut & Olive Oil Soap (Six Pack)

    • Deliciously fruit and herb scents
    • Rich creamy lather means you can skip the shave cream
    • Very gentle on sensitive skin
    • Nice natural ingredients
    • Flimsy packaging
    • Not 100 percent organic
    • Differently labeled bars seem to smell mostly the same

    Fresh and citrusy, and full of skin loving vitamins, this set of six organic olive oil soap bars will give you a completely juicy wake up call. Fortified with skin brightening vitamin C and collagen boosting vitamin E, these vegan bars target dry and damaged skin, to leave you with a radiant complexion. And let’s not diminish their beautiful summer scents that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. 

    Made with organic olive oil, this soap is packed with natural antioxidants that fight free radicals and help to prevent premature aging. The coconut oil in these bars is naturally anti-inflammatory and deeply moisturizing, and the addition of palm oil gives an extra dose of antioxidant power along with an infusion of vitamins A, C and E.

    These soaps deliver a rich, creamy lather that’s good enough to skip the shave cream, so they’re also a great gift for any man or woman on your list.


  10. 10. LAFCO House & Home Olive Oil Soap

    • Cold-pressed olive oil formula is naturally antioxidant
    • Gentle enough for all skin types
    • Deeply moisturizing and condition
    • Tons of fragrance choices
    • Price per bar is high
    • Large bar is hard to handle
    • Scent fades as you use it

    This deliciously scented olive oil soap from LAFCO comes in so many different fragrances, you can find any one of 19 to match your mood. Made with 14 percent cold pressed olive oil, this all vegetable soap is packed with tons of monounsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols and antioxidants that are so healthy for your skin.

    This particular bar features gardenia, orange leaf and musk, to give a sweet, yet earthy fragrance to your skin. It lathers beautifully and can be used for both cleansing and shaving. It features skin conditioning almond oil and rice proteins to leave your skin clean, toned and wonderfully moisturized. Better yet, it’s perfect for all skin types so you won’t have to shop for separate soaps for everyone in the family.

  11. 11. Natural Handmade Organic Olive Oil Soap

    • Uses prickly pear and aloe to soothe sun exposed skin
    • Moisturizing formul is filled with antioxidants
    • Big bar for the price
    • Handmade in Greece
    • Melts faster than some
    • Large bar can be hard to handle
    • Strongly scented

    If you’re looking for an olive oil soap that can specifically help fine lines and wrinkles, you might want to latch onto this bar that features prickly pear and aloe vera in combination with naturally antioxidant olive oil. Aloe is well known for its ability to increase healing as well as adding moisture to parched skin, but this soap features a sneaky secret you might not know about.

    Prickly pear is known to give your skin a naturally glowing appearance, and it’s filled with skin loving vitamins E and K. But it has tons of benefits for your hair and body too. Find out the top 31 benefits of prickly pear in this article from StyleCraze.

    This soap can soothe and hydrate skin that’s been over-exposed to the sun, (after all, prickly pears have to survive in the desert) and leave it feeling refreshed. It also contains the healing properties of St. John’s Wort that can disinfect as well as moisturize, making this particular soap even better for those with skin prone to breakouts.

    If you’re looking for a soap that’s vegan, and 100 percent natural, you’ll love lathering up with this one. For skin that’s particularly dry, prickly pear oil is supposed to be a real miracle worker. You can find all likes of highly rated formulas right here.

Olive oil is naturally antioxidant. That means it fights those nasty free radicals that love to damage your skin in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, according to Medical News Today, the juice of the olive has been shown to fight off cancer-causing cells after exposure to the sun. But the good news doesn't stop there.

Because olive oil improves healing, ingesting it on foods can make a big difference. Experts agree that if you have a severe burn or wound, putting olive oil directly on it is not the best answer. Instead, fix yourself a nice Mediterranean meal, drizzle on the best extra virgin olive oil you can find, and heal yourself from the inside out.

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