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9 Best Portable Massage Chairs: Compare, Buy & Save

portable massage chair

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Massage chairs are lightweight, portable padded chairs designed to allow for a therapeutic massage while a client is in a seated position. There are some great massage table options that are portable to consider, but even the lightest treatment table is clocking in around 40 pounds.

Portable massage chairs are more in the 15 to 20-pound range and significantly more compact. Good folding models are small enough that you could travel to your client on the subway, something you would never want to do with a folding massage table.

What Are the Best Massage Chairs?

dark blue portable chair for massage Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 600 weight capacity
  • Wheels and case for mobility
  • Choice of colors
Price: $543.51 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Blue massage portable chair with chest bolster Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Working weight of 650 pounds
  • Transport bag is well designed
  • Light at 15 pounds
Price: $309.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Teal table massage rest kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • Great for on-site work
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
Price: $99.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black folding massage therapy chair with black carrying case Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • 350 pound working weight capacity
  • Highly adjustable face cradle
Price: $135.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
coffee-colored massage therapy chair with travel bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • Choice of colors
  • Trusted brand
Price: $305.60 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
purple chair for massage Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes with accessories
  • 300 pound working weight
  • Several colors to pick from
Price: $369.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
oakworks massage therapy chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Only weighs 19 pounds
  • 16 color choices
  • Wheels and carrying case
Price: $679.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Dolphin II horizontal chair for massage Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Only chair with horizontal positions
  • Unique, highly adjustable design
  • 350 pound working weight
Price: $699.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black portable chair for massage Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lightweight at 15 pounds
  • Posable face pillow
  • User-friendly
Price: $292.71 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Stronglite Ergo Pro II Massage Chair

    • 600 pound working weight
    • Incredibly adjustable
    • Removable leg supports
    • Wheels and case for easy mobility
    • Several color choices
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Only weighs 24 pounds
    • Instructions to unlock it are packaged inside the chair
    • Wheels not great for soft terrain
    • A little squeaky

    The Ergo Pro II might be the most adjustable chair out there right now. If you serve a wide range of clients who may find themselves a little awkward in traditional chair massage positions, this is a great options. You can adjust everything. Really. The angle of the face cradle and armrest is adjustable. The leg supports come right off for those who are injured, post-surgical, or elderly.

    The height of the seat is adjustable and the angle of the seat is adjustable which important when you take the leg supports off so your client doesn’t slide down onto the floor.

    The chest support slides up and down and the angle is also adjustable to accommodate larger clients who might, otherwise, feel squished. This customization allows you to comfortable treat clients from four-foot-six to six-foot-six. And with a working weight of 600 pounds, your chair can safely support a wide range of body types.

    It’s a very mobile chair with offset wheels on one end, making it easy to tilt and wheel around like carry-on luggage. The downside to that is if you find yourself working in muddy conditions, wheels are going to be a hindrance instead of a perk.

    At only 19 pounds, it’s fairly easy to carry and the included carrying case has both a padded strap and cutout in the bottom so you can make use of the wheels.

    It folds up flat with only a few movements and has a locking mechanism to keep the chair from unfolding as you carry it. Thing is, the chair arrives locked with the instructions on how to unlock it packed inside the chair. I mean, come on. So I’m telling you now, to unlock it you unhook the black button attached to a bungee cord below the seat cushion.

  2. 2. Master Massage Professional Chair

    • 650 pound working weight
    • Easily portable at 15 pounds
    • Comes with luggage-style case on wheels for easy transport
    • Adjustable
    • Comes with removable sternum bolster and eyeglass pouch
    • Not as adjustable as others
    • Leg supports aren’t adjustable or removable
    • Not as good for shorter therapists

    Master Massage has solved the wheel problem. Having wheels on your chair is great for transporting it but if you’re working an outside event and the ground is soft or damp, the wheels can become a problem. Master Massage has put their wheels on their transport bag instead.

    The case is modeled after rolling luggage and makes a ton of sense. The case even has two other legs so it can stand on its own. It’s genius. Onto the chair itself though.

    The aircraft grade aluminum frame has a working weight of 650 pounds which will cover nearly all your clientele. This is a sturdy chair for a good price. The height of the seat, chest support, and face cradle are all adjustable and the angle of the face cradle and armrest are adjustable.

    It comes with a sternum pad for more flexible support and a closable velcro pouch attached just beneath the armrest as a safe place for clients to place their glasses or jewelry. The cushion is nice and thick and should hold up to professional use.

  3. 3. Earthlite Travelmate Massage Kit

    • Lifetime warranty on frame
    • Turns any surface into massage chair
    • Ultra portable and lightweight
    • Can also be used on a mattress
    • Not a chair
    • Retricts massage area
    • Relies on table height

    If you mainly need something that is super-portable and easy to store, you may want to consider something that isn’t a chair at all. The Earthlite Travelmate is ideal for massage therapists who offer on-site message at offices as it can be effortlessly carried around to different offices or floors of the building.

    It’s made up of a chest and head rest on a steel frame designed to sit on a table or desktop, turning any table and chair set up into a massage chair. The support section that rest on the desk comes with a matching protective sleeve to prevent any scuffing that could occur on a tabletop otherwise. This can also act as a convenient stand for a person’s phone or tablet (as shown in the image) maybe to guide them through some kind of relaxating meditation.

    For clients who need to remain in bed, this is a nice tool to convert their mattress into a massage table. You can slip the support section under the mattress and adjust the face cradle to match the bed surface and you’re set to go.  

    The Travelmate is decently adjustable as you can customize the angle of the face cradle and raise and lower the chest pad but ultimately the height of the chair is relatiant on the height of the table and chairs you’re using. It’s a good set up for quick light massage but not up to the task for fuller, deeper modalities. 

    For transport, the piece folds up and fits into the included zippered bag. Like all Earthlite products, the frame comes with a lifetime warranty and the upholstery has a three-year warranty. It’s available in Teal, Mystic Blue, and Black.

  4. 4. Giantex Folding Massage Chair

    • 350 pound working weight
    • Adjustable
    • Folding and comes with carrying case
    • Affordable
    • Strangely large carrying case
    • Leg supports aren’t adjustable or removable
    • Won’t hold up to regular professional use

    With a working weight of 350 pounds, this Giantex Folding Treatment Chair is a solid, affordable beginner’s chair or as a backup to a more seasoned therapist. It’s above average for load-bearing. It still might not be as strong as some people need for heavier clients, but it’s sturdier than many of the other options around.

    The chair is also around average in weight at 20 pounds but still folds up to be portable. There’s an included travel case that I’m not a huge fan of as it looks like it’s the same case they give out for their folding treatment tables so it’s much larger than it needs to be for a massage chair. I do like that the feet are covered in a rubber pad to give them more grip and prevent scuffing up floors.

    The height of the seat and chest support are adjustable and you can adjust the angle of the armrest. The face cradle is highly adjustable but the locking mechanism isn’t perfect and may slightly shift out of place on some models.

  5. 5. Earthlite Vortex Chair Package

    • Only weighs 15 pounds
    • Perfect for on-site massage
    • Comes with sternum pad
    • Lifetime warranty on frame
    • Working weight of only 300 pounds
    • Not as sturdy-feeling as others
    • Not as adjustable

    The Vortex by Earthlite is built using aircraft-grade aluminum to be extremely lightweight and easy to transport for on-site massage. In total, this chair weighs only 15 pounds. That’s less than my little Chihuahua-mix rescue dog and I carry her all over the place.

    This portable massage chair folds up extremely compactly and the included case has a thick handle and shoulder strap. The Vortex adjusts at four points: the face cradle, chest support, armrests, and seat height. With a 300-pound working weight, this chair is right around average in strength, but that will be too low for some larger clients.

    I like that it comes with a matching sternum pad a lifetime warranty on the frame along with a three-year warranty on the upholstery. It’s available in several colors including Latte, Mystic Blue, Black, and Teal.

  6. 6. Custom Craftworks Melody Chair

    • 300 pound working weight
    • Comes with carrying case, removable sternum pad, and eyeglass pouch
    • Adjustable
    • Colors to choose from
    • A 300 pound working weight won’t be enough for everyone
    • Leg supports aren’t adjustable or removable
    • Heavier than most

    This Custom Craftworks 18-pound chair is portable, foldable, and convenient. The face cradle, seat height, and armrest angle are all adjustable. It also comes with a carrying case with a padded strap, a removable sternum pad for larger busted clients, and an eyeglass or jewelry pouch so your clients can feel comfortable about removing their glasses or accessories during their massage.

    The working weight of 300 pounds will suit some therapists, but may not be enough to safely support all clients. The Melody Massage Chair has multi-layer foam for a thick, comfortable cushion that will hold up over time.

    This chair is currently available in black.

  7. 7. Oakworks Portal Pro Massage Chair

    • 350 pound working weight
    • User friendly adjustments
    • Posable face pillow
    • 16 color choices
    • Wheels and case for easy mobility
    • PVC-free upholstery
    • 350 pound working weight isn’t enough for everyone
    • Wheels not great on wet terrain
    • When seat is high, you lose some stability
    • Leg supports aren’t adjustable or removable

    The Oakworks Portal Pro Massage Chair isn’t quite as adjustable as the Stronglite, but it is more low-tech and easier to adjust. You can adjust the height of the seat, but not the angle, by moving the pin attached to the support cord, making the base shorter or longer. My only issue with this is if you need the seat to be very high, you’re sacrificing some of the chair’s stability by reducing the size of its base.

    The chest support is adjustable by velcro. (I told you it was low-tech.) You pull the pad off and reposition it. This means you can’t adjust the angle of the support, but you can flip the pad sideways for wider support.

    The face cradle moves on a hinge and the face pillow is adjustable both through velcro and this upgraded Boiance face pillow can be bent and shaped to the size you need. Like the chest support, you can flip the pillow upside-down for better comfort when clients are sitting in a reversed position. The armrest adjusts on a hinge and the height adjusts with a strap and buckle.

    The Portal Pro folds flat easily and can be moved by its offset wheels or included carrying case. At 19 pounds, it’s not too heavy to cart around. My biggest complaint is that the working weight of this chair is much less than the Stronglite at only 350 pounds.

    Working weight refers to the maximum amount of pressure the chair can safely take which includes both the client’s weight and the pounds of pressure the therapist is exerting. If you have or want to serve clients who are heavier, this chair might not be strong enough. Depending on your situation, that may or may not be an issue.

    I do like that there are 16 colors to choose from including espresso, and bluegrass.

  8. 8. Pisces Pro Dolphin II Full Body Massage Chair

    • 350 pound working weight
    • Only chair with horizontal position options
    • Removable leg support
    • Wheels for some mobility
    • Only 18 pounds
    • Will definitely turn heads
    • Made in America
    • A 350 pound working weight won’t be enough for everyone
    • Not great for all tall therapists
    • Not as mobile as others

    The Pro Dolphin II by Pisces is a truly unique chair and it looks it. It’s shaped this way because it allows you to situate your clients in a seated position like a normal massage chair, but also by increments all the way down to your client laying in a horizontal position. You really have to see it to believe it.

    I’ve included the setup video below so you can watch the Dolphin II go from massage chair to bed. Because of the hardware needed to perform this magic trick and still have a working weight of 350 pounds, this chair is the least portable of the list. It does have wheels on one side for transport and it only weighs 18 pounds, but it’s bulky and unwieldy to carry around.

    It looks a little complicated, but Pisces is kind enough to put labels in key places to show you how to set your chair up as you get the hang of it. Because of the design, you have a lot of versatility in terms of positioning–between vertical and horizontal, but also of body shape and height. The leg support is removable to accommodate those with bad knees or people who are post-surgical.

    It’s not without its flaws, however. It’s a very low set chair so some clients may have difficulty getting in and out of it. It’s also much pricier than standard chairs and costs about as much as a quality massage treatment table. This design is not for every therapist, but for those who click with it, it’s like nothing else on the market.

  9. 9. Oakworks Portal Light Massage Chair

    • 300 pound working weight
    • User friendly adjustments
    • Posable face pillow
    • Foldable and very lightweight at only 15 pounds
    • Several colors to choose from
    • A 300 pound working weight won’t be enough for everyone
    • Leg supports aren’t adjustable or removable
    • Height isn't adjustable

    A lighter version of the Oakworks Portal Pro, the Portal Light Massage Chair weighs in at only 15 pounds. It’s foldable and comes with a sturdy carrying case making it very easy to move around.

    It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Portal Pro and isn’t quite as adjustable. The Portal Light still has the buckle-adjustable armrest and the velcro chest support.

    The face cradle is adjustable on two angles so you can make sure the height and tilt are right for your client. The face pillow is velcro as well and it is posable to accommodate your clients’ face shapes which is a feature unique to Oakworks from what I’ve seen.

    The height of the seat doesn’t seem to be adjustable which may be a deal breaker for some. The working weight of this chair is 300 pounds which may not be enough if you plan on treating larger clients. If you need an ultra-light chair and don’t often do chair massage, this is a good backup chair to have.

What Is the Best Massage Chair for You?

Just like with treatment tables, there is no best chair--only the best chair for you. And that's greatly dependant on your personal needs and your client base.

It's important to take note of the chair's adjustability both in height for your health and customization for clients of all body shapes and sizes. 

Also, keep an eye on the cushion type as the surface your clients are face down on is the thing they'll remember most, after your hands. It's a first impression of sorts. If your chair or table isn't comfortable, safe feeling, and professional looking, it can harm your business reputation.

Are Massage Chairs Accessible? 

In many cases, chairs are more accessible than a massage table. Having a portable massage chair expands the number of clients you can access to serve both in environment and physical ability. We know studies show the endless benefits of massage but some people have a difficult time getting onto a treatment table due to injury, disability, or recent surgery.

There are a few great electric lift massage tables, like Earthlite's Ellora which is ADA compliant, but not everyone can afford that type of thing and they certainly aren't portable.

Chair massages are less intimidating and intimate making them ideal for clients who, for whatever reason, don't feel comfortable getting undressed for a traditional massage. Since chair massages are performed dressed, it's a great alternative for those dealing with body issues, personal trauma, or just personal preference.

Studies have even shown that massage therapy can be highly beneficial for recovering from sexual abuse so making these therapies easier to access is crucial. 

A portable massage chair gives you great mobility and versatility.

Full body massage chairs are preferable to folding massage tables at many offsite locations like fairs and other events, especially those with grassy or uneven ground. If your spot at the fair is on a slight hill, a treatment table could be downright dangerous.

Chairs are much more stable and your client will be safer and feel more secure. Many corporate offices will employ massage therapists to come into the office and make themselves available to the staff for short stress-relieving massages. Since you're in an office setting, a massage chair can be more appropriate and approachable than a treatment table. 

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