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19 Best Cyber Monday Beauty Deals on Amazon

Whether you want luscious lashes, bodacious brows, gorgeous hair or smooth skin, these Cyber Monday beauty deals will deliver the goods at ridiculously low prices. If you’re searching for gifts for the ladies on your list, these deeply discounted finds will be a major Christmas hit.

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Are the Cyber 2019 makeup deals worth it?

For a lot of reasons: yes. Let's break it down. 

First off, makeup isn't cheap so we need to grab every chance we can get to save some money.

With trends changing so quickly these days it can be expensive to keep up. To give you an idea of how quickly, in Insider's article on "What the ideal face of makeup looked like over the last 100 years," has a write up for each decade but its entry for today's makeup says that trends are changing much more rapidly as the styles of  Instagram, YouTube, and beauty vloggers shift all the time.

Secondly, some folks like to think of beauty products as fluff, frivolous purchases, but they're wrong. Humans, of all genders, have been wearing makeup since 4,000 BCE. During World War II, lipstick was considered a wartime necessity and manufacturing wasn't slowed because lipstick was good for the country's morale. 

So if someone gives you trouble for searching out good Cyber Monday deals on makeup, they're looking for a fight and you're the one with all the lipstick so they can just look out.

Finally, yes, there are a lot of Cyber Monday makeup and beauty deals that are lousy or look like a steal. If they truly aren't much of a deal, we work hard to weed those out 

How do we select our Cyber Monday beauty deals?

To quickly sum it up, it takes a whole lot of leg work searching, price-checking, doing math, and searching again to pull together deals that are worth your time. 

Heavy is part of a select group of affiliate partners that gets early access to Amazon's deal list. This gives us an advantage because instead of hunting down deals in a panic at midnight PST on Monday, we have more time to go over all the advance deals information to find the best of the best savings.

A lot of brands inflate their prices close to Cyber Monday so it looks like a huge sale when they reduce the cost again but it's really not much less than their normal prices. We weed these deals out using price trackers like CamelCamelCamel that track daily price changes for the past year so we can see the highs, lows, and trends. 

One of the hardest parts is finding deals that haven't expired or sold out. I want to say we've got some neat bot or algorithm, but instead, we use a staff of dedicated people who live for this kind of stuff. We have folks like me who are at their computers in the middle of the night and constantly throughout the day, checking and rechecking deals and inventory so our content stays accurate.

I am approximately 40 percent coffee by weight at the moment.

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