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9 Best Epilators for Hair Removal (Updated!)

Isn’t it so funny that there are all kinds of places on our bodies where we want more hair? We want fuller, thicker hair on our heads, longer lashes, not to mention bolder brows.

But when it comes to the hair on our arms and legs, it’s a different story. Plus, there are those ultra-sensitive areas, like armpits and bikini lines. Removing hair there – let’s agree it’s not a favorite. And, the last place we want to see extra hair growing is on our face! As we get older, most women fight a few pesky, prickly chin whiskers, mini-mustaches, and even fuzzy cheeks.

The best epilators can come to your rescue, and we’re here to help you find the one that will best suit all your needs.

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Why Would You Want to Use Epilators?

While waxing and hair removal creams work effectively, they can also be smelly, painful and sometimes irritate or damage your skin. Home laser hair removal systems work wonderfully and provide a long term hair removal solution, but they're also pretty expensive for most people's budgets, and there's no getting around the fact that they sting.

How Do Epilators Work?

Epilators have been on the market for a couple of decades, but today's epilators are vastly improved over the originals. I know, because I had the first Epilady and it hurt like...well you know. Bad news.

Epilation still hurts, but the pain diminishes the more consistently you use your epilator. If you're wondering what epilation really means, these devices have heads with dozens (or more) of tiny tweezers that grab your body hair and remove it by the root. Just imagine plucking your eyebrows 32,000 times in a minute.

Now don't be a baby, no one said this would be easy. But the fact is, with consistent and long term epilation, your body can stay beautifully smooth and hair-free for up to six weeks at a time. That sounds good, doesn't it?

How Can You Maximize the Results of Epilating?

As with all forms of hair removal, there are things you can do to maximize good results. Exfoliating both before and after epilation can minimize ingrown hair issues. This can be managed with exfoliating brushes exfoliating gloves, but salt scrubs and sugar scrubs are also great options. 

You can also minimize pain by pretreating the area you plan to epilate with Lidocaine sprays or lotions. Even a glass of wine works for me. At least I don't care as much about the pain if I've got a nice Cabernet in hand.

According to ChemistDirect, epilation is most successful when your skin is wet and you use your device three to four days after shaving. You can also get hair growth inhibitors that will extend the amount of time between sessions.

What's the Best Epilator for You?

You'll discover that some epilators are corded, while others are suitable for both wet and dry use. Waterproof models allow you to tackle your body hair in the tub or shower, and as we've previously mentioned, freshly washed hair is softer and easier to remove.

Whichever model you choose, you'll be able to get started with an investment of around $120 at the high end, with some costing as little as $25. If you're ready to be smooth and hair-free by summer, it's time to get started epilating now. 

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