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11 Best Barber Chairs For Sale: Compare, Buy & Save

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Articles on how to choose a barbershop often advise checking the condition of their barber chairs. If folks see ratty, torn-up chairs, they’ll probably keep on walking. Invest upfront in something quality that will last and put your best foot forward. Here are our top picks for your shop. For something more all-purpose, consider a hydraulic salon chairs and salon chairs for kids for your younger clients.

What Are the Best Barber Chairs?

brown SkinAct barber chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Luxury brand
  • 900 pound weight capacity
  • Almost no assembly
Price: $1,199.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Plus black barbershop chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Incredibly stable
  • Comfortable
  • Two year warranty on hydraulic lift
Price: $799.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Grey and black barbering chairs Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Vintage look
  • 580-pound weight limit
  • Choice of colors
Price: $1,049.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black and white barbershop chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Thick cushioning
  • 440 pound weight capacity
  • Stylish design
Price: $399.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black and gold barber chairs Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Eye-catching vintage design
  • Colors to choose from
  • 700 pound weight capacity
Price: $1,099.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black retro barbershop chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Retro look
  • Mostly pre-assembled
  • Gorgeous chrome and white
Price: $1,049.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black and gold vintage barber chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Eyecatching and unique
  • 550 pound weight limit
  • Reclines down to 155 degrees
Price: $1,599.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black reclining barber chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Classic and classy chair design
  • Made in America
  • Trusted salon brand
Price: $1,349.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black Kenzo barber chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 1000 pound weight capacity
  • Unique, luxe design
  • High end brand
Price: $1,499.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black all purpose salon chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • 330 pound weight limit
  • Reclining
Price: $214.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black quilted salon chair for men Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Choice of color and stitching style
  • Reclining
  • 400 pound weight limit
Price: $659.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Theo Heavy Duty Hydraulic Barber Chair by Skin Act

    • Classic vintage style
    • Very little assembly needed
    • 900 pound weight capacity
    • Reclines almost flat
    • Small stabilizing legs
    • Heavy
    • Pricier than some

    This Theo barber chair from SkinAct has a true vintage look and construction built to last which is why it was also featured as one of the best vintage barber chairs.

    The strong steel frame can hold up to 900 pounds and its high density cushioning can hold to years of use. This chair has a 21.5 inch wide seat and the hydraulics can be adjusted from 23 inches tall to 31 inches tall.

    It comes with a one year warranty. I like that this chair needs a lot less assembly than some other models, but if you love putting furniture together, that may not be a deciding factor.

  2. 2. BR Beauty K.O. Professional Barber Chair

    • Holds up to 350 pounds
    • Two year warranty on hydraulics
    • Footrest with stabilizing legs
    • Reclines with elevating footrest
    • Weight limit too low for some
    • Too bulky looking for some
    • Seat is a little narrow

    It reclines, elevating the footrest for extra comfort, and has 360 rotation. The K.O. Professional Barber Chair is sturdy, comfortable, and professional. It’s highly adjustable to suit each client with heavy duty hydraulics to raise and lower the chair as well as an adjustable headrest to accommodate taller clients.

    The steel frame is covered in plush cushioning which provides support and comfort. An extra wide, weighted chrome base and footrest with support legs prevent tipping when your clients are getting into and out of the chair.

    With a seat width of 20 inches and a weight limit of 350 pounds, this barber chair can accommodate most clients, but not all. It has a similar weight capacity as many salon chairs and some may find that to be not enough. The hydraulics in this chair come with a two year warranty and are rated at 550 pounds, so you know the pump is built to last.

  3. 3. Titan Heavy Duty Barbering Chair by DIR

    • Classic vintage style
    • 580-pound weight capacity
    • Available in three colors
    • One or three-chair packages
    • No height range listed
    • Open back has less support
    • No arm towel rack

    I love the quilted look and open arms on this Titan Heavy Duty Barbering Chair from DIR. It’s not as bulky looking as others and the open back and sides make for a very roomy seat.

    The chair reclines to 45 degrees and has a maximum weight limit of 580 pounds, making this a good choice for big and tall clients. It has a quality hydraulic pump but doesn’t list the height range of the lift. 

    It comes with a one-year warranty and comes in three colors: Grey (featured above), Red, and Black. They’re available individually or in sets of three.

  4. 4. Artist Hand All Purpose Hydraulic Modern Barber Chair

    • Holds up to 440 pounds.
    • Five inches of lift
    • Wide chrome base
    • Reclines and has adjustable headrest
    • Some assembly
    • Doesn't look traditional
    • Too bulky for some

    The Artist Hand’s Barbershop Chair is a substantial chair with the appearance of a good, hefty armchair. With a steel frame, 21.5-inch seat width, and a weight capacity of 440 pounds, this chair is great for clients of all sizes. It’s also available as an electric model with electric-powered list and a built-in phone charger.

    The high-density small-cell foam, and there’s lots of it, provides comfort and support that won’t flatten out in only a few months. The sturdy hydraulics have five inches of lift. 

    A wide chrome base and large footrest with two stabilizing legs help to keep the chair stable. Its headrest is adjustable and the whole chair reclines 130 degrees. It also has 360 degrees of rotation.

    This chair might be a little too bulky for smaller spaces or some tastes, but if you’re looking for that masculine, recliner aesthetic, this is a good choice for the price. I like the black and white look of this one.  White salon chairs elevate a space and can help create a calming atmosphere.

  5. 5. BarberPub Heavy Duty Vintage Chair

    • Stand-out vintage look
    • 700 pound weight limit
    • Bi-cast leather upholstery
    • One year warranty
    • Bigger investment upfront
    • Devotion to vintage isn't for everyone
    • Bi-cast leather isn't vegan

    If you really want to make a visual splash, check out this traditional-style BarberPub Round-Back Chair with intricate metal cutouts. The red version of this chair was featured as my top red barber chair.

    There’s a lot to like here so let me break it down. To get it out of the way, this thing is beautiful. It steals the show in a barbershop and it’s the kind of thing that creates buzz after folks leave. The prominent metal frame (aluminum tinted different colors for each style) gives you that old-world look but the tufted cushions are thick, high-density foam for modern comfort.

    When it says it’s heavy-duty, it means it and has a weight limit of 700 pounds. The footstool has prominent legs with rubber feet for better support and a 27-inch chrome base for more stability. I like that the footrest swings up for easy rotation and that there’s an inset of padding for more comfort when the client is reclining.

    The upholstery is bi-cast leather which isn’t 100% real leather but it also isn’t vegan as it does contain some leather. You’ve heard of top grain leather? Think of this as middle to bottom grain leather. It’s technically leather but also coated in polyurethane which gives it extra protection and the faux leather grain texture that bi-cast simply doesn’t have. It’s a neat cheat to get leather seats without the leather price.

    (If you’re looking to stick with the vintage-but-improved look, check out my article on the 100-year commemorative Wahl 1919.)

    It comes in seven different color combinations including black and gold, black (featured above), army green and black, grey frame with black faux leather, and red.

    The chair comes with a one-year warranty and the hydraulics have a height range of 21.6 inches to 27.9 inches.

    If you’re committing to this vintage look, you might need to update your barber station at the same time.

  6. 6. Carter Reclining Barber Chair by Icarus

    • Stunning vintage appearnace
    • 350-pound weight capacity
    • Shiny chrome
    • 7 inches of height adjustment
    • Fairly light for a barber chair
    • No feet supports on the footrest
    • No towel rack

    The Carter by Icarus is a great retro option for the barber who’d love that vintage Belmont look but doesn’t want to drop that sort of cash on a chair (let alone several.) It’s an affordable option for being such an attractive, well-built chair. 

    I included the Carter in my best vintage barbershop chairs because it comes really close to the look that Belmont was putting out in the 1960s. It’s not only retro-looking, it’s authentically retro-looking. It’s clear they were studying vintage designs when they made this chair and not just going off the idea of “vintage.”

    It reclines down to a comfortable 45 degrees and has seven inches of height adjustment. 

  7. 7. Baasha Gold Luxe Vintage Chair

    • Antique look
    • Comfy high-density foam
    • Chair can hold up to 700 pounds
    • Not real leather
    • Height not given
    • Lack of reviews

    Looking for a chair that will really make their eyes pop? Your clients will be scrambling to take selfies in the Baasha Gold Barbershop Chair

    The design with its round back and ample footrest are solidly mimicking antique barber styles and the shiny gold embellishments, with curving metal, decorative rivets, and ornate patterning around the black base are just because we can and I love it. 

    Down to business. The chair is height adjustable (though they, unfortunately, don’t give numbers), has an adjustable headrest, and has a footrest that rotates so you can choose between a padded or solid side. Its padded calf rest is a plus and you’ll need it because this thing can really recline. It reclines back to 155 degrees. Geometry reminder, 180 degrees is flat, so this thing nearly turns into a bed.

    The hydraulic pump is rated to lift 550 pounds but the chair itself can hold up to 700 pounds.

  8. 8. Pibbs Seville 661 Professional Barbering Chair

    • Vintage style
    • Comfortable foot and calf rests
    • 2-year warranty on hydraulic pump
    • A little narrow for some
    • Slower shipping times
    • Doesn't recline as much as others

    The Seville Heavy Duty Barbershop Chair by Pibbs has impressive durability and a classic look with black upholstery and white piping. I love that it’s made here in America.

    This chair and hydraulic pump have a weight capacity of 450 pounds so your clients can feel supported and safe when they’re reclined in your chair.

    The headrest is adjustable and removable depending on your needs and the cushioning under the faux leather vinyl is high-density memory foam to conform to all body shapes. The footrest has two support legs for extra stability. Its lift is powered by a hydraulics system that is covered by a two-year warranty. 

    This is a great all-around chair with a stylish vintage look. 

  9. 9. Kenzo Vintage-Style Chair by Skin Act

    • High end, trusted brand
    • Eye-catching Japanese-influenced style
    • 1000 pound weight capacity
    • Sturdy hydraulic lift
    • Towel bar
    • Reclines and has reversable footrest
    • Durable
    • Footrest doesn’t have stabilizing legs
    • Bigger investment upfront
    • This style isn't for all shops

    This is as elegant as a barbershop chair can be. Inspired by Japanese architecture, the stainless steel construction of the Kenzo is packed with both intricate detailing and strength.

    With a 1000 pound weight capacity, this chair puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to claims of durability. Comfort is seen to by high-density foam, reversible footrest, and an adjustable headrest.

    It reclines to what looks like 45 degrees and the hydraulic pump offers height adjustment of 23 inches to 31 inches.

  10. 10. Artist Hand All Purpose Barber Chair

    • Holds up to 330 pounds
    • All purpose chair
    • Six inches of adjustment
    • Lower weight limit
    • Looks more like a styling chair
    • Narrow base

    If you’re on a budget, an all purpose chair is the way to go. It doesn’t try to do all the things higher-end barber chairs do which is a good thing on that kind of budget.  

    The Artist Hand chair has more of the look of a salon chair, but offers the reclining and adjustable headrest features that you expect from a barber chair.

    With a weight capacity of 330 pounds, this won’t be sturdy enough for larger clients, but is decent for an affordable all purpose chair. One plus for this is that the smaller base leaves plenty of room for an infrared hair dryer for hot oil treatments.

    If you have heavier or extremely tall clients, this likely won’t be the chair for you. But if you’re just starting out and don’t have the budget or room, this might be your chair for now.

    If you run a salon and are looking for a chair that meets both needs, this is a good choice for that as well. The black vinyl is classic and the polished wood armrests add a unique touch.

  11. 11. BarberPub All Purpose Chair

    • Choice of color and stitching style
    • 360 degrees of rotation
    • Reclines to 140 degrees
    • 400 pound weight limit
    • 400 pounds isn't enough for some
    • Needs assembly
    • Stitching can catch over time

    If you want something that visually stands out without going over the top, try some added stitching with this chair from BarberPub.

    This chair is right in the middle for me with hints of vintage style and sleekness and comfort of more modern looks. I like the large footrest and adjustable, as well as a removable headrest. 

    The stitchwork is eye-catching. If you’re not a fan of the stitching you can get this same chair with stitching that matches the color of the chair for a more subtle effect. It’s available in several colors including black with white stitching (featured above), black with black stitchingred with white stitching, and red and black.

    It reclines to 140 degrees and the hydraulics can lift the seat from 22.4 inches to 28.7 inches tall.

How Important Are Your Barber Shop Chairs?

You can be giving the most stylish cuts around, but their cut is the last thing a potential client is going to see when checking out a new barbershop. First, you have to get them in your chair.

Potential clients are being advised to judge your shop by the state of your furniture, the tidiness of your counters, and their overall first impression of the appearance of your shop.

Barbershop and salon lighting plays a huge role in the general appearance of your space too. Make sure your stations are properly lit to keep your shop from looking dreary.

What's the Difference Between Barber Chairs and Salon Chairs?

The difference between these two chair types is part function and part aesthetic. Barbershop chairs must recline to be able to give a proper shave. Salon chairs might recline but as they're mainly for hairstyling and makeup, it's not a necessity.

Barbershop chairs tend to run on the heftier side and have a more masculine look to go with the masculine environment of the traditional barbershop. Salon chairs tend to be more neutral or feminine to fit in the salon.

Salon chairs do tend to be more affordable, but also less sturdy. Barber chairs are larger and have higher weight capacities. If you have larger clients, skimping on your chair could end up being unsafe.

However, if you're just starting out and your budget is tight, a quality reclining salon chair is better than picking up a cheap barbershop chair that's going to quickly look like it's falling apart. Once you've established your client base, you can invest in some truly impressive chairs.

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