11 Best Anti-Cellulite Creams (Updated!)

best anti-cellulite cream


As a child, I was told my dimples were adorable. In my teens, I thought they were part of my charm. As a young woman, I made sure to smile at everyone, just to produce those desirable dimples. But here’s the problem, those dimples I once loved and embraced seem to be spreading to my thighs, butt and arm chickens (those jiggly spots on the undersides of your arms.)

Since we all want to feel good in our own skin, it’s time to put these miracle-promising creams to the test, and see what results they can produce. You can learn more about the causes of cellulite at the end of this post, after you’ve explored the 11 Best Cellulite Creams of 2018. Fair warning – we wanted to give anti-cellulite oil a shot as well, so I’ve included a couple of affordable options in that category too.

What Is the Best Anti-Cellulite Cream?

luxe spa formulas anti cellulite cream Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Top rated
  • Skin smoothing formula
  • Naturally builds collagen
Price: $89.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bliss fatgirlslim anti cellulite cream Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Developed for spa use
  • Feels cool on the skin
  • Helps smooth cellulite
Price: $69.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Botanic hearth muscle jelly hot cream for cellulite Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Soothes sore muscles
  • Smoothes skin
  • Targets fat cells
Price: $14.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cellulite cream, anti cellulite, best cellulite cream, cellulite treatment, cellulite removal, vela shape, velashape 2 Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Used by professionals
  • Targets fat cells
  • Easily massaged in
Price: $28.87 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cellulite cream, anti cellulite, best cellulite cream, cellulite treatment, cellulite removal, collagen gel, marine collagen, salcoll collagen Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Helps appearance of cellulite
  • Antioxidant properties
Price: $74.94 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cellulite cream, anti cellulite, best cellulite cream, cellulite treatment, cellulite removal, best anti cellulite cream, majestic pure Amazon Customer Reviews
  • More affordable than many
  • Heats up when massaged in
  • Smoothes and soothes skin
Price: $14.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cellulite cream, anti cellulite, best cellulite cream, cellulite treatment, cellulite removal, best anti cellulite cream, sweetsation Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces fat cell clusters
  • Warms areas to melt fat
Price: $24.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cellulite cream, anti cellulite, best cellulite cream, cellulite treatment, cellulite removal, best anti cellulite cream, cosnaturals skin care Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Skin moisturizing
  • More affordable than many
Price: $18.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
organic anti-cellulite cream Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Skin softening
  • Nice natural ingredients
  • Firms and tones
Price: $12.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cellulite cream, anti cellulite, best cellulite cream, cellulite treatment, cellulite removal, new York biology Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Amazon's Choice
  • Leaves skin supple
  • Improves the look of cellulite
Price: $12.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cellulite cream, anti cellulite, best cellulite cream, cellulite treatment, cellulite removal, best anti cellulite cream, pure body naturals Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Strengthens tissues
  • Reduces water retention
Price: $9.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Top Rated: Luxe Spa Formulas No. 33 Cellulite Cream

    • Rated 4.2 out of five stars by users
    • High quality ingredients
    • Effectively smooths skin
    • Award winning formula
    • Super spendy
    • Twice a day use means it gets used up fast
    • Does not work equally well for everyone
    • Takes 8-12 weeks to see results

    This skin smoothing cellulite cream gets rave reviews for it’s luxurious emollient formula, which promises to visibly smooth improve your cellulite with an 8-12 week regimen. If you think pictures are worth a thousand words, check out the photos included in their write up.

    This award winning formula has been named “best in class” by beauty editors three years in a row, which is always a positive nod for any product, but it’s also one of our most highly rated choices as well and gets our nod as the best cellulite cream. Caffeine combines with retinol derivatives, organic seaweed, L-carnitine and organic essential oils to work on dimples and bumps.

    This formula also has skin loving vitamins A, C and E oils, along with aloe vera for a skin soothing and smoothing experience. Green and white tea extracts, along with collagen, help this proprietary formula do its magic.

  2. 2. bliss Fatgirlslim Firming Cream

    • Spa based treatment
    • Great scent and cooling feel
    • Reduces the appearance of dimpling
    • Smooths skin
    • Pretty darned spendy
    • Changes are most visible immediately after use
    • Best used in conjunction with diet and exercise
    • Works best when used with the Fatgirlslim system – a big investment

    If you’re looking for immediate gratification, bliss Fatgirlslim firming cream might be your answer. A huge percentage of users report immediately visible smoother and firmer skin after using this product. This firming cream helps visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the tone and texture of your skin with encapsulated caffeine for quick and targeted delivery.

    With an exhilarating scent, this cooling cellulite cream leaves your skin feeling refreshed and looking smooth. Caffeine in this formula helps to stimulate circulation, to visually improve and minimize the appearance of excess fluid retention which contributes to visible cellulite. QuSomes™ effectively deliver active ingredients to the skin for fast results.

     The Lovehandler is a waist-targeting cooling gel packed with caffeine and energizing amino acids.

  3. 3. Best Buy: Botanic Hearth Muscle Jelly Hot Cream

    • Well rated by users
    • Absorbs quickly into the skin
    • Very Affordable
    • Relaxes muscles and may improve appearance of cellulite
    • Better for muscle relaxation than cellulite
    • Can get too hot for some
    • Must be used twice daily for maximum effect
    • Not effective for every user

    100 percent natural, 87 percent organic, and totally affordable, Botanic Hearth Muscle Jelly Hot Cream is an easy way to get your skin looking smooth and beautiful. This thermogenic cellulite cream also works as a muscle relaxer. The heating action smoothes skin, and soothes tired muscles, while essential oils add a dose of aromatherapy to your treatment.

    Used twice daily, the ingredients help to target fat cells leaving you with smoother skin. It applies well, and a little goes a long way. Do keep in mind, it heats up, which is the intention, but it might be uncomfortable for some people.

    While this cellulite jelly is one of the most affordable on our list, it’s also one of the best rated, so definitely worth a try.

  4. 4. VelaShape Reaffirming Gel Cellulite Treatment

    • Used by some massage therapists to tackle cellulite
    • Doesn’t irritate skin
    • Leaves skin feeling and looking toned immediately after use
    • Not effective for every user
    • Not recommended for sensitive skin
    • Heat sensation could be an issue for some

    It’s the simple truth. Some areas of your body are just harder to firm, tone and shape than others. Think thighs, belly and of course, that jiggly underarm area. These areas are often prone to cellulite issues, which is doubly frustrating especially if you’re an avid exerciser and watch your weight.

    But as you know, cellulite is not caused by excess weight. This Vela Shape Reaffirming Gel features four core complexes and ten more active ingredients, to help with firming, slimming and tightening action. It promises to help reactivate your body’s ability to remove unsightly fat dimples on your legs and bum, but also your tummy, arms and anywhere else you feel needs some help.

    That’s a big claim, but it also soothes your skin with super hydration and leaves it feeling refreshed. It promises to diminish the appearance of cellulite, and help to prevent any new fat cells from forming in problem areas. VelaShape Resculpting Gel stimulates the release of fat to your bloodstream, and reduces the appearance of unwanted dimples on love handles, thighs, hips and buttocks. A Cellulite Massager Body Roller Brush is recommended to help to increase the effectiveness of your products.

  5. 5. SALCOLL COLLAGEN Anti Cellulite Cream

    • Marine collagen helps promotes natural collagen production
    • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
    • Good for tummy toning
    • Natural Amber extract has antioxidant effect on skin
    • Crazy expensive
    • Not effective for every user
    • May cause allergic reactions

    This slimming cellulite cream uses the power of marine collagen to produce results. It promises to refine your body’s contours, and tone and tighten your belly skin after pregnancy or weight loss. This all natural formula also uses Amber extract to tighten up sagging skin.

    Salcoll Collagen Anti Aging Marine Collagen Body Gel produces an almost immediate effect on firming and tightening skin according to users who rave about its highly effective formula. Its downside is the huge expense at nearly $200 per bottle.

    To firm and tighten your neck and face, you might try the Anti Aging Marine Collagen Face & Neck Gel. To minimize drooping eyelids, wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags, dark circles and more, Salcoll Collagen Anti Aging Eye & Lip Serum is also super popular with users.

  6. 6. Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Cream

    • Very affordable
    • Natural and organic
    • Smooths skin and soothes muscles
    • Overwhelming aroma
    • Not effective for every user
    • May irritate skin
    • Heating effect is too hot for some

    Since we’ve already established the fact that you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite, what if you could find a solution that also helps to sooth tired aching muscles at the same time? Majestic Pure 100 percent natural Hot Cream is a two-in-one solution created to do just that.

    It contains an active blend of essential oils that is easily absorbed by the skin, to help reduce unwanted fat and promote healthy toned skin with improved elasticity. Hot cream is also an excellent, very relaxing massage cream that’s made with natural and organic ingredients and is cruelty free.

    Majestic Pure has a full line of natural and organic cosmeceuticals for your whole body. You can browse for them here.

  7. 7. Svelte Pro Supercharged Anti Cellulite Cream

    • 80 percent of users rate it four or above
    • Quite reasonably priced
    • Nice organic ingredients
    • Visibly tightens and smooths skin
    • May cause sweating in areas where product is applied
    • Not effective for every user
    • Seems more like a moisturizing lotion
    • May cause skin irritation

    If you’re hoping for an effortless way to reduce cellulite, Svelte Pro Supercharged Anti-Cellulite treatment incorporates phosphodiesterase inhibitors. These flab busters stop production of the enzyme that leads to fat storage in our body, helping dimpled areas to tighten.

    Ingredients including, caffeine, kola nut and juniper can enhance this effect. In tandem with these, there are ingredients like, Butcher’s broom, which helps dilate blood vessels and increases circulation to affected areas. Gingko biloba is said to firm the skin, and lemon and fennel help to detox the body and repair skin.

    L’Carnitine, the latest breakthrough in the cellulite battle, is found naturally in the skin and supports the conversion of fat into energy. Formulated to work both on the surface and in depth, this treatment promises to make a noticeable difference that can be seen with within three to four weeks of beginning use.

    It claims to reduce water retention and fat cell clusters, while improving circulation and overall appearance of your skin. It’s worth noting that this product may create slight sauna effect, which could cause you to sweat more on the areas where the product was applied.

    If you’re particularly sensitive about stretch marks, Organic EllastiBelly Stretch Mark Miracle Caviar can work wonders.

  8. 8. COSNATURALS Cellulite Defense Cream

    • Rated four out of five stars by users
    • Affordably priced
    • Reduces the cottage cheese look
    • Very moisturizing
    • Formula seems pretty watery
    • Odd scent is off-putting to some
    • Not effective for all users

    As you already know, cellulite is a result of the skins inability to hold back the clumps of fat cells which push up against the connective tissue below your skin. The resulting dimples are frustrating and hard to hide or get rid of. COSNATURALS Cellulite Treatment is a confidence boosting and visually altering cream that lessens the appearance of cellulite areas by reducing the volume of fat cells and moisturizing your skin.

    It cosmetically reduces the appearance of cellulite dimples, and tones and firms for a smooth, more sculpted appearance. It also moisturizes and revitalizes your skin and leaves it feeling super soft and vibrant. Because it’s made with natural and organic plant-based ingredients, you can feel good knowing it has no parabens, no alcohol, and has never been tested on animals.

    For sagging skin on your face and neck, COSNATURALS Face & Neck Firming Cream stimulates circulation to improve your overall appearance. Their 20% Vitamin C Serum diminishes fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing and brightening your skin.

  9. 9. TruuMe Anti-Cellulite Cream

    • Tones, tightens and firms skin
    • Natural oils leave skin supple
    • Warms with use to improve circulation
    • Money back guarantee
    • Guarantee is time limited
    • Consumer reviews are confusing
    • Product claims are pretty inflated

    If you’re looking for a firming, toning and tightening solution to sagging and dimpled skin, this is a popular option that’s less than $20, and comes with a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results. This cream warms as you massage it into the affected areas, targeting both cellulite and stretch marks.

    It helps to disperse fat cells and improve circulation to naturally improve the look and feel of your skin. Aloe vera extract soothes while witch hazel tightens and firms. Grape seed oil and jojoba oil moisturizes to leave your skin soft and supple. 

  10. 10. Amazon’s Choice: New York Biology Anti Cellulite Treatment Massage Oil

    • Rated four out of five stars by users
    • Amazon’s choice
    • Leaves skin feeling supple, not oily
    • Can improve the look of cellulite
    • Scent is too strong for some
    • Not effective for every user
    • Some packaging issues reported

    If you’re hoping to tackle that unsightly cellulite before too much time passes, this anti cellulite massage oil helps break down fat cells in those problem areas such as hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Unlike cellulite cream, this oil absorbs into the skin immediately, and attacks those unwanted fat tissues.

    It helps to firm, smooth and tone your rumpled skin with powerful ingredients such as grape seed oil, eucalyptus, lemon and grapefruit. These work in concert to tackle unwanted fat tissues. Each component used in this oil plays a key role in helping to firm and tighten your skin.

    It helps to eliminate toxins and balances and nourishes the skin’s surface for a more radiant and healthier look. This cruelty-free product is also free of alcohol, parabens and sulfates.

    New York Biology also makes a super popular Dead Sea Mud Mask for your face as well as a Arabica Coffee Body Scrub to help massage and exfoliate away skin imperfections. The scrub is an excellent way to prep your skin, prior to using the massage oil.


  11. 11. Best Cellulite Oil: Pure Body Naturals Anti Cellulite Firmness Oil

    • Rated 4.3 out of five stars by users
    • Very affordable compared to most
    • Natural ingredients smell great
    • Skin smoothing and soothing
    • User results may vary
    • Oily formula can be tough to wash out of sheets and towels
    • Pump bottle dispenses too much at once

    Pure Body Naturals Feel the Firmness massage oil has a proprietary “d-limonene” formula to bust up cellulite at the core. It helps in releasing fatty acids into bloodstream, where your body breaks them down and uses them for energy. A study conducted on the protective effects of d-limonene shows that it helps manage body weight by reducing lipid peroxidation, and lowering cholesterol.

    This formula also includes grape seed oil, which has astringent qualities. It is regenerating, moisturizing, and skin tightening. This light weight oil is perfect to use on areas with saggy skin. Eucalyptus essential oil helps to affect fat deposits that lie just under the skin.

    Lemon essential oil stimulates the circulatory system and helps to improve micro-circulation, and strengthens vascular tissues, while relieving pressure on your veins. This formula also includes grapefruit essential oil, which is a diuretic and lymph tonic, helping to fight water retention and aid in fat reduction.

    Work this oil into your skin with a cellulite busting massager, or get a combo kit with three separate massaging devices for different parts of your body. Pure Body Naturals Hot Cream is another anti-cellulite treatment that is popular with users and is also Amazon’s Choice.

Even though my weight is average, I exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water, I struggle with the doughy, cottage cheese look of cellulite. Since I'm a skincare junkie, I spend a lot of time researching and writing about this stuff. Now I want ALL of my skin to look younger than my years, so I got seriously interested in cellulite creams and oils.

Let's be clear here, cellulite doesn't happen because you're fat. It occurs because your fat begins to slip through your connective tissues as you age. And, quite unfairly, it is a way bigger issue for women than men, because those lucky guys are blessed with tighter connective tissues than me.

Additionally, cellulite is often a factor of heredity, and there's not a darned thing you can change about that. So what can you do to remove cellulite? One option is laser-assisted liposuction, during which a laser is used to literally melt the fat under your skin. The downside is that it requires anesthesia and can cost up to $5,000 for a single session. While these professional cellulite treatments are somewhat effective, they don't last forever, so you'll likely have to have the procedure repeated after five or six years.

There are also skin smoothing devices you can get for home use. Most are miniatures of those you'd find in a spa or dermatologist's office, and I may explore them in future posts. Interestingly, only the cheapest manual massager gets rave reviews, while the rest are "meh."

Cellulite cream is gaining popularity, and some brands get good reviews for their skin smoothing properties. Are they a panacea? Can they get rid of cellulite? No, because they're topical, not transdermal. But they can make your skin look smoother, more hydrated and taut, all of which improve your overall appearance and make you feel better about how you look.

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