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Best Coconut Shampoo: 11 Ways to Tame Your Mane

best coconut shampoo

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It seems like everyone these days is crazy about coconut. Whether you’re cooking with it, cleansing with it, or slathering your body with the latest coconut concoctions, there’s no doubt about it – coconut products are growing in popularity for a reason.

Besides the fact that coconut tastes great and smells like the best beach vacation ever, it has some amazingly positive attributes as a shampoo ingredient, especially if you’ve got dry, coarse, curly, or damaged hair that behaves best with more moisture and a gentler blow dryer.

That’s not to say you can’t have the tropical experience of coconut shampoo, even if you have normal or oily hair, because you can. That’s why we’ve looked at coconut shampoos that contain a variety of this fruit’s amazing by-products including coconut oil, coconut milk, and coconut water. Look for all the specifics for each of them at the bottom of this post. We have done the research so all you need to do is purchase the best coconut shampoo for your needs and fall in love with what it does to your hair.


Find the Best Coconut Shampoo for You

alba botanica coconut shampoo, coconut oil shampoo, coconut shampoo, coconut milk shampoo Amazon Customer Reviews
  • All natural
  • Rich in botanicals
  • Cleanses without stripping hair
Price: $15.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
carol's daughter shampoo, coconut water shampoo, coconut shampoo Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lightweight formula
  • Cleanses gently
  • Nicely bodifying
Price: $28.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
palmer's coconut oil shampoo, coconut oil shampoo, coconut shampoo, coconut shampoo and conditioner Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Replenishes moisture
  • Adds shine
  • Formulated for very dry hair
Price: $17.50 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
desert essence coconut shampoo, coconut oil shampoo, coconut shampoo, coconut shampoo and conditioner Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Shampoo and conditioner bundle
  • Great if you love organic products
  • Very gentle
Price: $19.29 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
organic coconut water shampoo and conditioner Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for dry hair
  • Antioxidant rich oils encourage growth
  • Safe for color treated hair
Price: $15.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
acure shampoo, coconut water shampoo, coconut shampoo Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Vegan formula
  • Fights frizzies
  • Great for very dry hair
Price: $19.16 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
love, beauty and planet shampoo, coconut oil shampoo, coconut shampoo, coconut shampoo and conditioner Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Moisturizing
  • Volumizing
  • Good for most hair types
Price: $13.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
ogx coconut milk shampoo, coconut milk shampoo, coconut oil shampoo, coconut shampoo Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Among the most affordable
  • Super lather
  • Smells like a tropical paradise
Price: $5.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
renpure coconut cream shampoo, coconut oil shampoo, coconut shampoo, coconut milk shampoo Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fresh scent
  • Nourishing formula
  • Detangles hair
Price: $13.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
coconut and hibiscus shampoo Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for curly hair
  • Neem oil fights scalp irritation
  • Detangling formula
Price: $9.68 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
coconut milk shampoo and conditioner Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Smells great
  • Provides lightweight moisture
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
Price: $54.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Alba Botanica Drink It Up Coconut Milk Shampoo

    • Very affordable
    • Formula doesn’t leave hair weighted down
    • Smells like frsh coconut
    • Vegetarian ingredients
    • Doesn’t lather much
    • Can leave wimpy hair feeling greasy
    • Doesn’t seem to rinse as clean as some

    You’ve heard the old saying, “go big, or go home.” That usually refers to football, not the championship sport of hair washing, but in this case it works. This big 32-ounce bottle of Alba Botanica Drink It Up Coconut Milk Shampoo, when priced per ounce, is such a bargain for a wonderful natural shampoo with 100 percent vegetarian ingredients. Free from many common chemicals, and damaging sulfates that can also pollute the water, this coconut shampoo creates a luxurious clean, without guilt. While it doesn’t make lots of lather, it also rinses clean with no residue.

    Its ingredient list boasts nourishing coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, aloe juice, fruit and flower extracts, and other botanicals to cleanse and replenish your hair. While this formula is nourishing, it’s not too heavy for most users, who rave about how well it helps detangle and rehydrate dry hair, as well as reviving their curls. The refreshing coconut scent is light, and doesn’t linger. 

  2. 2. Carol’s Daughter Monoi Ora Sulfate-Free Shampoo

    • Light enough formula for daily use
    • Heavenly fragrance
    • Sulphate free
    • Significantly reduces hair breakage
    • Pretty spendy
    • Not hydrating enough for dry or frizzy hair
    • Some packaging issues reported

    Monoi oil and coconut water team up to create a lightweight shampoo that softens your hair, and protects it from breakage, meaning your hair can grow longer and stronger. Monoi oil is known for helping to reduce protein loss in your hair, which is the secret behind less breakage, while coconut water gently nourishes and cleanses your hair.

    Monoi is a Tahitian that is blended with cold-pressed coconut oil to create Monoi oil, just in case you were curious. This shampoo gives you more natural body, and cleanses without the use of sulfates. Made especially for fine and delicate hair, this lightweight formula will give you silky tresses that don’t fall flat from heavy oils.

    We love this woman-owned company that creates natural hair care products you can feel good about using, because they aren’t made with heavy chemicals and artificial fragrances. By the way, this shampoo smells just heavenly. The Carol’s Daughter Monoi Ora Lightweight Conditioner helps to repair damage with a lightweight moisturizing formula that also adds volume and body.

  3. 3. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo & Repairing Conditioner

    • Amazon’s Choice
    • Good for even wimpy hair
    • Very moisturizing
    • Excellent for the whole family
    • Too greasy for some, too drying for others
    • Have to buy the combo pack for best pricing
    • Doesn’t give great lather
    • Scent is overpowering to some

    If you’re a woman who’s been pregnant, you might be more familiar with Palmer’s for its cocoa butter belly creams, but they’ve broadened their product line from just skin care to include hair care. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Shampoo naturally replenishes moisture and adds shine with a blend of coconut oil and keratin. What makes this unusual is that while it’s formulated for dry and damaged hair, it’s also great for limp hair, that many other coconut formulas tend to weigh down.

    This shampoo gets rave reviews, and a nod as Amazon’s Choice, for its ability to help heal your dry flaking scalp, and ability to condition wimpy hair, without making it fall flat. Great for folks with eczema and psoriasis, which tend to be more problematic on the scalp, this lightly coconut scented shampoo is detergent and sulfate free. The price point is reasonable for full family use, so you won’t have to have a ton of different products in the shower, always a plus. This natural formula knocks down frizzies and leaves hair feeling smooth, silky and well nourished.

    The companion conditioner is super thick, and can be left on like a hair mask for even deeper conditioning. Add extra shine, post wash, with Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hair Polisher Serum, and to enhance your curls, if you’re lucky enough to have them, Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hair Styler Cream Pudding helps to define and shine.

  4. 4. Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

    • Very well priced for the two pack
    • Vegan and cruelty-free
    • Gently cleanses without stripping hair of natural oils
    • Smells delicious
    • Scent doesn’t last in your hair
    • Some complaints that this formula is too drying
    • Not everyone likes to have to buy the two pack
    • Doesn’t detangle well

    While I try not to automatically bundle hair products, in the case of this coconut shampoo and conditioner, price made all the difference. It’s rare to get two eight-ounce bottles of anything for around fifteen bucks, especially when they are organic products, but this coconut shampoo and its companion are about more than price.

    These are cruelty-free, vegan hair products that you can feel great about using, and even better that you bought them so affordably. Of course, the shampoo has a lovely coconut scent, but it’s packed with hair loving ingredients including coconut oil cleansers to eliminate dirt and hair products, without stripping the natural oils. It also has organic jojoba oil to help moisturize your hair and scalp and give hair a healthy shine, organic olive oil to keep it soft and silky and emollient shea butter to help your hair retain more moisture after washing.

    Specially formulated for dry hair, just a tiny amount of this coconut shampoo works into a wicked lather, so you can massage your scalp and clean your hair at the same time. With no parabens or silicone, you’ll be surprised at how soft your hair feels between washings. It gets rave reviews for literally bringing dry hair back to life, and even those with somewhat limp or oily hair love how balancing it is. This coconut oil shampoo and conditioner two-pack will leave your hair smelling sweetly coconutty, without being overpowering.

  5. 5. Juice Organics Shampoo

    • Brings dull lifeless hair back to health
    • Reduces breakage and frizz
    • Especially good for very dry hair
    • Shampoo and conditioner duo is very well priced
    • Too heavy for normal hair
    • Not great for thin or fine hair
    • Minimal coconut fragrance

    Is hair breakage your biggest problem? This coconut shampoo harnesses the power of coconut, plant protein, and vitamin B5 to enhance the moisture and elasticity of your locks. But this healthy hair cocktail doesn’t stop there. It has antioxidant-rich argan oil and organic jojoba oil to help fight free radical damage and encourage new hair growth, as well as moisturize.

    It’s also infused with shine-enhancing organic aloe vera, as well as other botanicals to pamper your distressed hair.  Your dull and lifeless hair will spring back to its former self with regular use. This duo is great for regular, dry, and, color-processed hair, but maybe too moisturizing if you have oily hair issues. Add the conditioner to help prevent breakage.

  6. 6. Acure Simply Smoothing Shampoo

    • Natural and organic
    • Cleanses without stripping natural oils
    • Moisturizes without added oiliness
    • Smells terrific
    • Scent can be overpowering
    • Can leave hair over softened and poofy
    • Contains artificial fragrance

    This lightly moisturizing coconut water shampoo from Acure is a 100 percent vegan formula, from a company that’s built its reputation on high-quality organic and natural products. This organic hair wash is Paraben free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, mineral oil free, petroleum free, silicone free and cruelty free.

    So what does it have? Hydrating coconut water and marula oil, that can turn even the most frazzled and frizzy hair into a smooth and beautiful mane. Made from the fruit of the African marula tree, marula oil mimics the natural fatty acids in your skin, to repair and nourish hair.

    Better yet, it’s antioxidant-rich, but not pore-clogging, so your scalp should feel loved as well. Aloe leaf juice and a combination of organic fruit extracts, including acai berry, blackberry and pomegranate leave your hair luxuriously cleansed, without feeling stripped by harsh cleansers. 

  7. 7. Love Beauty and Planet Volume and Bounty Shampoo & Conditioner, Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower

    • Lightweight formula doesn’t weigh hair down
    • Leaves hair full and volumized
    • Ethically sourced ingredients
    • Vegan formula that rinses easily, minimizing water use
    • Not as natural as the marketing claims
    • Must buy the two pack, even if you only want the shampoo
    • Scent can be overwhelming to some
    • Contains sulfates

    Since coconut oil shampoos can be too heavy for some folks, coconut water shampoos offer a solution that’s both moisturizing and volumizing – a pretty cool concept for those with regular or even oily hair. This coconut shampoo and conditioner pack from Love Beauty and Planet is super well-priced and gives you all that hair loving coconut goodness, along with planet friendly practices.

    These products come in recycled plastic, that can be recycled again once they’re empty. This lightweight formula helps to detangle, which is terrific for hair that turns into knots when washed. With a fresh and light coconut scent, it’s made with coconut water, coconut oil, and a hint of mimosa flower. The scents and oils are ethically sourced, the shampoo and conditioner are quick and easy to rinse out, meaning you’ll waste less water – another earth loving plus. Your hair will be shiny, bouncy and volumized, as well as smelling lovely.

    Gentle plant-based cleansers and organic coconut oil add both strength and body to even fine, wimpy hair. Paraben and silicone free, this vegan shampoo and conditioner are an easy choice for both their affordability and great results. Since Unilever is this company’s parent brand, it’s interesting to see them breaking into the natural and organic realm with a product that people love.

  8. 8. OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

    • Super affordable
    • Rich lather that rinses well
    • Leaves your hair feeling soft, even without conditioner
    • Smells like coconut heaven
    • Not a truly organic formula
    • Can be too heavy for fine or limp hair
    • Scent is overwhelming to some
    • Contains sulphates

    This super hydrating coconut shampoo formula is a great find for anyone with dry, damaged or frizzy and flyaway hair. While its name says it’s a coconut milk shampoo, it’s also a coconut oil shampoo that contains hydrolyzed milk proteins. That’s all just semantics, though, because this coconut milk shampoo has a lot going for it when it comes to getting silky, softer locks.

    After weeks of using it, along with its companion OGX Coconut Milk Conditioner, I could see a visible difference in the softness and shine my wavy silver hair had. Because it’s so conditioning, this coconut shampoo is a great option for those who don’t need or want to shampoo every day. It hydrates well enough on its own, that your hair feels smooth after rinsing, even before conditioning. It makes a nice rich lather (and I count bubbles as super important) that smells pretty much like heaven, if you think heaven smells like coconut.

    With coconut oil, coconut milk and whipped egg white proteins, this shampoo cleans and conditions, but it also rinses really well, so you don’t feel any heavy or oily residue. Since I fell in love with this shampoo, I’ve also tried the OGX Coconut Curls Shampoo and Conditioner, which I think is especially great for enhancing your natural waves, without adding a lot of post shampoo product to your hair.

    I’ve also lathered up with the OGX Coconut Water Shampoo, a lighter formula that promises weightless hydration. While it wasn’t quite hydrating enough for my somewhat dry hair, it would be perfect for someone with very fine hair that might be flattened by the more moisturizing formulas we mentioned above.

  9. 9. Renpure Coconut Cream Nourishing Shampoo

    • Natural formula without harmful chemicals
    • Super affordable
    • Light coconut smell
    • Very moisturizing
    • Can be too oily for some
    • Scent is overpowering for some users
    • Can be difficult to rinse out
    • Scent doesn’t last long

    If you’re looking for a sulfate free coconut shampoo that makes a wickedly moisturizing lather, and leaves a fresh coconut scent that doesn’t linger too long, Renpure Coconut Cream shampoo could be your new favorite. Then again, if you’re looking for a coconut shampoo that’s a total bargain, and still delivers great results, this might be your new fave for that. At just under seven bucks for a 32 ounce bottle, it’s one of the cheapest best coconut shampoo buys.

    This formula features a unique micro-structure that is said to coat each hair strand to prevent tangling and breakage, while thoroughly cleansing. It nourishes dry hair with healthy coconut that is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Despite its low price point, it feels much like a luxury shampoo, and when followed with Renpure Coconut Cream Conditioner leaves dry, frizzy and damaged hair feeling moisturized, soft and shiny.

    We also think you’ll love the fact that this natural formula doesn’t come with the higher cost many natural products do. It leaves out harmful chemicals, and leaves in all the shine. For a lighter conditioning treatment, Renpure Coconut Water Leave In Treatment is a mist that not only moisturizes dry hair, but protects it from the ravages of your favorite hot styling tools.

  10. 10. Best for Curly Hair: SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo

    • Great for moisturized, tangle free curls
    • Leaves hair soft and bouncy
    • Smells delish
    • Natural and organic ingredients
    • Very watery formula
    • Can be too heavy for those with oilier hair
    • Scent can be overpowering
    • Takes a fair amount of shampoo to get good lather

    This popular coconut oil shampoo comes from one of our favorite natural and organic beauty companies, SheaMoisture, which is committed to sustainably produced, fair trade products that are cruelty free. This shampoo is free from the bad stuff like sulfates and phthalates, but it’s filled with all kinds of natural goodness for your hair and scalp. Of course, it has coconut oil, rich in moisturizers, it also helps gently cleanse your scalp and hair. And the smell – it’s pretty heavenly.

    This coconut oil shampoo also has shea butter mixed with neem oil. If you’re a gardener, you know the power of neem oil as a natural way to keep your plants healthy and bug free. Turns out neem does wonders for your skin and hair, and it’s especially great for soothing an itchy, flakey scalp. Hibiscus flower extract helps to battle the frizzies, and lock in moisture. This powerful combo is particularly great for those of us with dry, damaged and especially curly hair, which tends toward all of the aforementioned.

    Because it helps prevent breakage, it actually can help you grow a longer and more beautiful mane. Because this shampoo is sulfate free, you might not expect it to lather well, but it actually does. And when you follow it up with the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner, you’ll have bouncy, healthy hair that smells delicious for several days to come.

    As someone with lackluster curls, I also highly recommend the Curl Enhancing Smoothie, a hair mask that, with once a week use, will transform your waves and curls into soft and silky perfection.

  11. 11. Be Care Love SuperFoods Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

    • Vegan formula uses Certified Organic ingredients
    • Adds lightweight moisture without feeling greasy
    • Smells like a bit of tropical heaven
    • Seriously spendy
    • Shampoo isn't deep cleansing enough
    • Reviews are limited

    When you want to give your hair a healthy drink of moisture, this coconut milk shampoo and conditioner duo from Be Care Love SuperFoods is an awesome option. The coconut milk offers lightweight yet silky hydration to stressed tresses while almond protein helps to fortifies strands to help prevent damage and breakage. Argan oil conditions and softens and is also well known and loved for improving hair growth and reducing hair loss. 

    This shampoo and condition are fortified with vitamin E which is antioxidant rich and helps prevent oxidative stress. They add moisture without weighing your hair down. It also smells great, which is a natural bonus. These products are Vegan, cruelty-free, and made with Certified Organic ingredients. This same company makes a number of natural shampoo and conditioner sets from Damage Detox to Frizz Control. 

Is Coconut a Fruit?

Let's start with the basics of just what the heck a coconut is. Is it a fruit, nut, or seed? We only pose the question because it's so rich in hair healthy oils, we naturally, assumed it was a nut or seed. But it turns out, according to the Library of Congress, the amazing coconut can be classified as all three!

What Are the Benefits of Coconut Oil Shampoos?

The most hydrating of all the coconut shampoo products we've reviewed are coconut oil shampoos. Since coconut oil is 100 percent fat, it naturally smooths and deeply moisturizes your hair.

It's especially great for dry, curly, and, color-treated hair because it coats and protects the hair shaft, giving you a much smoother mane and helps to better define waves and curls.

These coconut oil formulations can be a real boon for those of you who have been fighting frizz for life, but they're often a total bust for people with fine, wispy, or wimpy hair which will likely go flat and frumpy using these heavier shampoos.

What Are the Benefits of Coconut Milk Shampoo?

Because coconut milk is only about 20 percent fat, and the rest is made up of water, proteins, vitamins and, minerals, coconut milk shampoos are the happy medium for hydration, smoothing and, detangling. These shampoos are great for normal hair types, and those looking for that great coconut smell. Coconut milk has also gotten some positive press as an aid for helping with hair growth.

A combination of the coconut water found inside the fruit, and the liquid stored in the flesh of the coconut, is naturally moisturizing properties are also great for taming split ends and reducing hair breakage. Coconut milk can even be sprayed into your hair as a leave-in conditioner that's volumizing and light.

Is Coconut Water Shampoo Moisturizing Too?

For weightless hydration, coconut water shampoo is the perfect alternative for those with fine, flyaway hair, as well as people with oily hair. Because coconut water is moisturizing without adding the heavier grease of coconut oil and coconut milk, coconut water shampoo cleanses, without stripping hair of natural oils or leaving it feeling dry and brittle.

Coconut water has free-radical fighting antioxidants that can be beneficial for both your hair and scalp. These shampoos tend to be thinner and more watery formulas, especially if you choose those that are natural, organic, and, sulfate-free.

Overall, you'll notice a heavy emphasis on natural, vegan, and, organic brands on our list of favorites. It only seems fitting, considering we're talking about an organic ingredient with so many healthful properties.

But if you want to use coconut shampoo and conditioner, just because it smells so darned delicious, we say go for it.