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Best Facial Epilator: 9 Options for Fast Hair Removal

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There’s just no doubt about it, facial hair, especially if you’re a woman, is a total drag. Getting rid of it can be daunting. And if you’ve tried all the things, perhaps you’ve never considered a facial epilator as the solution.

Rather than spending hours with your tweezers in front of your magnifying mirror, an epilator uses many tweezers working in unison to remove facial hair at the root, meaning you’ll keep fuzz-free longer.

But we also need to be honest with you. There’s a pain factor that can’t be denied. Many facial epilator aficionados refer to the process as “the best worst thing” they’ve ever done to tackle their tough facial hair problem. But those specifically for faces are somewhat more gentle than those for your legs.

What Is the Best Facial Epilator?

braun silk epil 9, facial epilator, face epilator Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Waterproof
  • Multifunctional
  • Tweezes more effectively
Price: $259.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
facial epilator and skin care device Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Small and easy to handle
  • Made for faces
  • Multitasking
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panasonic epilator, facial epilator, face epilator Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Wide epilation head
  • Two speeds
  • Many use options
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gillette venus face perfection epilator, facial epilator, face epilator Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Compact size
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Small head targets tight spots
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finishing touch hair remover, facial epilator, face epilator Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Small and discreet
  • Inexpensive
  • Effectively removes hair
Price: $19.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
epilady facial epilator, facial epilator, face epilator Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • Hypoallergenic coils
  • Removes even fine hair fast
Price: $39.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
facial epilator with attachments for sensitive skin Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Good for sensitive areas
  • Dual speed control
  • Efficient removal of very fine hairs
Price: $49.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
wet dry epilator Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Two speeds
  • Lots of different heads
  • Acts as a shaver too
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emjoi epilator, facial epilator, face epilator Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 540 tweezes per second
  • Faster than some
  • Less pulling and pinching
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator

    • Removes hair well
    • Features many optional attachments
    • Waterproof so great for shower use
    • Can be used from head to toe
    • Pretty darned pricey
    • Indeed, it seriously hurts
    • Leaves skin irritated at first
    • Facial brush attachment is unimpressive

    When I first checked out this facial epilator from Braun, I was surprised by the multi-faceted uses for this little device. Yes, you can use it for hair removal, really from head to toe. It comes equipped with special heads to manage both body and facial hair. But it also does a lot more. You can use this as a shaver, facial massager and an exfoliator, because it also comes with an exfoliating brush that removes dirt, oil and makeup better than washing with your hands.

    Because it’s waterproof, it’s safe to use in the shower, or straight out of the tub, when your hair is a little softer and easier to remove. We especially like it for its wide epilation head, although the guard for use on your face is a little narrower and needs to be pressed into your skin a bit to give the epilator heads full contact with your skin.

    Braun’s proprietary MicroGrip Tweezer Technology uses wider, longer, and deeper tweezers to increase epilation effectiveness. It also has a pivoting head, making epilation in delicate contours easier, and the smart light that’s included lets you spot even the tiniest hairs for removal. A one hour charge gives you 40 minutes of operating time, so if you’re doing your whole body, you’ll need that and then some.

    If you’re looking for a face epilator that has even more spa-like attachments, Braun has one of those for another fifty bucks. The Braun Face 851 Women’s Miniature Epilator is a well-rated option if you’re strictly removing facial hair, and it’s far less expensive than their big daddy epilators, but much more limited in scope.

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  2. 2. Braun FaceSpa Pro Facial Epilator

    • Comes with a facial cleansing brush
    • Epilator head makes for efficient removal of even tiny hairs
    • Massage head enhances absorption of serums and moisturizers
    • Epilation process is time consuming due to the small head
    • Pretty spendy
    • Charging is somewhat inconvenient because of the configuration

    Are you looking for ways to improve your overall facial appearance in addition to removing facial hair? The Braun FaceSpa Pro is an ideal multitasking device that performs three facial functions with a simple change out of the head. First and foremost, it’s a small sized epilator that’s appropriate for use on your delicate chin, upper lip, and cheeks. The slip epilator head has ten openings to catch even the tiniest of hairs. 

    This device also comes with a micro-vibration toning head that massages your skin, increasing blood circulation and also helping to apply your serums and moisturizers for greater results. A facial cleansing brush attachment allows you to deeply cleanse away dirt, oil and makeup while also massaging your face for a fresh and radiant complexion. The cleansing brush is six times more effective than washing your face with your hands, so the clean goes beyond just the surface of your skin.

    The smart head detection device allows your beauty tool to deliver optimal performance no matter which head you’re using. This epilator is also super convenient, rechargeable and comes with a stand so it can stay in place until the next use. If you don’t want to spend quite as much, you can also get the FacePro 910 which eliminates the massaging head from the mix.

  3. 3. Panasonic ES-ED90-P Multi-Functional Epilator & Wet/Dry Shaver

    • Effectively removes hair everywhere
    • Multiple heads for different uses
    • Well rated by users
    • Shower safe
    • More expensive than some
    • Can pinch your skin
    • Pain is the only option
    • Some charging issues reported

    When you think of just how fast you’ll be hair free, with 48 rotating tweezers working in unison, you can get past the discomfort involved with epilating in the first place. This Panasonic epilator delivers hair removal with ease, plus a lot more. With a wide epilation head and a gentle epilation cap for sensitive areas like your face, this tool removes even the finest fuzz.

    It also features several other personal pampering options with a pedicure buffer, shaver head, and bikini comb to perfectly trim up your private bits. With two speeds, to accommodate tougher hair, and your tolerance for discomfort, it also has a built in LED light to reveal all your hairs, making more precise removal possible.

    A one hour charge gives you 30 minutes of run time, and this device is shower safe as well. Since this process can leave your skin a bit annoyed, consider an antiseptic cream to follow epilation. Finipil Cream not only soothes and prevents infection, it also slows hair regrowth.

  4. 4. Gillette Venus Face Perfection Women’s Hair Remover

    • Removes facial hair well
    • Settings for each side of your face make it simpler
    • Small and easy to maneuver
    • Tiny head makes fine work on brows and upper lip more efficient
    • It still hurts
    • Can cause redness and irritation
    • Four weeks of salon-smooth skin is an overpromise

    This handy little facial epilator has a number of good things going for it. First, it’s ergonomic shape makes it easy to use on your face, including your brows and upper lip. The slim head has ten micro-openings to tweeze even the finest of hairs up to 0.02, so you can eliminate that mustache, monobrow and peach fuzz in record time.

    Faster and easier than plucking one hair at a time, this battery operated epilator removes hair at the root, and has settings to make it more efficient, depending on which side of your face you’re working on. Because it removes four times shorter hair than waxing, you’ll get smooth skin that lasts for weeks.

    We especially like its compact design, because that allows you to easily move around those tight spots including your upper lip and chin. Ten micro-openings work for fast and efficient hair removal.

  5. 5. Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover

    • Very affordable
    • Effectively removes facial fuzz
    • Easy to handle compact design
    • Painless performance
    • Head gets a little warm after a few minutes
    • Tends to pull open on the wrong end, exposing batteries
    • Not really precise enough for eyebrow area
    • Not an epilator – this relies on blade versus tweeze technology

    This ultra petite lady shaver is a quick and easy answer to getting rid of your facial fuzz, annoying chin whiskers and upper lip hairs. The Finishing Touch hair remover is gentle enough to use every day if you want to avoid the look and feel of regrowth, plus it’s super small and discreet, so it’s purse packable, just in case you see a stray hair in the car mirror or at work. 

    While it’s more shaver than epilator, it’s so popular, we felt you’d want to consider it as an option.

    The fact that it’s so affordable means you might want to get a couple of these facial hair removers, one for home and one for times when you’re on the go. Super easy to clean, it operates with a standard AA battery. When used properly, it doesn’t irritate the skin, instead leaving your face smooth and soft. This face shaver also includes a built in light that allows you to effectively target unwanted hair, and remove it with ease. For best results, regularly replace the heads.

  6. 6. Epilady Esthetic Generation 5 Facial Epilator

    • Affordable compared to some
    • Very effective on fine facial hair
    • Keeps skin hair free longer than shaving or waxing
    • Compact size is easy to use
    • Works better on fine facial hair than coarse hair
    • Yes, it hurts a bit
    • Can pinch, pull and burn skin if not used properly
    • Not effective for every user

    Specifically designed to remove fine facial hair, the Epilady Esthetic is the latest in a long line of facial epilators from a company that really started the epilator movement. Its predecessor, the Epilady Legend Gen 4, also gets solid reviews and has been around longer, but this new device has some improvements.

    This facial epilator uses hypoallergenic rotating coils to remove facial hair at the root, and gives your skin a smooth finish for weeks at a time. The small head allows for really precise control, so eliminating the tiniest hairs on your lip, chin and cheeks can be accomplished in minutes. It runs quietly, with two AA batteries, and is reasonably non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin types. This device also helps to prevent ingrown hairs which is a huge plus.

  7. 7. Emjoi eRase e60 Dual Opposed Heads Epilator

    • Cute floral pattern
    • Dual opposed heads mean efficient hair removal
    • Comes with a sensitive skin cap to allow for face and delicate area use
    • Corded device means full power during treatments
    • Only dry use possible
    • It hurts
    • Difficult to keep at 90 degree angle required for most effective hair removal

    When you know you’re about to use a tool that might cause a little pain, doesn’t it help to at least have it be a cute tool? We think so too. That’s one of the reasons we’re fans of the Emoji eRase epilator. It’s hard to resist the floral print body, but the best part is that this tool does the work it’s intended to do. It removes hair at the root leaving your skin smoother for longer.

    Dual opposed heads with 60 precision tweezers grab even the smallest hairs to leave your face, and other sensitive areas hair free. This epilator features technology that helps to reduce skin irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs. It’s robust enough to do legs too, but it also has a sensitive skin cover that allows you to tackle facial hair as well as armpits and bikini lines.

    This epilator also comes with a shaver-trimmer attachment so you can use it in multiple ways. The fact that it’s corded means you’ll never need to worry about running shy on power, so you can take your time with removal treatments. The dual speed control allows you to start out easy in case you need to break into the epilation routine gradually.

  8. 8. Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry Epilator

    • Effectively removes most hair
    • Three different caps for specific areas of the face and body
    • Also can be used as a shaver
    • Shower worthy
    • Takes longer to charge than some for similar run times
    • Requires some pain tolerance
    • Results don’t last as long as claimed for many
    • Doesn’t remove smaller, finer hairs

    This is a two-in-one system that acts as both a facial epilator and shaver, both of which can be used body wide. We like its wider epilating head, which takes a bit less time than some. With a 40 minute run time on a single charge, you can get through your face and other larger body areas as well. Use it in the shower or after, for skin that feels smooth longer than if you’d shaved.

    We also like that this epilator has two speed settings, so you can ease your way into the experience with a minimum of discomfort. The speed variation also makes capturing thicker and thinner hairs more effective. This hair removal kit includes two precision caps  –  one for epilating sensitive areas like your face, bikini line and armpits, and another for hair removal everywhere else. With a built-in light, you can see all your hairs, and more effectively remove them.

    This epilator is cordless and rechargeable, so you’ll get a full 40 minutes of run time on every full charge.


  9. 9. Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18

    • Very affordable
    • Effectively removes facial hair
    • High RPM with fast tweezing rate
    • Slim profile makes it easy to maneuver
    • It hurts
    • Can leave skin red and irritated at first
    • May not be as effective on thick and coarse hair
    • Discs can heat up during use

    As you know, since you’re considering the purchase of a facial epilator, these hair removal devices basically tweeze your hairs at warp speed, compared to doing it a single hair at a time. This Emjoi epilator has lots of tweezers, running at high RPMs, so in theory it will make what’s a bit of a painful process, happen a lot faster.

    Its slim profile makes it easier to maneuver, especially in tighter places like your upper lip. The patented three-disc system is designed to increase your comfort somewhat, massaging skin into the most effective position for hair removal, with 540 tweezes per second. That’s a lot of tweezing. Since it’s battery operated, you’re not constrained by a cord, meaning you can shimmy up close to your magnifying mirror to do the best job possible.

    For effective epilation of larger areas like legs, chest and back, the Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator is highly rated, although it is about three times the price.

Why Would You Want to Epilate?

Why would you want to try epilating to eliminate facial hair, versus other techniques? Let's talk about the other options for a minute, specifically those you can do at home.

Is Waxing Less Painful Than Epilation?

Whether you've gotten professional spa treatments or you wax at home, waxing can tear your skin. Because it removes hair at the roots, it's famous for creating ugly breakouts and ingrown hairs, along with some other unpleasant side effects, per the experts at Healthline.

Additionally, the spa route is super expensive, and it needs to be repeated often. It also may introduce unwanted chemicals to your skin, a fact many aren't willing to take risks with. While we like waxing, in general, for delicate face skin it may simply be too harsh. It also hurts.

Why Not Just Use Hair Removal Creams?

Many hair removal creams and lotions are super effective, and their benefit is that they work quickly - often in five minutes or less. The downside is that they dissolve hair at the surface, so the results are not as long-lasting as epilation.

Additionally, many people find these products burn or seriously irritate their skin, even after using the skin soothing products that are usually included in the package. The process itself doesn't hurt, but sometimes the resulting skin issues do. Some experts even warn you to avoid them altogether.

Why Not Use an IPL Hair Remover Instead of a Facial Epilator?

Home laser hair removal devices really are amazing, if, and only if, you fit the somewhat narrow criteria for success. Most are effective only on darker hair, because the laser targets and kills the follicles where those hairs grow. But for half the population, at least those with blonde or light-colored facial hair, these home lasers won't get the desired results. They're also not great for people with darker skin tones.

While they create a much more permanent reduction in facial hair, they are also incredibly expensive, which puts them financially out of reach for a lot of folks. Lasers can be particularly harmful to your eyes, so you also need special glasses to protect them. And yes, the treatments also hurt.

What Makes a Facial Epilator the Right Choice?

So back to epilation. We've included a group of tools that can handle both your face and your body hair, along with lots of other beauty concerns from foot calluses to exfoliation.

The best facial epilator is going to deliver long-lasting results, although few really give you four to six weeks of hair-free fun, despite their claims. They will, however, reduce the amount of time spent, and the frequency with which you have to focus on hair removal.

That said, we think they're a totally viable option for those brave enough to deal with the pain. You know how it hurts to pluck one hair? Epilators deliver dozens and dozens of tweezes per second. It's simply going to be uncomfortable, as are most hair removal options.

Consider pouring a nice glass of wine before starting, and then grin and bear it. Do hit us back to tell us more about your experiences, and take a minute to check out our recommendations for the best epilators for your legs.

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