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11 Best Facial Beds: Compare, Buy & Save

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Having an outdated or beat-up facial bed can send a message to potential clients that your space is unprofessional or potentially even unsafe. Articles on how to choose a spa or esthetician suggest checking how old the equipment is and judging the caliber of the salon based on how their facial tables look.

For more economical options, tattoo chairs and massage tables have some crossover in design. See the end of the article if you’d like a breakdown of different features to help you decide which esthetician bed is right for you.

What Are the Best Facial Beds?

White electric facial chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • My top pick
  • Four independant motors
  • Smooth transitions
Price: $2,699.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black facial treatment table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Unique design
  • Electric transitions
  • No assembly needed
Price: $1,799.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White all purpose electrical beauty bed Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Wide range of adjustability
  • Four-motor electric transitions
  • Choice of colors
Price: $2,249.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black massage table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • You don't need a plug
Price: $609.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black facial table with wooden base Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Built-in storage
  • Mahogany base
  • 11 manual positions
Price: $1,187.56 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White spa bed on wooden base Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Three-motor electric adjustment
  • Stunning wood-finish design
  • No assembly needed
Price: $2,299.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black and white medical exam chair bed Amazon Customer Reviews
  • One-botton position reset
  • Four-motor electric movement
  • Extending foot and headrest
Price: $2,499.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black reclinging treatment chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • 360 degrees of rotation
  • 400 pound weight limit
Price: $399.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black tattoo chair with stool Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • Comes with stool
  • Good if you're not specialized
Price: $289.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black stationary massage table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 1,000 pound weight capacity
  • Good for larger clients
  • Height adjustable
Price: $528.46 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Lightcolored Skin Act stationary massage table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Good if you need storage
  • Electric transitions
  • 425 pound weight limit
Price: $2,199.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Radi+ Spa Electric Rotating Facial Treatment Bed

    • Four independant motors
    • Reversable and removable armrests
    • 240 degrees of rotation
    • 385 pound weight limit
    • Bigger investment upfront
    • Limited rotation
    • Remotes sold separately

    The Radi+ Electric Facial Treatment Bed gets into the nitty-gritty of adjustability to give you a wide range of possibilities. 

    As an electric treatment table, it has all the same smooth transition of height, the incline of backrest and footrest, and tilt of the entire bed. It offers a foot of lift from 25 inches high to 37 inches high. The armrests are easily removable and reversible.

    Where this bed gets interesting is in its incorporation of the sort of adjustment locks you see on massage therapy tables. A lock at the base allows for 240 degrees of manual rotation.

    The end of the footrest unlocks so it can be extended or removed. The headrest has a removable bolster revealing a face cradle and an almost ridiculous amount of hinged adjustability as well as being removable.

    The video below shows all the angles you can achieve with this headrest. Similar to the Lucent, the controls to the electric movement are on the side of the treatment table but handheld remote or foot pedal options are available. It’s currently available in black and sand.


    • Height: 22.8 inches to 34.6 inches high
    • Length by width: 73.2 inches by 33.8 inches wide
    • Rotation: 240 degrees
    • Max weight load: 385 pounds
  2. 2. Venus Euro Design Massage & Facial Electric Treatment Bed by SkinAct

    • Ideal if you're going for sleek look
    • Smooth electric transitions
    • 350 pound weight limit
    • Comes pre-assembled
    • No 360 degree rotation
    • No face cradle
    • Not portable

    For a minimalist look and sleek design, the Venus by Skin Act is both eye-catching and practical. It has three motors with smooth adjustable movement to raise and lower the bed from 26.4 inches tall to 34.3 inches as well as independently adjust the incline of the headrest and footrest.

    Movement is controlled by discrete switches on the side and back of the treatment table, but if you’d prefer a handset or foot pedal, those are options as well.

    I love the look of the base. It’s so clean that it’s a little futuristic. The Venus has a wide range of movement from a seated position to completely flat. The padded armrests are removable as well as reversible for lying face down. 


    • Height: 26.4 inches to 34.3 inches high
    • Length by width: 76.4 inches by 34.3 inches wide
    • Rotation: N/A
    • Max weight load: 350 pounds
  3. 3. Pavo Beauty Bed by DIR

    • 400-pound weight limit
    • Good if you need several beds
    • 180-degrees of spin
    • Hand remote
    • Can't rotate 360-degrees
    • Foot remote sold separately
    • Seams don't look as sleek as others

    If you’re looking for a modern, professional facial treatment bed, check out the Pavo Beauty Bed by DIR. This electric treatment table has four independent motors for an extremely high level of adjustability.

    Using the attached remote you can raise and lower the entire bed from 24.8 inches tall to 40.25 inches tall, raise or lower the headrest, raise or lower the foot rest, and tilt the entire bed either forward or back.

    A huge range of height adjustment makes this a great bed for clients who would normally have trouble getting on and off a regular treatment table. You can see just how smooth the transitions are in this YouTube video.

    It doesn’t have 360-degree rotation, but it can be rotated 180 degrees. The pillow on the headrest is removable to reveal a face cradle to convert the bed for a face-down position. The armrests are also removable.

    The bed has a working weight of 400 pounds and is covered in plush high-density foam padding. 

    DIR offers this model in sets of one, two, or three, and in two other colors besides the featured white: black, and grey.


    • Height: 24.8 inches to 40.25 inches high
    • Length by width: 68 inches by 34.5 inches wide
    • Rotation: 180-degrees
    • Max weight load: 400 pounds
  4. 4. Earthlite Avalon Tilt Portable Massage Table

    • Great if you travel with your table
    • More affordable than others
    • Can lie flat or tilt upward
    • No electricity needed
    • Definitely not as professional
    • Heavy
    • Not as stable or durable
    • Must adjust manually
    • No arm rests

    If what you really need is something portable, consider the Avalon Tilt by Earthlite. It’s primarily a massage table so it’s not going to have the same professional look a traditional treatment table but it will cut it if you need a table for traveling to fairs, events, parties, or clients’ homes for facials. 

    The back panel can be manually lifted for a reclined position in 23 different increments. This makes it good for facials or simple body treatments on-site for at fairs. It’s well built with a hardwood frame and is sturdy for a massage table with a static weight capacity of 3000 pounds. 

    It folds up to fit in the included case and weighs about 32 pounds. That’s still kind of heavy to carry long distances but with a massage table trolley, it becomes a breeze.

    I love Earthlite as a massage table brand. Their padding is plush and the upholstery is easy to keep clean.

    the Avalon Tilt comes in a few different colors including Vanilla Cream (featured above), Amethyst, Latte, and Mystic Blue.


    • Height: 23 inches to 33 inches high
    • Length by width: 73 inches by 30 inches wide
    • Rotation: N/A
    • Max weight load: 750 pounds (3,000 static weight capacity)
  5. 5. Master Massage Spa Table

    • 11 manual positions possible
    • Hardwood mahogany base
    • Built-in storage
    • Less adjustability than others
    • Adjustments are manual
    • Arm rests don't sit flat
    • Requires some assembly

    This one is labeled as a spa table and that’s really what it’s perfect for. The Master Massage Spa Table is less for medical aesthetic treatments and more for facials, scrubs, body treatments, and massage. 

    It’s a beautifully sturdy table with a solid mahogany base with a built-in storage shelf. It can hold a static weight of 2,500 pounds.

    The height of the table is manually adjustable from 24 inches tall to 34 inches tall. It’s not the sort of adjustability you can do with someone on the table though so some clients may need a step up if they have difficulty transitioning onto a table.

    The backrest elevates from horizontal to a near sitting position manually and the face cradle is adjustable as well. The cushion is extremely plush with 3.5 inches of layered small-cell foam and memory foam.

    You get a bunch of extras in this set including a neck bolster, leg bolster, 75 disposable face cradle covers, and a CD of nature sounds. It also comes with a three-year warranty on the table and a five-year warranty on the upholstery which is both water and oil resistant so you know it will hold up to massage oils.

    It’s currently available in cream.


    • Height: 24 inches to 34 inches high
    • Length by width: 84 inches by 31 inches wide
    • Rotation: N/A
    • Max weight load: 1,000 pounds (2,500 static weight capacity)
  6. 6. Sage Electric Spa Treatment Table

    • Unique woodgrain appearance
    • Three-motor adjustments
    • Trusted brand
    • Weight limit of only 330 pounds
    • No rotation
    • Woodgrain isn't real
    • No face cradle

    The Sage Electric Treatment Table has a unique woodgrain finish that strays away from the more high-tech, futuristic aesthetic you often find with treatments tables. It fits in with a more natural, holistic, nature-based spa atmosphere which I really like. You don’t have to worry about sturdiness because it’s actually a woodgrain veneer over a metal frame. 

    The bed has three-motor-adjustment to raise and lower the bed on a distinctive scissor base, to control the backrest, and to control the leg rest. With four inches of cushion, the table is the type of comfortable bed you lay on and instantly relax.

    While stunning, this bed isn’t for everyone. It has a relatively low weight limit at 330 pounds and it doesn’t have a face cradle, making laying on your stomach for treatment less of an option.


    • Height: 23 inches to 37 inches high
    • Length by width: 79.5 inches by 31 inches wide
    • Rotation: N/A
    • Max weight load: 330 pounds
  7. 7. Medical Spa Bed by Silver Fox

    • 385-pound weight limit
    • One touch reset button
    • Built in lumbar support
    • Good for taller clients
    • Handheld remote or foot pedals are extra
    • No color choices
    • No 360-degree rotation

    The Medical Spa Bed by Silver Fox offers a four motor design with full independent adjustments for the backrest, footrest, full table tilt, and 12 inches of height adjustment from 23 inches tall to 35 inches tall. The controls are located on the side and back of the chair and there’s a handy reset button that slowly returns the chair to its upright and lowest position. So no matter what position your client was in, it’s simple to return them to a comfortable setting to get up when their treatment is done.

    It has 240-degrees of manual rotation with a lock on the base so you can keep the bed steady in place. The footrest manually extends for taller clients and the headrest pad is adjustable and removable to make use of the face cradle. 

    For converting to face down, the armrests are removable and reversible. Supple memory foam covers the bed and the bed and it has a unique rounded lumbar support for extra comfort. The chair has a weight limit of 385 pounds.

    If you prefer handheld or foot pedal remotes, contact the seller before purchasing.


    • Height: 23 inches to 35 inches high
    • Length by width: 73 inches by 33 inches wide
    • Rotation: 240-degrees
    • Max weight load: 385 pounds
  8. 8. ColdBeauty Facial Massage Bed

    • Hydraulic pump with warranty
    • Very affordable
    • Back and footrest recline independantly
    • 400 pound weight limit
    • Reclining adjustments are a little choppy
    • Not as smooth as electric
    • Needs assembly

    The ColdBeauty Bed rotates, lifts, and reclines without the use of electricity. It strikes a good balance of price and features. With the help of a hydraulic foot pump, the surface can be raised from 23.5 inches tall to 29.5 inches tall. The base allows for 360 degrees of rotation for ease of maneuverability and locks to keep it in place. Both the backrest and footrest have multiple adjustment positions from lying flat to sitting upright.

    These adjustments are made in the same way as poolside loungers with multiple slots for the support beam to fit into. This gives you options without springing for electric, though it isn’t as smooth or professional as an electric model.

    If you’re set on electric, there is a similar style table by InkBed that adjusts via a remote and it’s that much more expensive.

    A full four inches of high-density foam helps your clients sink in and relax. The armrests are removable simply by pulling them or slotting them back in so you can adjust the bed quickly and without tools.

    The pad on the headrest is also removable revealing a face cradle so your clients can comfortably lie face down, though I wouldn’t suggest full massage therapy on this treatment table. The bed has a weight limit of 400 pounds and the hydraulic pump comes with a one year warranty.

    This treatment table will need to be assembled, but there is a step-by-step video available on YouTube that shows the entire process if you need a little help. The bed is 67 inches long and 30 inches wide with the armrests.


    • Height: 23.5 inches to 39.5 inches high
    • Length by width: 67 inches by 22 inches wide (30 inches wide with armrests)
    • Rotation: 360 degrees
    • Max weight load: 400 pounds
  9. 9. Multi-Purpose Spa Bed by Beauty Style

    • Cheapest option
    • Includes rolling stool
    • Good as a first bed
    • 350 pound weight limit
    • Limited adjustability
    • No height movement
    • Lower weight capacity
    • Not as comfortable or professional

    For those just starting out or on a budget, the Beauty Style Multi-Purpose Spa Table is a good option for a basic stationary treatment bed. It’s not the lap of luxury and doesn’t have the same features as higher end facial treatment beds, but when you’re limited by other factors, it’s a budget treatment table that will meet your needs. Plus you get an adjustable pneumatic rolling stool to match.

    While it doesn’t have height adjustability, the backrest and footrest are both adjustable with multiple positions using a simple handle grip system on either end.

    The arms are removable and the pad on the headrest removes for when you need the use of a face cradle. In this price bracket, the cushioning isn’t as thick or soft as other beds and it has a lower weight limit at 350 pounds.

    This table comes in white as well.


    • Height: 26.4 inches
    • Length by width: 67 inches by 30 inches wide with armrests
    • Rotation: N/A
    • Max weight load: 350 pounds
  10. 10. Harvey-Tilt Beauty Table by MT Massage Tables

    • Strongest table on the list
    • Wider and longer than others
    • Affordable
    • No electric movement
    • Only one tilt
    • Too big for some

    For any price, the Harvey-Tilt Beauty Bed is a heavy-duty, Hercules of treatment tables–but it’s also somehow one of the cheapest beds on the list. It can handle 4,000 pounds of static weight and 1,000 pounds of working weight so if you work with larger clients this is a good choice for you. It helps that it’s a bit longer and wider than most of the other beds.

    The Harvey-Tilt is built to last with triple-layer plywood and European Beech wood construction. Its three-inch small-cell foam is covered in an oil-proof and waterproof upholstery that they back with a five-year warranty. This is not a table you should need to replace in a year. It’s sturdy.

    While it may not have all the bells, whistles, and adjustments of electric treatment tables, this one does have a tilting back panel and the table can be adjusted to the proper height by changing the legs. For extra security, each leg has two locks. It comes with a removable headrest. 

    It’s always a plus to have that bonus storage shelf along the bottom of the table. 


    • Height: 24 to 34 inches tall
    • Length by width: 88 inches (72 without headrest extension) by 30 inches wide
    • Rotation: N/A
    • Max weight load: 1,000 pounds (4,000 pound static weight capacity)
  11. 11. Hilux Electric Facial & Massage Treatment Table

    • Extremely stable
    • Three motors for smooth adjustments
    • Built-in storage
    • 425 pound weight limit
    • Not as adjustable as others
    • Larger
    • No rotation

    For a very different look, we have the Hilux with its sturdy, more substantial base. Instead of one stand supporting the treatment table, the Hilux table has two which makes a huge difference when it comes to stability.

    The large cabinet base also ensures that it would take some serious effort to tip this one. The design and steel construction allows for a big boost in weight capacity as this one has a working weight of 425 pounds.

    The remote-controlled electric adjustability is smooth and allows you to raise the height of the bed from 25 inches tall to 32.5 inches tall. The backrest and footrest also incline and recline, though not as much as others that can practically convert into a chair. If you’re looking for a bed that can tilt and gives you the option of a Trendelenburg position, this one isn’t for you.

    See it’s movement in action in this YouTube video.

    The base has three drawer compartments for storage for your tools, towels, and other equipment. The armrests are removable and the pillow on the headrest comes off for access to a face cradle. There’s also a more traditional massage table cradle that you can optionally attach to the footrest end of the bed depending in your needs and the client’s comfort.

    It comes with a one year warranty and is 78 inches long (93 with the optional face cradle) and 36 inches wide. 


    • Height: 25 inches to 32.5 inches high
    • Length by width: 78 inches by 28 inches wide (93 by 36 inches with removable armrest and face cradle)
    • Rotation: N/A
    • Max weight load: 425 pounds

How Do I Choose the Right Esthetician Bed?

There isn't one best facial treatment bed because every esthetician has different needs, preferences, and client base. We'll cover the most common points to consider.

Having a quality table in good shape is critically important for medical spas offering services like Botox injections. It's paramount that your clients are feeling safe and relaxed, instead of uncomfortable and fidgeting. If they spend the entire facial feeling uncomfortable on an old treatment table, there's little chance that they'll be walking out feeling relaxed and pampered.

Skin Inc. had a great article on How to Correctly Organize a Treatment Room if you're looking for more tips to create a relaxing space.

How Much Adjustability Do You Need?

Facial and treatment tables run the gambit from very limited adjustments to four independent motors and 360-degree rotation. Adjustability is important for both the client and the esthetician.

Being able to lower the seat is critical for elderly or pregnant clients and anyone with mobility issues who might not be able to hop up on a taller table or safely climb a step stool.

Being able to adjust the angles of the head and leg portions of the table means you can better customize the bed to meet each client's individual physical comfort needs.

Being able to adjust the height of the bed is also hugely important for the long-term health of the esthetician. According to the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, when the client is too low or too high for the person providing services you run into bad ergonomics leading to back pain and other work strain injuries.

Eyelash techs are especially prone to back strain due to the nature of the application. Just like having the right lash pillows to put the client in the best position, having them at the right height is critical to ergonomic health. 

Should I Get Electric Or Hydraulic Facial Tables?

Hydraulic beds tend to have a height adjustment similar to salon chairs with a foot pedal to pump the treatment bed up or down. Other adjustments are not hydraulic in these models and are usually controlled by a mechanism similar to a reclining patio lounger.

These models are perfect for people on a budget who don't want to sacrifice adjustability for a cheaper, static model. They won't give you the range or control that an electric model would, but they also don't need to be plugged in, giving you more freedom in placement.

Electric beds need an outlet but they provide greater customization and significantly smoother transitions compared to the jerking motion common with hydraulic pumps. Some are even able to rotate up 360 degrees and adjust the height and incline with a hand-held remote.

These designs have a more professional, high-end feel to them and are better for those catering to the elderly and other populations with mobility limitations as they can transition from laying flat to a seated position by raising them up gently.

What Works With Your Budget?

Facial treatment beds are an investment. You can get a serviceable starter stationary bed for around $300, but at that price, you will be sacrificing durability and higher quality features. I've included several options in this price range because it's still important to know which beds at this budget are the ones to go for when you're just starting out or have limited capital.

For quality treatment tables, prices around $2,000 are completely reasonable for the features included in tables like this. The cost of a facial on the lower end of average is around $100 (much more for something like a hot stone massage). If you're seeing five clients a day in a five-day week--you can make up the cost of a quality table in just one week.

To stretch your budget, make sure you're not leaving any discounts on the table. If you're not already aware of Amazon Business Accounts, they're free, for businesses of all sizes, allow for multiple linked accounts, and qualify you for exclusive business discounts.

Have You Measured Your Space?

Space is likely the biggest determining factor after your budget.

If the bed is too big for your treatment room it can feel overwhelming to the client and be difficult for you to maneuver while you're working. Pay close attention to the given measurements and make sure you're comparing them to your treatment rooms.

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