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7 Best Magnetic Nail Polish for Cat Eye Nails

magnetic nail polish

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Magnetic nail polish combines a few of my favorite things: nail polish, science, and making my nails look like precious gemstones. I think I have my priorities down. See the end for tips on how to best apply cat eye nail polish.

For more striking shades, check out holographic nail polish and color changing nail polish.

What Are the Best Magnetic Nail Polishes?

Born pretty nail polish Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Doesn't need an LED nail lamp
  • Affordable
  • Holographic and temperature changing options
Price: $25.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Green and pink metallic nail polish Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Don't need UV lamp
  • Black base is optional
  • Indie polish brand
Price: $11.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Colorful cat eye polish swatches with black bottles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes two magnets
  • Long-lasting gel formula
  • Glossy top coat and matte top coat
Price: $19.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Sally hansen polish collection Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Doesn't need an LED nail lamps
  • Comes with magnet
  • Doesn't need a black base
Price: $20.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Born Pretty 9D cat eye polish set Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Eye-catching
  • Comes with two magnets
  • Includes black polish
Price: $25.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes black polish
  • Comes with dual-end magnet
  • Five multichrome colors
Price: $20.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Metallic cat eye gel nail polish Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Many sets to pick from
  • Comes with magnet
  • Wide color range
Price: $16.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Born Pretty

    • Regular nail polish
    • Huge range of colors
    • Additional effects like multi-chrome, temperature changing, and holographic
    • Cruelty-free
    • Magnet not included
    • Too flashy for some
    • Shipping can be slow

    Born Pretty is known for their nail art supplies and they haven’t let us down here. Their magnetic polishes have great definition, respond well to magnets, and are long-lasting. These definitely need to be layered over a black base in order to have the contrast to really shine.

    Sure, you can have cat eye nails, but Born Pretty wants to raise that to magnetic polish that is also multi-chrome or multi-chrome with holographic glitter. These aren’t for the faint of heart. These are flashy polishes.

    If you’re looking for gel, they also make gel magnetic nail polish in holographic glitter and temperature changing polish.

    Most of these sell in sets of four to six polishes and it rounds out to around $4 a bottle or less. My only issue with these sets is that they don’t come with a magnet. Having to buy things separately makes me pout, but their magnet is cheap and double-sided with two different shapes and polarities of magnet.

    The flat side pulls the particles together into a line and the rounded side repels the particles for more of a swirling look. You can see some neat magnet work in this YouTube demo video. This magnet stick can be used with all magnetic polish brands.

    VideoVideo related to born pretty2018-10-11T14:30:03-04:00
  2. 2. KBShimmer

    • Colors are bought individually
    • Supporting indie polish brand
    • Don't need a UV lamp
    • Cruelty-free
    • Black base color is optional
    • Doesn't include magnet
    • Not as long lasting as gel
    • Pricier than brands from overseas

    For a non-UV gel option, check out KBShimmer’s line of magnetic polish. I’ve tried out several of these shades as media samples and they have a really lovely galaxy look and are easy to apply.

    I particularly like the colors I Feel Pine (green metallic with purple cat eye), Sol Mate (multi-chrome copper with pink cat eye and holographic flakies), and Solar Flair (bronze metallic with gold cat eye and holographic glitter.)

    I like that a black base color isn’t needed for great-looking results with KBShimmer. Each polish is available for sale individually but does not come with a magnet. 

  3. 3. Mizhse 9D Chameleon Gel (UV Gel)

    • Vibrate duochrome colors
    • Five magnetic polishes and black base gel
    • Long-lasting formula
    • Includes two magnet sticks
    • Base coat, top coat, and matte top coat
    • Smaller than average bottles
    • Not as long-lasting as other gel
    • Needs UV lamp to cure

    The Mizhse Magnetic Polish is vibrant, colorful, and comes with lots of extras. You get five different duochrome polish shades as well as a black UV gel polish as a base color. The set includes a base coat, glossy top coat, matte top coat, and two magnetic sticks.

    Have two magnets is key to getting this striking black hole ring effect as you need to approach the nail with the magnets from both sides and then from the top and bottom. Another thing I really appreciate is that they represent the colors (including multichrome shift) on the outside of the bottle so it’s easier to tell which shade is which. This is another gel so it will need to cure under a UV lamp. 

  4. 4. Sally Hansen (8-Piece Set)

    • Magnet on cap
    • No UV lamp needed
    • Neat magnet designs
    • Nice range of earth and jewel-tone metallics
    • Doesn’t need black base coat
    • No longer carried on their site
    • Smaller than regular polish bottles
    • Colors can be a little dull

    When the magnetic nail polish trend first kicked off, Sally Hansen got in on the game about a year in with their Magnetic Nail Color line. They don’t carry them on the Sally Hansen site anymore but you can still find them elsewhere online.

    Like a good drugstore polish, these are made to be convenient so there is a chunky false cap on top of the regular cap. Pull that off and you have your magnet. The magnet also has a cuticle guide–a small curved metal lip that helps you rest the magnet over your nail at the right height without hitting your polish. Love that.

    The magnet creates the wavy pattern shown on the cap. Since the magnet is smaller, to make sure your entire nail is covered, carefully rock the magnet left and right so the sides of your nails get some magnet-love too.

    I like that these don’t need a black base coat. Just one thin coat of polish followed by a thicker one.

  5. 5. Born Pretty 9D UV Gel Set

    • High contrast cat eye
    • Four colors
    • Long-lasting gel polish
    • Includes black polish, top coat, and base
    • Colors look good even without magnet
    • Comes with brush and two magnets
    • Needs a UV lamp to cure
    • Pots aren't filled to the brim
    • Trickier to apply

    The Born Pretty 9D UV Gel Set are some of the most striking I’ve seen and come with lots of extras. It’s a smart choice if you’re new to gel although you will still need a UV nail lamp. The magnetic flash is bright and clear. The subtle duo-chrome effect separates the colors when the magnet is applied and makes your nails look like metallic butterfly wings.

    The set comes with four colors with a glitter metallic finish, a black UV gel polish, top coat, base coat, nail art brush, and two magnetic sticks. That’s really good value for the price. The big difference here is that the polishes come in five-milliliter pots instead of nail polish bottles so you’ll need that nail art brush to apply them. This is a bit of a hassle but the pigmentation you can get is a lot more intense with these thicker gels. Just be sure to stir them up before using to properly distribute the magnetic bits.

    The results are glorious and totally worth the extra step. The only thing I don’t love is that the picture shows this crackle effect and that’s misleading as it cannot be achieved with magnets. What you’re seeing is the magnetic polish with a crackle nail stamp design stamped with black gel stamping polish placed over it. 

    VideoVideo related to born pretty 9d uv gel set2018-10-11T14:42:32-04:00
  6. 6. MTSSII Sets (UV Gel)

    • Five colors in the set
    • Includes black gel polish
    • Long lasting UV gel
    • Comes with dual magnet stick
    • Vibrant multichrome
    • Needs a UV or LED lamp to cure
    • Doesn't include second magnet
    • Doesn't come with top or base coat

    If you like your nails to be colorful, go with this MTSSII Cat Eye Set. It includes five color magnetic polishes, black gel polish for a base, and a dual-ended magnet. The colors on these are vibrant and they are multichrome nail polish meaning their colors shifts depending on the angle the polish is viewed from. 

    I like how high contrast these color differences which really stand out in concentric ring magnetic designs. 

  7. 7. Gellen (UV Gel)

    • Straightforward metallic colors
    • Choice of sets
    • Works out to under $4 per bottle
    • Long-lasting gel
    • Responsive company
    • Includes magnet stick
    • Colors in sets not always exactly what you expect
    • Need UV lamp to cure
    • No special finishes like holographics

    For something a little more elegant, we have Gellen’s Cat Eye Kit which comes with six metallic polishes and a magnet stick. As you can guess by the brand name, these are gel polishes so you’ll want to follow normal gel curing steps.

    There are a nice range of colors in each set from pinks to subtle silvers and there are four different color combination sets to choose from. Gellen isn’t 100 percent at definitely matching the colors in each set as advertised so it might be a little bit more of a grab bag than you intended but all the colors are great so it’s not a huge deal in my opinion.

    Plus, we finally get a free magnet. It’s a flat magnet to create the classic cat eye line. If for some reason your set doesn’t arrive with one, Gellen is awesome at responding and making sure you get everything you were supposed to.

    If you’re brand new to gel nail polish, Gellen also has a series of sets with six metallic polishes, two magnet sticks, and top and base coat–for the same price. So if you have the space in your polish storage, that’s a deal to jump on.

    Again, you want to layer these over black or else the effect will be muddy.

How to apply magnetic polish for the best results.

1. Roll or shake your polish bottle. You can also lean it upside down for a few minutes to make sure the metallic particles haven't all sunk to the bottom.

2. Apply a good dark base. Most magnetic polishes are a little sheer and look best over black.

3. One nail at a time, apply a coat of magnetic polish thicker than you normally would and place the magnet as close to the nail polish as possible in the angle you'd like to create your design.

3. Give it a good count to 30 before you pull it away so the metals have time to rearrange themselves. If you're using gel nail polish do not cure the polish until after you've applied your magnet.

4. Repeat the above with a second coat if needed. 

5. Wait. You've got to give the polish time to dry and set the design before applying your top coat. (Unless you're working with gel top coats, then just cure that thing.) 

Why is there so much gel magnetic polish?

Simply put, it's easier to get the cat eye nail look you want with gel because the polish isn't going to dry before you want it to. It gives you more time to play with the magnet and get the perfect shape before curing it in place.

As soon as regular polish is out of the bottle it's starting to harden. That doesn't mean you can't get a stunning cat eye manicure without gel. You just have to work quickly and apply a thicker than normal layer of magnetic polish.

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