11 Best Salon Carts for Stylists: Compare & Save

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The atmosphere of your salon is what sets a client’s first impression. When you decide to skimp, even on salon carts, it’ll be noticed by your customers and your employees the same way it would be noticed if you had ratty stylist chairs.

What Are the Best Hairdressing Trolleys?

Gold and white marble utility trolley for barbers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Luxe gold and marble look
  • Locking wheels
  • Max weight capacity of 390 pounds
Price: $145.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black Icarus folding beauty trolley Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Sleek design
  • Lots of storage
  • Hot tool holsters
Price: $679.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black and silver salon trays on wheels Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Huge height range
  • Two color choices
  • Tool caddy
Price: $69.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black organizer cart with drawers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lots of storage
  • Different size drawers
  • Metal work surface
Price: $94.39 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Rolling cart with hair salon design Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Cute salon print
  • Organized top tray
  • Can hold up to 220 pounds
Price: $86.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Locking salon trolley with drawers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Locking
  • Five drawers
  • Fully assembled
Price: $239.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black locking trolley cart Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Locking storage
  • Hot tool holders
  • Trays can be customized
Price: $104.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
folding salon tray on wheels Amazon Customer Reviews
  • No assembly needed
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Durable metal legs
Price: $79.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black trolley cart with open door and drawers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Solid plywood
  • Hot tool holders
  • Pull out workspace
Price: $189.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black hairdresser storage cart with tools Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Heat-resistant blow dryer holder
  • Five drawers
  • Inset tray surface
Price: $89.77 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black stylist cart with white labels Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Two locking cabinets
  • Lots of tool holders
  • Very little assembly needed
Price: $105.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. BarberPub Luxury Utility Trolley

    • Locking 360-degree swivel wheels
    • Looks expensive
    • Durable metal frame
    • Water and rust-resistant
    • Shelves are porous wood
    • Storage all out in the open
    • Requires assembly

    For those looking for a cart that is both functional and gorgeous, check out BarberPub’s Luxury Utility Trolley. It’s made up of a solid metal frame with a metallic gold finish and three wooden shelves with a white marble appearance. The geometric design has an Art Deco feel to it that exudes luxury and expense–all for a very reasonable price. Gotta love things that look like they cost way more than they do.

     It’s a solid cart that can hold up to 130 pounds on each shelf for a total of 390 pounds. That’s a lot of hair product. To move the cart to where it’s needed, it’s on four 360-degree movement caster wheels. Two of these wheels have locks on them so you can keep the cart from rolling away once it’s in place. 

    The main downsides are that there isn’t any covered storage that is lockable and the fact that the shelving is made of wood which is more likely to stain than stainless steel or black plastic. The shelves are over 10 inches apart which is great for taller items but if you’re looking to store smaller supplies like brushes or nail tools, go for something with drawers instead or specialized nail polish storage.

  2. 2. Anaheim Black Rolling Salon Station by Icarus

    • Looks like actual furniture
    • Two sets of hot tool holsters
    • Hidden, pull out tray
    • Lots of storage space
    • Doesn’t lock
    • Heavy
    • Pricier than some

    When you need your trolleys to look like they are part of the furniture, the Anaheim by Icarus is a great option.

    This is a big, substantial piece that looks like someone cut it out of a longer set of cabinets. These are drawers that feel like real drawers and not bins. You won’t accidentally pull the entire drawer out of the trolley like you can with other carts.

    Below the drawers is a two-door cabinet with deep storage and a center shelf. On the front, there are two sets of hot tool insets: two holsters for hairdryers and four for smaller hot tools.

    The flat, smooth surface on top is easy to keep clean and the dark color hides stains. Unlike most of the others, there’s no lip to secure products on this one.

    A hidden, pull-out tray on the back of the unit extends your workspace.

    While this trolley is on rollers for easier moving, it weighs just over a hundred pounds so this is serious furniture that you’re probably not going to want to be swinging all around your salon all day.

  3. 3. Vivohome Salon Rolling Tray With Tool Holder

    • Tray detaches for santitizing
    • Heat-resistant tool cady
    • Impressive height range
    • Holds up to 66 pounds
    • No storage
    • Not stainless steel
    • Wheel base should be wider

    This very straightforward Rolling Tray With Tool Holder is easy to work with and a great combination of style and substance. Both the aluminum tray and tool cady are removable from the base for even easier cleaning and sanitizing. 

    If you need a colorist tray that looks sleek and professional, this is it. This is also perfect if you need a utility tray that is easy to regularly sanitize but won’t look too medical for things like manicures, tattooing, or piercing.

    The working surface is deeply inlaid with a one-inch lip that securely contains spilled liquids. The star-shaped base with 360-degree movement wheels keeps the trolley sturdy and easy to move. It’s sturdy enough that it’s rated to hold a maximum weight of 66 pounds. The only thing this isn’t great for is storage.

    It comes in matte black or silver. The height of the tray adjusts from 26.3 inches to 44.6 inches which is a huge range.

  4. 4. Costway 150-Drawer Organizer Cart

    • Lots of storage
    • Locking wheels
    • Metal top surface
    • Not for heavy items
    • Not lockable
    • More utilitarian

    If what you need most is room to organize, this 15-Drawer Organizer by Costway ought to give you the space you need. It comes with five large bins and 10 shallow bins but be aware that due to the way the drawers attach, you can’t customize how the drawers are set up.

    At 36 inches high, the top is a thin metal grate which works as a heat-friendly workspace. Two of the wheels have locks to keep the organizer from rolling around when you don’t want it to which is a unique feature the other trolleys don’t have.

    The drawers are harder to clean on this one than with more sturdy plastic bins so I wouldn’t recommend this for nail technicians or tattoo artists. Where this trolley loses a couple of points is on looks.

    The black minimalist drawers will work in many settings, but in a high-end spa or salon, you may want something that looks fancier.

  5. 5. Ikayaa Salon Rolling Cart

    • Drawers pull from either side
    • Cute salon pattern
    • Top tray full of tool holders
    • Comes with free hair tools
    • Not heat-resistant
    • No locking storage
    • Doesn't look high-end

    This little Salon Trolley Cart by Ikayaa is an affordable option with a fun hair salon pattern on both sides of the trolley. The design is filled with all sorts of beauty items including a barber pole, barber chair, hairdressing shears, hairdryers, clips, lipstick, nail polish, and brushes. 

    Its five shallow drawers can be pulled out from either side, making this a nice choice to be used between two different stylist stations. The top of the trolley is set to hold a variety of tools including a hairdryer, two coloring bowl insets, a foil dispenser with a serrated plastic edge, and smaller round holders for tools like brushes, combs, and clippers. The center is inset with a lip to keep smaller items like hair clips from falling and help contain spills. Keep in mind that these holders are plastic and not heat-resistant so, for example, they can hold hair straighteners before you use them but you wouldn’t want to put a hot tool back into these slots.

    To make it easy to move around, the cart is on four 360-degree movement caster wheels and has a total weight capacity of 220 pounds. 

  6. 6. Dream In Reality Locking Beauty Trolley

    • Locks for security
    • Fold-down tool holders on either side
    • No assembly needed
    • Lift away top tray
    • Not heat resistant
    • Plastic doesn't look as classy as wood
    • Drawers are shallow

    If security is a concern of yours, go with Dream In Reality’s Locking Beauty Trolley. It uses the popular five-drawer design but adds a hinged door in the front so you can lock your supplies and tools safely inside. 

    The surface on top has two fold-down tool holders, two coloring bowls, and a lift-away tray to reveal a second tray below it. Both trays have a raised lip to them to prevent spills. 

    I love that these salon carts arrive fully assembled so you don’t have to waste an afternoon struggling with instructions. 

  7. 7. Saloniture Locking Rolling Trolley Cart

    • Two locking cabinets
    • Good amount of storage
    • Lip on top area prevents spills
    • Heat-resistant tool pockets
    • Needs assembly
    • Not color choices
    • Wheels don't lock

    This Saloniture Rolling Trolley Cart is a great middle-of-the-road trolley that works in a variety of settings. It’s black and unobtrusive so it won’t look out of place in sleek salons or more casual environments like dog grooming.

    Its sturdy plastic construction means it’s light and easy to move around without worrying it’s about to tip over. There are four black plastic drawers and six drawer slots so you can customize how you like your storage arranged.

    Two locking doors cover the drawers and roll upward out of sight like a garage door. While the fact that you need a key might be enough to keep most people honest, the locks aren’t especially secure.

    The top surface is set in so if you happen to spill something, it should be contained and not run all over your other tools.

    For your hot tools, this cart has a hairdryer loop and three metal inserts in one of the side pockets for a safe place to set your tools. It is a plastic cart though, so repeated or clumsy use with rocket-hot tools can warp the surrounding plastic. The other pocket has a serrated edge perfect for storing aluminum foil.

    At the bottom, wire rods offer more storage for product bottles, but unless you spend a lot of time sitting down, they’re pretty low to be used regularly. Overall, it’s a good step up from department store storage bins if you don’t need your storage to radiate luxury.

  8. 8. Folding Rolling Salon Tray

    • Folds flat for easy storage
    • Gripping tray surface with spill lip
    • Comes fully assembled
    • Four wheels
    • No storage
    • Tray is plastic
    • Not as durable

    If you’re tight on space, you might not have the room for that extra colorist tray that you need, but the Framar Folding Rolling Salon Tray has a solution. This rolling tray fold flat making it easy to tuck away and store when not in use. 

    It has a textured surface to prevent items from sliding around and a raised lip to prevent messes in case of any spills. At 14 by 15 inches, this tray is a great size for hair dye and other esthetician supplies.

  9. 9. Giantex Salon Rolling Trolley Cart

    • Solid, durable plywood
    • Heat-resistant tool holders
    • Lockable storage
    • Locking caster wheels
    • Harder to clean wood
    • Drawers aren't for heavy items
    • Requires assembly

    This Giantex Salon Trolley is a bit more solid-looking than some of the other carts. The frame is made of plywood instead of plastic which gives it a weightier, more permanent feel. And it is heavier to the tune of almost 41 pounds so keep that in mind when thinking about who will be using the trolley.

    Behind the lockable rolling metal door are four durable plastic drawers for storing your tools. On top, there are three different size metal inserts for your hot tools, one large enough for a full-size hairdryer. The top surface is inset on three sides to keep items falling off while in motion, but this wooden lip won’t keep spilled liquids from making a mess. The wood has a good melamine sealant to protect against spills and scratches, but a wooden top surface is easier to stain than a metal one.

    Its four 360-degree movement caster wheels make for smooth transport around the room and I love that they have locks on them to keep the trolley in place where you want it. On one side there is a pull-out hidden shelf for a second workspace. The drawers can be a little fiddly so they aren’t for storing anything too heavy or else they can come off their tracks.

  10. 10. K-Salon Rolling Trolley Cart

    • Five drawers
    • Heat-resistant hair dryer holder
    • Thick, sturdy plastic
    • Drawers are enclosed on three sides
    • Doesn't lock
    • Wheels don't lock
    • Needs assembly

    For those on a budget who need to have a metal hair dryer holder that is heat-resistant, go for this K-Salon Rolling Trolley. It’s mostly plastic (though sturdier than most plastic carts) and has a chrome-lined blow dryer holder. 

    It boasts five shallow plastic drawers which are easy to clean and enclosed on three sides to prevent dust and hair from falling in them. The top tray surface is inset to prevent messes when spills happen and has several slots for different tool storage.

    The biggest problem with this cart is that it’s a pain in the butt to assemble. 

  11. 11. Mefeir Stylist Cart

    • Almost no assembly needed
    • Two locking doors
    • Fold down tool caddy on either side
    • Four drawers and two shelves
    • Not heat-resistant
    • Feels flimsy
    • Wheels do not lock

    If you need a good salon trolley on a budget, this Mefeir Hairdresser Cart might be what you need. It’s made of lightweight plastic and has two locking cabinet doors that open up to four sliding plastic drawers. The doors have a little label space for keeping track of what is in each drawer. The base of the cart just above the wheels also doubles as a shelf for more storage. 

    The fold-down trays at the top are packed with all sorts of stylist tool holders although they aren’t heat-resistant. I like that they including bowl holders and a serrated edge for foil.

    On one end there’s a pull handle to move the trolley around and on the other is a plastic overhang with openings to hang your tools. This isn’t for hot tools, however, so keep that in mind when shopping.

    This would be a great trolley for people who work out of their homes or don’t have a ton of space. The drawers are shallow so if you plan on packing this to the brim, you might want to go with something else. 

    Plus, it requires almost no assembly. All you need to do is pop the wheels on. That’s one of my favorite things to find in a product listing.

What is does the ideal salon trolley cart look like to you?

Since there is no perfect stylist trolley for everyone, we have to focus on which cart is the best fit for your needs. 

How much storage does your beauty cart need?

Consider exactly what you need the cart for. Does it need to hold supplies, tools, or both?

If it needs to hold a large number of supplies, look for something that offers lots of drawers or cabinets.

If you mainly need a portable workspace, a rolling colorist tray might do the trick and save you some money.

Shelves or drawers? 

To a point, this is a personal preference but there are some things to consider. 

Shelves make it easier to spot and select products as they are all in the open. The downside is that unless you keep things nice and tidy, open shelving has the potential to look messy. 

The other issue is that uncovered shelving has a tendency to collect dust and hair as it's blown around the salon making them harder to keep clean and sanitary. For example, California code dictates that items like non-electrical tools, smocks, towels, and linens need to be kept in closed cabinets or drawers. 

Drawers are great because they help keep out dust and other airborne debris while hiding your pile of jumbled hair clips away from the eyes of the public. Keeping your space looking neat goes a long way to your clients believing that your space is clean--something that MTI College emphasizes. 

However, because they have to slide, drawers are often not as strong as shelves and can be harder to see exactly what you need at a glance. 

Do you need a hairdressing trolley with a lock?

If you lease space that is shared with other stylists and you're concerned about the safety of your tools from either sticky fingers or well-meaning borrowers, you might want to consider having a locking cabinet on your list of musts. That way your tools and supplies will only be accessible to you.

Stylist carts on wheels: does it need to roll?

In my mind, a cart or trolley has to roll so I'm only including items that come on caster wheels. A stylist cart without wheels is just a salon station

Do you need it to hold hot equipment?

Many salon utility carts have holsters, slots, and holders for hot tools like curling irons and hair dryers. That said, a lot of those holders are plastic and not heat-resistant so you can store your tool there but not while they're hot. 

If that doesn't work for you, be on the lookout for carts that I've noted are heat-resistant.

Should my salon trolley cart be plastic, metal, or wood?

While it doesn't look as fancy or high-quality or welcoming as wood, plastic and metal are going to be much more stain-resistant and easier to clean than a more porous wood option. 

It is your legal duty to maintain a clean salon so anything that makes this process easier and more efficient is a blessing.

Does it match your style?

It's important that the style of your carts match the aesthetic you're going for.

If your tables and counters are deep, rich woods, utilitarian white plastic bins will definitely stand out, and not in a good way. If you've got a more casual, family-friendly vibe to your space, then tall mahogany carts are going to look out of place. Look around and keep in mind the emotion you want your clients to feel when they're in your space.

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