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9 Best Salon Stations: Compare & Save

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Salon stations provide your workspace, organize your tools, and store everything else you need to produce your very best results. You deserve to have something that suits your needs that is durable enough to withstand regular use while still looking amazing.

Being on your feet all day is exhausting. Don’t forget to support your body and reduce soreness with high-quality anti-fatigue salon mats.

What Are the Best Salon Stations?

Black full length mirror station for salons Amazon Customer Reviews
  • LED lighted mirror
  • No assembly required
  • Tons of storage
Price: $1,749.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black barbershop station with mirror Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for starting out
  • Locking drawer
  • Includes mirror
Price: $499.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Full length mirror salon station Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Dual sided
  • Cleaner look
  • Hidden storage
Price: $999.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black wall mounted drawer holding hairstyling tools Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • Good for tight spaces
  • Locks
Price: $90.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Gold full length salon mirror Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Hidden storage reduces clutter
  • Colors to choose from
  • Great for small spaces
Price: $1,049.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black wet barbershop station with sink and mirror Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes a sink for shampooing
  • Tons of storage
  • Built-in mirror
Price: $899.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
white and black wall mounted salon station Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Locking
Price: $99.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Tall black salon station with mirror and drawers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Tons of storage
  • Includes built-in mirror
  • Pull out tool drawer
Price: $1,649.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Wooden vanity set with mirror Amazon Customer Reviews
  • No wall mounting of storage
  • Includes matching mirror
  • Choice of colors
Price: $1,099.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Adonis Lighted Styling Mirror Station by DIR

    • Made of real wood
    • Heat-resistant tool holders
    • Power outlet built-in for tools
    • Efficient vertical storage
    • Bigger upfront investment
    • Needs to be plugged in
    • No front counterspace

    Efficient use of vertical space, a lighted full-length mirror, and the fact that this time comes pre-assembled make the Adonis Styling Mirror Station by DIR our top pick. With this design all your products and tools (which can make a station look cluttered even when tidy) are hidden in the storage on either side of the mirror, offering an unobstructed view for your client and making the salon look much bigger than it really is.

    Let’s be real for a second before we get into the nitty-gritty of specs. You really can’t beat not having to spend an afternoon cursing and staring hopelessly at an instruction booklet that makes about as much sense as wearing rollerskates in a pool. I’ve put together more than my fair share of flat-pack furniture and I swear those things are created by sadists with a singular goal to make humanity suffer. But the Adonis by DIR comes nearly fully assembled and ready to go. Two prevent the new problem of moving a huge piece of furniture, the Adonis comes in four pieces that you simply need to connect. You’re looking at a maybe half an hour task, not an afternoon full of Allen wrenches and tears.

    Back to the station at hand. The Adonis features a full-length mirror with built-in LED lighting that illuminates in a ring around the border of the mirror so it presents your client in ideal lighting. This is the only station on the list that has built-in lighting. Because it’s a lighted piece, you will need to plug the station in but a bonus of that is that the Adonis has built-in outlets for your styling tools as well. It’s not enough light to light your entire station, but as an addition to other stylish salon lighting, it makes a statement.

    I love that you don’t need to open a drawer to access the three metal-lined, heat-resistant tool slots situated on the right side of the mirror. They are conveniently out in the open. Above and below are one tall cabinet and four drawers. The opposite side of the mirror has the same setup minus the tool holders. Instead, you have a little bit of extra counter space. 

    According to World History Encyclopedia, in Greek mythology, Adonis was an impossibly beautiful man who two goddesses fall in love with. And I mean he’s just as gorgeous as possible. It’s not a bad name for a station like this one.


    • Length: 35.5 inches
    • Height: 77 inches
    • Depth: 13.9 inches
  2. 2. BarberPub Wall-Mount Hair Station

    • Lots of easy to reach storage
    • Heat-resistant tool rests
    • Colors to choose from
    • Option for lefties
    • Assembly required
    • Must be wall mounted
    • Some report damage in shipping

    The BarberPub Lighted Hair Station is a great mid-size station for people starting out. It comes with a large built-in mirror and plenty of storage. 

    It’s designed to be wall-mounted (with some support coming from the leg portions). By being wall-mounted, the legs can stay as thin as they are, leaving more room for other furniture and precious leg maneuvering space. 

    For storage, there are two drawers and one is lockable with the included keys so you have a place you can store your valuables and know that they are secure when you’re not there. On the bottom is a cabinet and up top, you’ve got three tall shelves, a perfect shape for product bottles. The countertop has three heat-resistant tool holders built into the right side. 

    It’s also available as a set of two that are mirrored to each other so it looks like one long counter and mirror with vertical shelving on either end. Having a left-handed option sold separately is nice for lefties as well. 

    You also have several color options including white or black and red.


    • Length: 58 inches
    • Height: 70 inches
    • Depth: 13.2 inches
  3. 3. Allegro Full-Length Styling Station

    • Keeps salon looking uncluttered
    • Lots of storage on both sides
    • Looks stunning
    • Not as fast to grab stored items
    • Pricier than others
    • Some storage is quite high up
    • Doesn't lock

    Styling counters can look cluttered and messy even with the best intentions of keeping them tidy. Hide all that mess with Buy-Rite’s Allegro Styling Stations. They provide plenty of storage but when you look at it from the front, the only thing you can see is a full-length mirror. It’s our favorite, all-around choice but excels in keeping your space looking neat.

    The hidden storage design provides a sleeker, cleaner look to your salon and the result is stunning. A wall of these will really make your salon space look so much bigger and airier.

    All your tools and bits are tucked away behind the mirror but are still within reach. On the right side of the mirror, there’s a countertop that has three built-in, heat-resistant tool holders. Below that is a cabinet with one shelf for larger items and above the countertop, there are two shelves for smaller items. There is also a swing-out shelf that curves around the front of the mirror so you have optional counter space a little closer as needed. 

    On the left side of the mirror, there are six shelving cubbies the perfect size for product bottles. 

    It comes with a one-year warranty. 


    • Height: 76.5 inches
    • Width: 34.5 inches
    • Depth: 13 inches
  4. 4. JAXPETY Wall-Mounted Styling Station

    • Can mount at any height
    • Three tool holders
    • Great if you're on a budget
    • Does not include mirror
    • Not much storage space
    • Have to wall mount it

    If you don’t have room for a larger piece, this JAXPETY Wall-Mounted Station has you covered. The floating drawer has a large working space on top with three built-in heat-resistant tool holders. The drawer for storing smaller items locks for security while you’re not at your booth. It installs with four included screws and is quick to assemble 

    As a shorter person, I appreciate that you’re able to mount this at whatever height is best for you. 

    The three tool holders come in two sizes. Two have a two-inch diameter (perfect for curling wands) and the third has a three-inch diameter, more for blowdryers. 


    • Height: 8.2 inches
    • Length: 36 inches
    • Depth: is 14.5 inches
    • Drawer width: 17.5 inches
  5. 5. Pibbs Diamond Full-Length Styling Station

    • Trusted luxe brand
    • Heat-resistant tool holders
    • Makes your space look bigger
    • Gorgeous look
    • Pricier than others
    • No front counter space
    • Must pull out tool holder

    For a salon with a truly luxuriant feel, the Pibbs Full-Length Styling Salon hides all the unsightly clutter of bottles of product and tools behind the mirror in storage situated behind the mirror on either side of it.

    This type of design is perfect for a small salon that might be feeling a little cramped as it is now. It efficiently uses space and hides all the storage behind the mirror in a vertical orientation so the overall footprint is much smaller than a desk-style station. At the same time, the full-length mirror adds light to your space and can make it appear larger than it really is.

    For storage, it still has you covered. On the right side is a pull-out tool holder with heat-resistant slots and cable manager holes for your wires. There are two cabinets above that and a drawer for keeping your smaller items. The left side has two huge cabinets great for storing taller items or for an organizer for your smaller things. 

    If the gold textured frame is not your style, Pibbs offers three other colors: silver, white, and black.

    The mirror has a built-in French wall cleat which, according to Bob Vila is a simple hanging method that turns your wall into sort of a large peg board except much stronger. It’s very sturdy and doable for even less-seasoned DIY’ers. 


    • Length: 37.1 inches (52 inches with all drawers open)
    • Height: 67.5 inches
    • Depth: 10 inches
  6. 6. Icarus Ashland Barbershop Wet Station

    • Wet-station
    • Mirror included
    • Trusted brand
    • Built-in trash chute
    • Needs plumbing hookup
    • Too big for some
    • May not need a sink

    Icarus’ Ashland Wet Station is a great fit if you need something that can double as a shampoo backwash station as well as a styling space.

    The freestanding counter has a built-in metal sink with a large stretch of working space beside it. The attached mirror spans the length of the counter so your clients will get a great view of your dramatic makeovers. That three-shelf unit that you see attached directly to the mirror is a floating storage space that can be placed on either side of the mirror or not used at all depending on your preference. 

    The Ashland provides tons of other storage space as well. There’s a square open cubby on the right just above a cabinet that has two other cubbies inside. To the left of that are three drawers. The door of the cabinet below the sink has a round hole in it with a swinging shield attached on the opposite side. Place a small trash bin inside this cabinet and you’ve got a perfect little hole to toss refuse through without having your garbage on display for clients. 


    • Height: 78 inches
    • Width: 47 inches
    • Depth: 20.5 inches
  7. 7. Wall-Mounted Beauty Station by PENNYNANA

    • Efficient storage space
    • Great for small spaces
    • Choice of colors
    • No mirror included
    • Not as much storage
    • Needs to be mounted
    • No heat-proof tool holders

    If you don’t have a lot of floor space to spare, this Wall-Mounted Beauty Station stays off the floor to give you a workspace with a tiny footprint.

    It offers two locking drawers, open storage cubbies with stainless steel railings on either side and a 42-inch long countertop. It’s a bit of a drag that it doesn’t have built-in heat-resistant tool holders for your hair dryer and other tools but the brand has a hair tool organizer with seven -resistant slots in different sizes and shapes perfect for hair dyers, straighteners, and curling irons. The organizer is about 12 inches wide so it won’t even take up that much space on the counter.

    If you don’t love this black and white version, it also comes in black and bright red.

  8. 8. Champion Barbershop Station by DIR

    • Choice of colors
    • Looks great
    • One-year warrenty
    • Real wood with laminated surface
    • Locking drawer
    • More expensive than others
    • Requires more space
    • No built-in lighting

    If you have the space for it, do things right with this dashing station, the Champion by DIR. This is a substantial station that provides anything a stylist could ask for. There are five drawers (one that locks), a cabinet, a mirror, and four glass shelves for more vertical storage.

    The cabinet has a camouflaged swinging opening designed to allow you to toss your trash into a hidden bin inside the cabinet and keep your trash out of sight of your clients for a tidier workspace. There isn’t any countertop space for heat tools but the pullout tool drawer has five heat-resistant slots and space in the back for cords. 

    Plenty of storage is great and all, but there are plenty of tools that you want to keep at arm’s length and Champion’s 49-inch counter provides all the space you need. It’s 16.75 inches deep which enough to give you space but not so much that the counter is so wide that you have to lean over to grab anything toward the back. 

    It’s made by DIR so you know you’re getting a one-year warranty and the pieces are made with real, sturdy wood. It’s a stunning piece of furniture that really adds class and professionalism to your salon. 

  9. 9. Buy-Rite’s Madison Freestanding Vanity & Mirror Set

    • Built-in tool holders
    • Love the quartz countertop
    • Trusted brand
    • Tons of storage drawers
    • Can look a little too much like a home vanity
    • Storage doesn't lock
    • Real wood subject to staining

    Dreading trying to attach anything heavy to your walls? Same. I live and work and in a 150-year old house. I don’t trust those walls for a single second and that’s why Buy-Rite’s Madison Freestanding Vanity & Mirror Set is music to my ears. 

    The heaviest part, the real-wood vanity which contains all your storage, is free-standing so it doesn’t strictly require being bolted to the wall for support which is great if you’re not confident that your walls can handle the load or just not confident in your mounting skills. 

    I love that it comes with loads of storage in the form of four small drawers, one larger drawer, and two-door cabinet space with built-in shelving. 

    The countertop is white speckled quartz and has three heat-resistant tool-holders on the right side. 

    It comes with a matching mirror to bring the whole look together. 

    The set is available in two colors (walnut and black) and two different sizes: 36 inches across or 42 inches across. 

    Dimensions not given.

What Is the Right Hair Styling Station for You?

There is a wide range of styles, shapes, and brands when it comes to stylist stations, and choosing the right one for you depends entirely on your professional and ergonomic needs. 

Should You Get a Barber Station on Wheels? 

Probably not. The number of people who are in a situation where they will need the ability to move their entire styling station across the floor is very low. And if you are one of those people, you already know you are so yeah, get the station that works for you. 

But for everyone else, you're probably thinking about a salon cart. Should you get one of those?

Absolutely, yes. Salon trolley carts are priceless in their ability to organize and store your supplies and then bring out when and where you need it. Once done, they can be slipped back out of the way until later. Some are highly specialized in colorist's supplies or for doing extensions while others are more all-purpose storage solutions.  

Should You Get a Salon Station With a Sink?

If the salon setup is already pretty crowded and doesn't have a designated backwash unit or you're creating a single chair space in a home salon, it might be worth going with what's called a wet station that has a built-in sink. This helps you save space and it looks more professional than a freestanding bathroom sink.

Many of these wet stations have a sliding cover for the sink (like the Reve 44 by Collins) that allows you to maximize counter space when the sink isn't in use.

If this is the style you go with, your salon chair ought to be a more all-purpose or barbershop style that can recline so it doubles for styling as shampooing--unless you have the space and budget for a proper shampoo chair.

How High Should a Salon Station Be?

A 2021 study published in the Journal of Occupational Health showed that 49.5% of hairdressers reported knee and foot pain while 39.8% complained of lower back pain. Honestly, those numbers feel low. Being a stylist is a physically demanding job and if you want to be doing it for a long time, it's critically important to consider ergonomics. 

California's Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Safe Salon pamphlet lays out that it's important that station furniture isn't so deep that it would require the stylists to bend over to reach far back items and storage that is too low or too high also puts them at more of developing workplace injuries. 

Everyone is a different height, so the best way to find your sweet spot is to find a piece of furniture around your home that feels comfortable and then compare that measurement to the listings. 

What Sort of Spacing is Needed Between Hair Stations?

The California B.B.C.'s pamphlet also dictates that it's important that stations are not too close to each other so stylists can make use of rolling salon carts without too much difficulty. 

Being able to move is important for your long term health, according to the International Salon&Spa Business Network which stressed the need to break up repetition and reduce bending and reaching with the use of trolleys and saddle stools

Looking for ideas on how to organize your barber station? Check out this YouTube video guide.