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19 Self-Care Gifts for Millennial Moms on Mother’s Day

Millennial moms and mothers-to-be are a remarkable breed. You think so and we think so too. So don’t forget to make us feel how very important we are to you, the family, and the rest of the world too with one (or all) of these lovely self-care gifts. Whether it’s their boss or their baby, or their boss and baby at the same time, every mom has been tending to others’ needs.

And it’s time to return the favor! Mom needs to practice some self-care and she will appreciate it more than you know if you give her the gift of self-care with one of the best self-care gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day 2021.


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What is Self-Care All About?

I think of any small self-care act as a gift to my future self. Self-care has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years, but the concept is pretty simple. Anything you do for yourself that sets you up for health and success. So yes, soaking in a bathtub with scented candles is self-care. But exercising, cooking healthy meals, and even putting away your laundry all fit in that category too. Set yourself up for success!

Why Self-Care is so Important for Moms

Moms often get distracted from their own basic needs by the (often loud) needs of others around them. Remember that 'put on your own oxygen mask first so you can assist others' quote? It applies here. It's easy for a mom to get burnout if she forgets to take care of her own needs and recharge sometimes.

It's hard to over-stress the importance of self-care for mothers this year, "stress" being the operative term! In response to major world changes, mothers around the world have taken on major extra duties, all while losing access to their support systems and regular ways of coping. No yoga class, no salon visits, no vacations, no drinks with friends, no simply leaving the kids with a babysitter once in a while just to hear themselves think! Lucky for you, you can be the beloved gift-giver who gives mom something to help her take care of herself and relax this Mother's Day.

Self-Care for New Moms

New moms are a special breed of people. Their worlds have just turned upside down. Caring for a newborn is, at its core, challenging, and sleep-depriving, and causes major emotional highs and lows. A new mom can go days without the wherewithal or energy to take a shower or do her own laundry. It's best for those who love her to step in wherever possible to take the small stuff off her plate and set her up for success with a thoughtful self-care gift for new moms.