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11 Best Gel Nail Kits for Home

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Gel manicures are more popular than ever because they’re easier than ever. Don’t settle for chipped nails–you can do your own gel nails at home with a gel nail kit.

You’ll need a UV nail lamp, gel nail polish, gel top and base coat, and remover at a minimum. You might not have the time to do a lot of research on specific products, but many brands are offering all-inclusive kits that contain nail lamps, gel polish, and other tools that you’ll need for great at home gel nails. Nail Dipping Powder kits are another long-lasting option that won’t need a UV lamp.

What Are the Best Gel Nail Kits?

Neon gel nail kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Base, top coat, and matte top coat
  • Geometric 48W nail lamp
Price: $36.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
gel nail polish kit, gel nail kit, gel manicure kit, gel polish kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Trusted brand
  • Many kit options
  • Salon-quality nail lamp
Price: $239.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
modelones gel at home kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Glossy and matte top coats
  • Includes nail tools and remover
  • Everything you need
Price: $38.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Colorful gel nail kit with lamp and storage Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes storage box
  • Base coat, top coat, and matte top coat
  • 12 polish colors
Price: $39.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
gel nail polish kit, gel nail kit, gel manicure kit, gel polish kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Costs less than one salon manicure
  • Nail art tools
  • Color options
Price: $25.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
gel manicure kit with pink dome lamp Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Powerful 84W lamp
  • Comes with lots of nail tools
  • Color themed kits to choose from
Price: $39.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Wubefine gel manicure set with lamp Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lots of nail art extras and tools
  • Cream and glitter shades
  • Includes jar of hard gel for extensions
Price: $29.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Gel nail polish set with tools and UV lamp Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Six office-friendly colros
  • Sun brand 36W nail lamp
  • Nail art extras
Price: $28.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
gel polish kit with uv lamp Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lots of extras
  • Pick your own polish colors
  • UV nail lamp
Price: $99.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Ab gel nail starter set with lamp and tools Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Base coat, top coat, and matte top coat
  • Choice of color themes
  • Includes lamp and remover wraps
Price: $29.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Red carpet gel nail polish Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Everything you need
  • Includes extras like cuticle oil
  • Easy to store
Price: $78.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Beetles Gel Polish Kits (Many Color Sets to Choose From)

    • Stylish 48W LED nail lamp
    • Different kits to pick from
    • Base coat, top coat, and matte top coat
    • Six colors
    • Includes tools and cuticle oil
    • Bottles aren't full-sized
    • Still may not find colors you love
    • No nail polish remover

    Beetles has some great polish options so I was glad to see they’ve released a Beetles gel polish kit with everything you need for long-lasting manicures.

    In this Full Maroon Kit you get four deep, sexy shades, one nude shade, one gold glitter polish, glossy top coat, matte top coat, base coat, 48W nail lamp, nail file, nail buffer, cuticle oil, cuticle pusher, cuticle fork, two nail brushes, nail clippers, and two nail separators. The only major thing this kit is missing is the nail polish remover.

    If you’re not into their Neon Rainbow Kit shown above, they also have several other kits including this Basics KitSummer Mauve Kit, and Pinks and Purples Kit.

    I recently switched to using their top and base coat at home and I’ve been really impressed with both the formula and how long my manicures last.

  2. 2. Gelish Harmony 18G Professional LED Lamp & Fantastic Four Kit

    • Four kit options to choose from
    • Salon-grade lamps available
    • Some come with nail polish included
    • Good range of prices
    • Salon-grade lamps don’t include polishes
    • Bigger investment compared to other brands
    • Can't customize polish colors

    Gelish is the best in the field at offering kits. They have several options including this Fantastic Four Kit that includes their Gelish Harmony 18G Nail Lamp. In my Best UV and LED Nail Lamps article, I ranked the Gelish Harmony 18G as “Best Professional LED Nail Lamp.”

    It’s salon-grade, sleek-looking, has long-lasting LED bulbs, three pre-set timers, a padded hand rest, and is acetone resistant. The controls are on the back of the lamp which is a plus in a professional setting, but the size is compact enough for at home use.

    The Fantastic Four Gel Nail Kit includes the Harmony 18G Professional Lamp as well as a full-size set of Gelish’s Fantastic Four: The Gelish Top it Off top coat, Foundations base coat, Nourish cuticle oil, and pH Bond nail prep solution.

    For more variety, the you can get the Gelish Basix Kit with the same Harmony 18G lamp, mini bottles of the Fantastic Four, prep tabs, orangewood stick, nail file, nail polish remover, and nail cleanser. 

    If you’re looking for a more complete set and don’t need a professional salon-grade lamp, Gelish also offers two kits with the Gelish Mini Pro. The Gelish Complete Starter comes with all the accessories of the Basix Kit, the Mini Pro Lamp, and two full-size Gelish gel polishes. The Gelish Complete Starter Plus has all of that as well as three extra mini-size Gelish gel nail polishes.

  3. 3. Modelones Gel Polish Kit

    • Everything you need
    • Glossy and matte top coats included
    • Nail tools and polish remover wraps
    • Cuticle oil and cuticle softener
    • Bottles aren't full-size
    • Not as long-lasting as some
    • Colors aren't very bright

    For those who need the polish but also need the nail tools to get your home manicures going, this kit from Modelones is a good start. 

    In addition to four neutral polish colors, it includes two glitter shades, a 24W lamp, glossy top coat, matte top coat, base coat, cleansing wipes, remover wraps, nail file, nail buffer, nail clippers, cuticle pusher, cuticle nipper, cuticle remover, cuticle oil pen, nail separators, and a nail dust brush.

    I have some media samples of their polish and find the formula easy to work with and on the thicker side. 

  4. 4. Candy Lover Macaroon Colors Starter Kit

    • 12 polish shades in good range
    • Comes with storage box
    • 36W nail lamp
    • Includes base coat, glossy top coat, and matte top coat
    • Lots of extra tools and goodies
    • Comes with remover
    • Lesser known brand
    • Polishes aren't full-size
    • May not want all these extras

    For those tight on space, check out this Candy Lover Gel Starter Kit which comes with its own storage box which fits everything in the kit, including the 36W LED nail lamp.

    I love that the storage box has an organizer tray and holds the entire kit so you can easily stick it in a closet or under the bed when not in use and it keeps all your supplies in one place. 

    It comes with 12 shades of polish in a wide range from soft, springtime pastels to glitter to deep reds and even black. Along with the typical base coat and top coat, you also get a matte top coat which essentially doubles the number of shades you have to choose from. 

    The kit has loads of extras like nail polish remover wraps, gloves to protect your hands from LED light, moisturizing hand masks, cuticle oil pen, nail files, nail separators, nail brush, cuticle fork tool, cuticle nippers, and dual-end cuticle pusher tool. 

  5. 5. Gellen Gel Nail Polish Starter Kits

    • Costs less than a single salon gel manicure
    • Includes everything you need from lamp to gel polish to remover
    • Lots of nail art tools
    • Options for nail polish colors
    • Lamp isn’t salon-grade
    • Some crossover accessories with other kits
    • Stencil stickers aren't high quality

    This kit from Gellen is geared toward nail art. This and the Azure Beauty Kit seem to include the same nail files, French tip guides, nail brush, cuticle oil, cuticle tools, and nail polish remover wraps. Certainly, not all of it is the same, and I chose this set because of its lamp design and because it’s on the lower end of the price range for what’s included.

    The 24 watt LED lamp is a good choice for beginners. It has three pre-set timers and a convenient digital display so you can see how much time you have left. It operates from the front so it’s perfect for home use. Along with the lamp, you get a Gellen top coat, base coat, four gel polishes, nail files, cuticle pusher, cuticle knife, cuticle oil, nail brush, toe separators, and pre-moistened nail polish remover wraps.

    For creating fun nail art, this Gellen kit comes with a dotting tool, nail striping tape, French tip guides, angled tip guides, nail stickers, and clear rhinestones. If the polish colors aren’t your thing, Gellen does have several color combinations in different kits to choose from.

  6. 6. AzureBeauty Gel Manicure Set With 84W Lamp

    • Fast and powerful 84W nail lamp
    • Kits with different color themes to choose from
    • Good mid-size bottles
    • Includes nail care tools
    • No remover
    • No bright colors
    • Not matte top coat
    • Only six colors

    If you don’t have time to deal with sitting under a low-powered lamp, go with this Azure Beauty Gel Manicure Kit that comes with a whopping 84W LED nail lamp. It cures gel rapidly so you can get your manicure done faster. 

    The set comes with six colors of gel in mid-size 10-milliliter bottles. There are two color palettes to choose from and both are fairly neutral: Greys which are all creams and Browns which includes white and two glitter shades.

    Glossy top coat and base coat is included along with a set of standard nail prep and care tools like nail clippers, two nail files, nail scrubber, nail brush, dual-end cuticle pusher, cuticle fork, toe separators, and cuticle oil pen.

  7. 7. Wubefine Gel Beginner Kit With Bonus Polygel

    • Six shades including one holographic glitter
    • Nail art supplies like gems and striping tape
    • Lots of nail prep and care tools
    • Jar of hard gel for gems and extensions
    • Includes remover wraps
    • No choice of colors
    • Too much bling for some
    • Had gel is too advanced for some
    • Little known brand

    This Wubefine Gel Manicure Beginner Set comes with everything you need to get into gel nail polish along with some nail art essentials. You get five all-purpose shades of polish that could fit in at the office or on a date and one silver holographic glitter shade for when you want to get shiny. It also comes with the base and top coat.

    For people interested in flashy nail art, this set includes metallic nail striping tape, French tip guide stickers, dotting pen, nail rhinestones, and clear poly gel to attach your rhinestones. Poly is what is used to create hard gel extensions and the kit also has 20 nail extension guide stickers if you want to try your hand and doing your own nail extensions at home. Keep in mind that, polygel needs to be removed with a nail drill machine and not with nail polish remover.

    The 36W nail lamp is a simple arc shape that is easy to store and good for pedicures. It has a no-nonsense one-button operation but it doesn’t have an LED countdown like some other more expensive models have.

    The set also has the standard nail prep and care tools you expect from a good kit including nail files, clean up brush, cuticle fork, cuticle pusher, cuticle oil pen, toe separators, and nail brush. 

  8. 8. Vishine Gel Polish Kit

    • Includes tools
    • Sun brand 36W lamp
    • Lots of nail art extras
    • Six nail polish colors
    • Top and base coat
    • Nail polish remover wraps
    • Colors aren't very bright and fun
    • Lamp is a little small for some
    • Bottles aren't full-sized

    The Vishine Gel Polish Kit comes with everything you need plus lots of nail art extras. 

    You get six shades of work-friendly gel polish colors, top and base coat, a 36W Sun 9C lamp, 10 remover wraps, nail buffer, nail file, cuticle pusher, cuticle oil pen, cuticle fork tool, nail brush,  and two nail separators. For nail art you get a dotting pen, two rolls of metallic striping tape, French manicure guide stickers, and rhinestones.

    The lamp is a good brand and nice and compact for travel. The U-shape means it’s easy to use for pedicures but does let a fair amount of light escape. 

  9. 9. FairyGlo Gel Kit With 36W UV Lamp (Pick 8 Colors)

    • All kits come with nail polish
    • Includes lamp, polish, nail tools, nail art tape, nail prep, and remover
    • Nail polish colors are customizable
    • UV lamps will need bulbs replaced eventually
    • UV lamps have longer curing times
    • Polish formula a little thin

    If you’re looking for a more traditional UV bulb nail lamp, this kit from FairyGlo uses a 36-watt lamp with four UV bulbs. It’s compact enough for home use but large enough to fit your entire hand. 

    Along with the nail lamp, you get eight FairyGlo gel nail polishes, a top coat, base coat, buffing block, nail file, cuticle pusher, cuticle nippers, a bottle of nail cleanser, 50 pre-moistened nail polish remover wraps, and multiple rolls of striping tape for making your own nail art designs.

    FairyGlo provides a bank of 24 nude colors and you can choose which eight nail polish colors you want and build your own kit.

  10. 10. Ab Gel Nail Starter Set

    • Affordable
    • Includes base coat, glossy top coat, and matte top coat
    • Eight polish shades
    • Color themed kits to choose from
    • Lots of extras like nail tools and remover wraps
    • Cream and shimmer nail shades
    • Polish bottles are quite small
    • Not as many colors as other sets
    • Color palettes are limited

    The Ab Gel Starter Set comes with everything you need to do your first gel manicure at home. You get eight nail polish shades to work with and the inclusion of a matte top coat along with the typical glossy top coat means you get double the looks out of your polish colors. 

    If you don’t love this springtime pastel palette, they also have the same kit in Nude Shades and Neutrals.

    The 36W nail lamp included in the kit is an arc-shaped lamp with no bottom plate which is great for easy storage and for pedicures. There are loads of extras here with 20 nail prep pads, 50 polish remover wraps, two nail files, toe separators, a cuticle oil pen, a nail brush, nail clippers, a cuticle pusher tool, and a cuticle fork.

  11. 11. Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit

    • Costs less than three salon gel manicures
    • Includes everything you need from lamp to gel polish to remover
    • Small and easy to store
    • Extras like remover and cuticle oil
    • Not full-size bottles
    • Only one polish
    • No color options

    This kit by Red Carpet Manicure is a good choice if you’d like to try doing your own gel nails but don’t currently have a lot of storage options.

    The kit contains a small LED nail lamp, top coat, base coat, nail primer, cuticle oil, nail cleanser, nail polish remover, and gel polish in a deep red shade. That way you can have all the items you need for a gel manicure that you can store easily under the bathroom sink.

Why do your gel nails at home.

Gel polish keeps getting cheaper and, most importantly, the UV/LED nail lamps keep getting smaller and more affordable. These days, you can even find a gel nail kit that cost less than a single gel manicure at a salon.

An average gel manicure appointment is around $40 and around $50 after tip. You can get about two weeks out of a gel manicure before you've got chipping and the natural nail growth starts to show. To keep your nails looking perfect, you'd need a salon visit twice a month adding up to $1200 a year in nail salon visits. Even if you only go once a month, you're still dropping $600 a year on gel manicures.

Skipping the salon does mean that you'll have to put in the initial investment for the equipment and watch a couple of YouTube tutorial videos to get the hang of the technique, but in the long run, you'll be saving heaps of money.

Gel starter kit: What do I need?

At a minimum, you'll need an LED or UV nail lamp, gel nail polish, a top coat, and a base coat. That what you need to pull of a basic gel manicure. 

Ideally, they'd also give you some nail prep tools like a cuticle pusher, nail file or buffer, and cuticle nippers along with nail polish remover. 

The even better ones give you some fun nail art tools like striping tape, gemstones, glitter powder, and nail stickers.

Things you'll need for your gel nails at home.

A working knowledge of gel. If this is your first attempt at doing your own gel nails, it's important to learn as much as you can so you can avoid time-consuming beginner mistakes. Read or watch tutorials on the best nail prep process, polish application, and use of nail lamps.

For example: if you've never done you're own nails, you may not realize that most gel tops coats leave a tacky layer after they've cured. People often think that means their lamp didn't work and their polish is still wet--when really all you need to do is give your polish a wipe with rubbing alcohol on a lint-free cloth and you're good to go.

You can watch the process step-by-step in this great YouTube tutorial video or read about more tips and tricks in this Expert Advice So Nailicious article.

A way to take it off. If you don't know the proper way to remove your gel nails, then you'll want to learn that before you start putting them on. (Hint: it's not picking at the polish once it starts chipping.)