Man Up! Best Links for Tuesday August 3

Gang Rape Is Strictly Prohibited

Stupidity and sexiness all over the place today. We’ve got dumb ostriches, dumb rednecks, and dumb people crossing the street. Then we’ve got hot girls bending over, hot girls in baseball uniforms, and a girl who’s just insanely hot. Not to mention the guy who paints his lawn with fire.

Ostriches are really, really dumb.

A Tribute to Bending Over Cleavage

5 Nascar Hooligans Get in a Fight

Kari Sweet Is Hotter than Fire

10 Animals Dressed as Superheroes

Guy Dances into Traffic. Gets Hit By Truck.

Candy Needed a Diaper

Jessica Burciaga Looks Like an Angel

Gas Bonfire Almost Turns Deadly. Does Turn Awesome.

How To Make an Awesome Looking Towel Horn

Heather Shanholtz Bikini Hotness

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