25 Best Black Friday Appliance Deals

Black Friday appliance deals are live now! Ready for some serious savings? Use this guide to discover the best appliance deals of Black Friday 2019 — all available on Amazon right now.

Consider this your exhaustive real-time guide to Black Friday 2019 appliance deals. We’ll update this post immediately when deals sell out — and when new deals go live — to keep you informed all day long.

Bonus: Life-changing kitchen appliances included.

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Is Black Friday a good time to buy appliances?

Absolutely! Black Friday is a brilliant time to buy kitchen appliances. Savvy shoppers know Black Friday appliance deals can deliver massive savings.

Today, retailers have started offering awesome discounts available not just on the day of Black Friday itself, but on the entire week leading up to it. (Which is extremely convenient, especially for those of us who have just started thinking about our holiday shopping.)

So kickstart your holiday season with some early savings! This is your complete guide to Black Friday appliance sales — even those that start today, several days before the giant shopping holiday officially begins. It's savings on savings, all week long.

But are all Black Friday 2019 deals equally amazing?

Nope. That's why we're here to help. We've meticulously compared all these deals. Turns out, some so-called "Black Friday deals" turn out to not be much of a bargain at all.

When you compare pricing data over time, it turns out that not every "Black Friday appliance deal" is as thrilling as you might hope. Sometimes, manufacturers and marketers are simply capitalizing on the "Black Friday" marketing hype.

That's why we've scoured the internet, and compiled this exhaustive guide to only the BEST Black Friday appliance bargains on Amazon. Check out the swoon-worthy appliances and kitchen gadgets reviewed above.

Are Black Friday appliance deals worth it?

Only if you like saving money.

Black Friday is known for epic sales on products large and small. But with larger purchases (like appliances), you might be able to score the steepest savings.

Most manufacturers release new home appliance models in September and October. So by late November, they're ready to get rid of inventory, especially items that take up a lot of space on their shelves. That means you can find rock-bottom pricing on some appliances.

For all the appliances reviewed above, we've scoured the product details, brand information, and customer reviews. We've only included products that meet our standards — and that deliver huge savings to you.

That means we've only included Black Friday deals that actually offer real discounts (compared to the publicly-available historic pricing data for these models).

Will Amazon have Black Friday deals?

Absolutely! Amazon is known for great appliances at affordable prices. Now you can get them for even better prices!

Why should I buy my Black Friday appliance deals on Amazon?

Amazon's Black Friday deals start now! You can jump-start your holiday shopping by taking advantage of these epic Black Friday appliance sales.

Brick-and-mortar stores will be extremely crowded on Black Friday. Plus, you'll be full of turkey and stuffing.

But avoiding crowds isn't the only reason to stay home this Friday. When you buy a Black Friday appliance on sale in a store, it may be a floor model the store wants to get rid of. So it may have some nicks and dents on its exterior, thanks to its life of modeling on the showroom floor.

Amazon's appliance inventory, meanwhile, lives in a warehouse. Nobody is bumping into it with shopping carts, or opening and closing its doors a million times to "test it out."

Plus, shopping on Amazon means you can shop in your pajamas. That's always a bonus!

Black Friday Appliance Deals 2019: When do Black Friday appliance sales start?

Black Friday appliance sales are live now! We're publishing now because Amazon's top Black Friday sales on home appliances have just begun.

But not all of them! Some deals don't go live until tomorrow. Many begin right at midnight PST (3 AM EST) this Friday, November 29 (a.k.a. the official Black Friday kickoff time).

That's why we'll be updating this post multiple times per day. Think of this post as your real-time, live coverage of the best appliance deals of Black Friday 2019.

Feel free to bookmark this page and check back in for new deals!

Do appliances make good gifts?

Absolutely! Launch your gift-shopping spree right now with these bargains — and you'll be the hero of the holidays this year.

Already what your loved one needs in their kitchen? That makes it easy to shop for gifts for them.

But sometimes, you can give someone a kitchen appliance they never knew they needed — one that will transform their kitchen.

Bonus: Every time they use their new gadget, they'll think of you!

Know someone who loves making espresso drinks or who makes a lot of hot cocoa?

Get them one of the discounted milk frothers included above!

Owning a milk frother can completely transform your morning ritual. (It would make a great combo gift with the Black Friday espresso machine included above, too.) It's often much easier to use than the steam wand on an espresso machine.

A milk frother can totally elevate your hot chocolate game, too, so it would be perfect for anyone who makes lots of hot cocoa — whether for their kids or adults.

Know someone who's into healthy cooking and wellness?

Get them an air fryer! Air fryers have exploded in popularity in recent years. They're especially popular right now with the wellness crowd, because they cook delicious food without needing oil. Since an air fryer can fry, roast, bake — and even bake bagels or donuts, which you can't make in a normal oven — owning an air fryer means you can make lighter versions of all your favorite dishes, along with some exciting new favorites.

How does an air fryer work, anyway?

The air fryer cooks food at an even temperature by circulating hot air. Thanks to this innovative cooking technique, you can cook meats, vegetables, baked goods, and other snacks without needing nearly as much (or any) oil. By reducing your oil, you can make your favorite meals healthier!

Air fryer acolytes swear that air fryers make their food evenly cooked with a crispy exterior. This would be a perfect gift for anyone who's been talking about cooking healthier -- or just getting adventurous in the kitchen.

It would also be a great gift for anyone who is embracing a plant-based wellness lifestyle. This year, wellness bloggers dominated social media with photos of their perfectly-crisp, air-fried cauliflower gnocchi. Seriously. This dish, which is made in an air fryer with Trader Joe's cauliflower gnocchi, is Instagram-famous.

So an airfryer would be an exciting gift for anyone who's into that sort of thing. Check out the air fryer models reviewed above. And score gigantic savings on this popular device! That millennial in your life who aspires to be a wellness blogger will seriously love it.

An air fryer could also be a great gift for someone who lives in an apartment that's short on space (or that lacks a reliable over). Some air fryer customers say that their air fryer replaces other appliances -- so while the appliance can take up counter space, it might actually help save space in the big picture.

Know someone who loves ordering Eggs Benedict at brunch (and who might want to try to make their own)?

Get them the fool-proof egg cooker included above! It can make hard-boiled eggs, as well as eggs over easy, and even poached eggs. (Poached eggs, which are cooked in water, are notoriously hard to make correctly.)

If you know they loved Eggs Benedict, an egg-cooking appliance would be a perfectly thoughtful gift.

Know someone who loves collecting wine?

Get them a wine fridge! If you can't afford to install your own wine cellar (which, let's face it, most of us non-billionaires can't), this extravagant wine fridge should be the next best thing for storing fine vintages.

This would be a pretty massive gift. But on Black Friday, buying large appliances is brilliant: that's how you can score the biggest savings.

Of course, you can't exactly put this large appliance in their stocking. Looking for a smaller gift for your favorite wine lover? Check out the "Bring Me Some Wine" socks on our list of the best fuzzy Christmas socks available now!

(Pro Tip: Cozy socks, like appliances, always make a great gift for the holidays.)

Know someone who likes to throw parties?

Get them the wine and beer fridge! It has two zones: one made from holding wine bottles, and one for holding cans upright. The glass doors make it easy to see what beverages are being kept chilled inside -- so it's perfect for holiday entertaining!

Know someone who loves French cuisine?

Get them a crepe maker! If they're into the French-style thin pancakes known as crepes, they will totally feel seen. Throw in some Nutella for the perfect thoughtful gift!

Know someone who always appears disheveled?

You could get a Black Friday deal on an iron (included above) — but it might qualify as one of the worst Christmas gifts ever. Nobody wants to get subtle hints about their appearance for the holidays.

What is the best brand for kitchen appliances?

Different brands of kitchen appliances are best for different people. It also depends what kind of appliance you're looking for. When it comes to major kitchen appliances (like stovetop ranges and refrigerators), many kitchen connoisseurs say that Viking is the best brand for kitchen appliances. 

But you don't have to invest in Viking kitchen appliances to upgrade your kitchen dramatically. Several more common brands make top-of-the-line appliances.

If you're remodeling your entire kitchen, you may want to see which appliance brand sells appliance package deals.

What are appliance package deals?

Appliance package deals normally refer to larger major appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers. These can be perfect if you're remodeling your kitchen, or starting from scratch!

One appliance brand that people love for appliance package deals is Thermador. Again, this is a top-of-the-line appliance brand, that requires a major investment.

You can definitely get an appliance package deal without spending top dollar.

When it comes to smaller kitchen appliances (like air fryers and toaster ovens), there are dozens of amazing appliance brands. Browse the guide above for your appliance inspiration!

Are there any appliance package deals on this list?

Not the kind that can refurbish an entire kitchen. But you can save big if you buy a Black Friday microwave and an Echo Dot together! Check out the bundled microwave deal included above.

When do Black Friday Amazon sales start?

They just did! These deals won't last long. Hurry and upgrade your kitchen (and your life) today!

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