6 Best Lap Desk Deals this Black Friday

You’d think since we call them laptops that they’d be fairly easy to use on your actual lap. Well that couldn’t be farther from the truth, which is why we put together a list of the best lap desk deals you’ll find online. Even if you don’t own a laptop, these portable desk surfaces can be incredibly handy for getting things done from the bed or couch. But considering you could easily make one from a plank of wood, we’ve done our best to find the best Black Friday lap desk deals for laptop use and general productivity. Browse our picks below.

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What Are Lap Desks?

Lap desks are large, portable work stations that can be used on a couch or in bed to provide a reliable surface to do paperwork, draw, or whatever else you need a flat surface for.

Curiously, they are typically marketed as an accessory for laptop users. But why is a lap desk needed when laptops can just go straight onto your lap? The answer lies behind a dark secret: laptops should not go directly on your lap.

No, it's not because they'll make you infertile (they won't). In fact, it's because most laptops have downward-facing fans to push out hot air and better regulate the temperature of its components. When you put a laptop onto your lap or on your bed's comforter, you are inadvertently blocking those vents, risking a potential PC overheat.

Granted, this only applies to laptops that have a fan, as many laptops are adopting a fanless style that uses different forms of passive cooling.

Even if you have this style of laptop, it can still be nice to have a large raised surface to use it on, especially if you like to plug in a mouse. But even if you don't own a laptop, these handy mini-desks still serve a purpose.

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