Deal: Up to 40% Off Flywheel Home Bikes and Accessories

Flywheel Home Bikes

We may be into the second week of January, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start good habits. For those that aren’t fond of running, exercise bikes are a great alternative to get your cardio in. And Flywheel has a deal going on Amazon today that will save you $700 on their bike and table that comes with a two-month subscription too.

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Flywheel Home Bikes

Flywheel Home Bikes provide people the experience of studio workouts right from your home. The company offers thousands of both live and recorded workout sessions that you can peddle along to. These sessions incentivize you to work harder as you’re constantly encouraged. And when you purchase a home bike, you’ll get a two-month subscription free of charge.

The bikes, of course, keep track of your metrics as you exercise. You can set goals and work towards personal bests as you continually use your Flywheel Home Bike to get into better and better shape. There are also competitive features built-in like race made, pacer, and the TorqBoard leaderboard if you want to try to rank yourself amongst the best riders out there.

Flywheel’s exercise bikes are renowned for their aesthetics and build quality. They can fit in nicely within any room in your home thanks to their sleek design and compact frame. There are numerous seating and handlebar settings for comfortability. Water bottle holders are there for convenience. And the wheel is covered for safety.

Flywheel Sports Indoor Cycling Shoe with LOOK Delta Cleats

It’s not just bikes that Flywheel has on sale today though. The company is also offering its Flywheel Sports Indoor Cycling Shoe with LOOK Delta Cleats at 41% off too. That’ll save both men and women over $50 when buying a pair. These shoes lock into your Flywheel Home Bike to provide maximum performance and safety during intense workout sessions.

The unisex shoes are comfortable thanks to their lightweight material and breathable fabric. They also sport odor-control technology and are easily washable for convenience.

Flywheel has a couple other deals going today too. The company is listing their Flywheel Sports Home Bike and Exercise Equipment Floor Mat at 41% off. These mats are specifically designed to protect your floors from your home bike. But they can also be used for other equipment such as dumbells, stair steppers, or elliptical trainers too.

Flywheel’s Gel Cushioned Bike Seats are at a discount today as well. These are superior to the seats that come packed with your Flywheel Home Bike. The high-quality gel material offers additional cushioning for your exercise bike. This is ideal for longer rides and to help alleviate back and bottom pain that may result from strenuous biking sessions.

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